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16 Mile DH Trail
1.5 miles-946 ft
AB Mountain Trail
1.3 miles-125 ft
Access TrailPalmer Bike Park
2,411 ft-24 ft
BearTsalteshi Trails
1.3 miles-186 ft
BeaverTsalteshi Trails
1.3 miles-71 ft
Bermuda TriangleAlyeska Bike Park
1,607 ft-379 ft
Big SpruceAlyeska Bike Park
1,556 ft-294 ft
Birch KnobHillside Park
1,845 ft-61 ft
Black BearHillside Park
4,056 ft-164 ft
Blue BayouTsalteshi Trails
1.3 miles-11 ft
Bolling AlleyKincaid Park
3.6 miles-620 ft
Boulder Alley
5.5 miles-430 ft
Brown BearHillside Park
2,384 ft-112 ft
C$ ExpressKincaid Park
1.2 miles-171 ft
California Creek
1.7 miles-115 ft
Campbell TractHillside Park
4.9 miles-337 ft
Candy MountainKincaid Park
3,438 ft-159 ft
Caution TreesAlyeska Bike Park
516 ft-126 ft
Change of PaceKincaid Park
2,099 ft-70 ft
CheechakoAlyeska Bike Park
1,511 ft-284 ft
Chips n' SalsaAlyeska Bike Park
Christmas in JulyAlyeska Bike Park
CliffsideAlyeska Bike Park
1,038 ft-188 ft
College ConnectorCrevasse-Moraine
1.8 miles-231 ft
CoyoteHillside Park
3,143 ft-8 ft
CoyoteTsalteshi Trails
1.3 miles-67 ft
Creek CrossingAlyeska Bike Park
2,731 ft-460 ft
Crescent Lake
6.1 miles-585 ft
Devil's Creek Trail
10.0 miles-1,246 ft
Dome TrailHillside Park
2.7 miles-1,766 ft
Don's CrossingAlyeska Bike Park
647 ft-70 ft
Drone LaneHillside Park
1,067 ft
Eagle PerchTsalteshi Trails
1.3 miles-23 ft
Eagle RockAlyeska Bike Park
2,977 ft-695 ft
EvolutionKincaid Park
1,736 ft-103 ft
FoxTsalteshi Trails
3,418 ft-16 ft
FridaysAlyeska Bike Park
1,834 ft-326 ft
Gear JammerAlyeska Bike Park
1,787 ft-334 ft
Glacier BowlAlyeska Bike Park
1,425 ft-150 ft
Good GreeffKincaid Park
3,431 ft-71 ft
Government Peak North LoopGovernment Peak Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trails
2.4 miles-410 ft
Government Peak North Offshoot #1Government Peak Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trails
1.0 miles-218 ft
Government Peak South LoopGovernment Peak Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trails
2.0 miles-331 ft
GravityKincaid Park
414 ft-31 ft
Gull Rock
5.5 miles-1,137 ft
Gummy WormAlyeska Bike Park
Hanging ChadKincaid Park
-100 ft
Hatch Peak
1.0 miles-931 ft
Hilly LoopCrevasse-Moraine
4,321 ft-218 ft
Hornet's NestHillside Park
5,169 ft-208 ft
Hornet's Nest ConnectorHillside Park
183 ft-8 ft
HotdogAlyeska Bike Park
InternationalAlyeska Bike Park
1,242 ft-288 ft
Janice's JiveHillside Park
5,274 ft-36 ft
Johnson Pass
23.4 miles-3,736 ft
Kitchen SinkKincaid Park
2,937 ft-50 ft
Knoll TreesAlyeska Bike Park
918 ft-169 ft
Last CallAlyeska Bike Park
1,601 ft-241 ft
Lee's TrainKincaid Park
1,914 ft-112 ft
Llama TrailHillside Park
1.4 miles-66 ft
Lost Lake Trail
6.8 miles-653 ft
Lower SilvertipAlyeska Bike Park
2,965 ft-406 ft
LynxTsalteshi Trails
3,418 ft-25 ft
3,222 ft-21 ft
McKinley Cabin Trail
2.4 miles-199 ft
Middle EarthKincaid Park
3.7 miles-534 ft
Middle Fork wChugach State Park
4.2 miles-1,379 ft
Mighty BikeKincaid Park
2,995 ft-74 ft
MooseTsalteshi Trails
3,418 ft-29 ft
Moose MeadowHillside Park
4,613 ft-105 ft
Moose Poop LoopCrevasse-Moraine
2,359 ft-114 ft
Mooseberry MesaCrevasse-Moraine
1.3 miles-273 ft
Mtn GoatTsalteshi Trails
3,418 ft-109 ft
Northwest PassageKincaid Park
1,967 ft-190 ft
Old SchoolKincaid Park
2,863 ft-44 ft
OwlTsalteshi Trails
4,884 ft-25 ft
4,819 ft-511 ft
Palmer Bike Park Flow TrailPalmer Bike Park
810 ft-22 ft
Palmer Bike Park Trail 1Palmer Bike Park
1,547 ft-66 ft
Palmer Bike Park Trail 2Palmer Bike Park
691 ft-25 ft
Palmer Bike Park Trail 3Palmer Bike Park
3,403 ft-75 ft
Palmer Bike Park Trail 4Palmer Bike Park
2,030 ft-50 ft
Picnic Table SingletrackCrevasse-Moraine
3,516 ft-77 ft
Picnic Table TrailCrevasse-Moraine
2,187 ft-106 ft
PorcupineTsalteshi Trails
4,884 ft-17 ft
QFBKincaid Park
644 ft-31 ft
Queen Bee LoopHillside Park
1.4 miles-214 ft
RabbitTsalteshi Trails
4,884 ft-45 ft
Rabbit LakeChugach State Park
4.3 miles-200 ft
Race TrailAlyeska Bike Park
2,545 ft-601 ft
RavenTsalteshi Trails
4,884 ft-25 ft
Resurrection Pass Trail
38.3 miles-4,839 ft
Rock MonsterAlyeska Bike Park
588 ft-102 ft
RolloverAlyeska Bike Park
1,274 ft-290 ft
Rooty McRootersenKincaid Park
2,256 ft-142 ft
Russian Lakes Trail
21.3 miles-3,187 ft
Rusty Trombone
1.1 miles-941 ft
Sand BoxKincaid Park
2,965 ft-66 ft
Second BreakfastKincaid Park
1,384 ft-83 ft
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