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12 Level
2.7 miles-1,166 ft
12 Mile - Bowmont Connector
1.2 miles-143 ft
12 Mile Coulee12 Mile Coulee
1.8 miles-284 ft
23ave AccessTerwillegar
640 ft
7-27Moose Mountain
1.6 miles-858 ft
7-UP HitUP
662 ft-43 ft
622 ft-87 ft
780-flow old entranceCentral Edmonton (South)
78ave AccessMill Creek Ravine
335 ft-28 ft
A loop through the forest
1,773 ft-81 ft
A TrailCentral Edmonton (North)
195 ft
A Very Stoney TrailFish Creek Provincial Park
976 ft-86 ft
AB Cup DH ChutePass Powderkeg
283 ft-107 ft
Access 1
366 ft-16 ft
Ada Climb Upper
343 ft-2 ft
Alberta Cup / AdrenalineHinton Nordic Centre
5.0 miles-1,048 ft
Alberta Cup DH / Froehler'sHinton Nordic Centre
2.1 miles-843 ft
Alberta Cup XCHinton Nordic Centre
1.1 miles-240 ft
Alberta Summer GamesPass Powderkeg
1,071 ft-13 ft
And DownFish Creek Provincial Park
4,019 ft
Andre's TrailForest Heights
2,615 ft-131 ft
Andy RooneyTerwillegar
571 ft-57 ft
Anthill BluffFish Creek Provincial Park
4,019 ft-4 ft
AoA AccessMill Creek Ravine
433 ft
ApproachFish Creek Provincial Park
4,019 ft
Arc AltTerwillegar
907 ft-17 ft
Argyll singletrackMill Creek Ravine
3,645 ft-56 ft
Argyll Toboggan Hill trailMill Creek Ravine
2,343 ft-79 ft
Around the Misty Range
19.4 miles-3,880 ft
Art of Avoidance
1,085 ft-72 ft
Artistic MeritCanmore Nordic Centre
1,287 ft-39 ft
532 ft-5 ft
Aspen TrailKananaskis Village
1.1 miles-172 ft
Ass Over Tea Kettle
715 ft-104 ft
At the end of the rainbow
1.3 miles-115 ft
Avoid the stairsKinnard Park
392 ft
Baby BelugaCanmore Nordic Centre
2,028 ft-38 ft
Back Breaker
1,801 ft-89 ft
Back DoorCanmore Nordic Centre
2,401 ft-31 ft
Back DoorYork Creek
1.2 miles-104 ft
Back To The TopMill Creek Ravine
166 ft-2 ft
BackdoorPaskapoo Slopes
1,025 ft-12 ft
BackdoorFish Creek Provincial Park
287 ft-55 ft
Bad Religion
1,770 ft-102 ft
Bakers FollyCentral Edmonton (South)
3,678 ft-37 ft
Baldy Trail (Down)Barrier
2.7 miles-1,631 ft
Ballpark descentMill Creek Ravine
680 ft-36 ft
BanffCanmore Nordic Centre
3.4 miles-331 ft
Banff Ave.
2.0 miles-168 ft
Banff Legacy Trail
12.6 miles-369 ft
Banker's HallCanada Olympic Park
456 ft-50 ft
1.8 miles-41 ft
Barley Brew
1,211 ft-217 ft
Barnett Lake East Ridge Trail
-74 ft
Barnett Lake Loop
1.5 miles-111 ft
Barrier PowerlineBarrier
2.4 miles-87 ft
Battle Axe
259 ft-34 ft
BBQ JelloCanada Olympic Park
549 ft-80 ft
1.2 miles-65 ft
Beam Me UpHappy Creek
1,020 ft
Bean Counter
2,177 ft-214 ft
Bear Valley
3.4 miles-454 ft
Bearded LadyBaseline Mountain
1.3 miles-1,251 ft
Beau Trail
2,704 ft-563 ft
Beaver Creek - Nichol Springs ConnectorCypress Hills Provincial Park
1,621 ft-67 ft
Beaver Creek LoopCypress Hills Provincial Park
1.0 miles-103 ft
Beaver Creek TrailCypress Hills Provincial Park
2.1 miles-700 ft
Beaver FeverPaskapoo Slopes
2,547 ft-105 ft
Beaver Fever 1Fish Creek Provincial Park
4,019 ft-4 ft
Beaver Fever 2Fish Creek Provincial Park
4,019 ft-3 ft
Beaver Fever 3Fish Creek Provincial Park
4,019 ft-3 ft
Beaver Fever 4Fish Creek Provincial Park
4,019 ft-22 ft
Bebo BluffFish Creek Provincial Park
4,019 ft-40 ft
Because you can't
685 ft-14 ft
Bed BugStrathcona Science Park
545 ft-94 ft
Bed SpringsEdmonton
4,529 ft-78 ft
Beer Bottle DHPyramid Bench
663 ft-87 ft
Beer Bottle HillPyramid Bench
4,347 ft-213 ft
Belgravia Access - North
3,383 ft-152 ft
Belgravia Access - South
1,458 ft-10 ft
Belgravia Climb
1,642 ft-19 ft
Belgravia Connector
355 ft
Belgravia River Trail - NorthCentral Edmonton (South)
2,457 ft-109 ft
Belgravia River Trail - South
3,760 ft-165 ft
BeltCentral Edmonton (South)
711 ft-12 ft
Berm BlasterFish Creek Provincial Park
889 ft-87 ft
Berma-GrinPass Powderkeg
3,192 ft-285 ft
Big Bear DownYork Creek
1.0 miles-804 ft
Big Bear UpYork Creek
2.2 miles-80 ft
Big RockPaskapoo Slopes
2,160 ft
Bighorn Ridge (5km sign at the plateau)Happy Creek
3.5 miles-1,623 ft
Bighorn TrailHappy Creek
1.7 miles-411 ft
Bill Milne TrailKananaskis Village
6.9 miles-397 ft
Billy DogMoose Mountain
4,262 ft-655 ft
Billy Goat
1,447 ft-53 ft
Birdhouse connectorCentral Edmonton (South)
205 ft-1 ft
Birdhouse TrailCentral Edmonton (South)
2,634 ft-69 ft
Birth Canal
2,610 ft-10 ft
Black Coal ChutesCanmore Nordic Centre
1,623 ft-271 ft
2.7 miles-2,531 ft
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