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Baby headWrights Field
2,526 ft-111 ft
backside connectorWrights Field
421 ft
Big MommaWrights Field
593 ft
Big Momma DHWrights Field
896 ft-142 ft
Dumb DownAnderson
1,947 ft-290 ft
East entranceWrights Field
2,783 ft-75 ft
Eucalyptus connectorWrights Field
363 ft-17 ft
Finding NemoAnderson
2,223 ft-188 ft
Heart loopWrights Field
736 ft-23 ft
Himmel Canyon RunAnderson
1.2 miles-433 ft
Lower WC connector #1Anderson
265 ft-57 ft
Lower WC connector #2Anderson
183 ft-27 ft
Lower World CupAnderson
1.1 miles-422 ft
MainlineWrights Field
2,538 ft-4 ft
Mainline - Minefield diagonal connectorWrights Field
1,730 ft-63 ft
MinefieldWrights Field
4,038 ft-128 ft
Mt. Gower TraverseAnderson
4.5 miles-1,614 ft
No NameAnderson
1,649 ft-221 ft
OlivewoodWrights Field
2,319 ft-48 ft
On the RocksWrights Field
4,738 ft-119 ft
Over the humpWrights Field
1,796 ft-60 ft
Over the ridge loopWrights Field
2,640 ft-152 ft
Palo Verde connectorWrights Field
920 ft
ridge to ridgeWrights Field
4,177 ft-111 ft
Rocky RoadWrights Field
248 ft-28 ft
Run 1Wrights Field
543 ft-63 ft
Run 2Wrights Field
602 ft-61 ft
Run 3Wrights Field
790 ft-83 ft
1,656 ft-173 ft
Spicoli 1.0Anderson
2,397 ft-325 ft
Spicoli 2.0Anderson
3,181 ft-416 ft
The RuinsWrights Field
4,363 ft-181 ft
Through the middleWrights Field
3,018 ft-56 ft
Top of the fieldWrights Field
3,737 ft-93 ft
Top of the ridgeWrights Field
419 ft-1 ft
TweenerWrights Field
436 ft-51 ft
Un-named runWrights Field
589 ft-47 ft
Upper WC connectorAnderson
100 ft
WC extraAnderson
444 ft-71 ft
World CupAnderson
2,416 ft-354 ft
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