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90's XC LoopsThe Gorge
957 ft-40 ft
Anima Mundi 1
1.4 miles-124 ft
Anima Mundi 2Anima Mundi
1,342 ft-38 ft
Anima Mundi 3Anima Mundi
4,200 ft-64 ft
Anima Mundi 4Anima Mundi
1,718 ft-37 ft
Anima Mundi 5Anima Mundi
3,150 ft-81 ft
Anima Mundi 6Anima Mundi
231 ft-2 ft
Anima Mundi 7Anima Mundi
123 ft
Archery CourseIrishman's Road Recreation Site
5,188 ft-108 ft
Avondale Sky LinkAvondale
1,888 ft-20 ft
Axle CreekThe Gorge
855 ft-34 ft
Barry Field TrailCastle Frederick
2,855 ft-54 ft
Bee LinkThe Links
1,269 ft-3 ft
Big Indian Lake Loop
34.5 miles-3,102 ft
Billy Lyon Mtn RdCastle Frederick
4,958 ft-90 ft
Blackfly LinkThe Links
2,336 ft-21 ft
Blood Sweat & BeersThe Gorge
1.7 miles-31 ft
Cabin RunThe Links
1.3 miles-63 ft
Camp TrailCastle Frederick
3,748 ft
Chapel TrailCastle Frederick
3,748 ft-3 ft
Chesters Chilli LoopReservoir Park
1,357 ft-60 ft
Chromaxle CreekThe Gorge
855 ft-34 ft
Classic GorgeThe Gorge
1,431 ft-65 ft
Climb From the BottomThe Gorge
685 ft-10 ft
Coade 9Reservoir Park
1,502 ft-123 ft
Coade 9 return loopReservoir Park
178 ft-20 ft
ConnectorIrishman's Road Recreation Site
1,552 ft-2 ft
ConnectorsThe Gorge
526 ft-26 ft
ConnectorsThe Gorge
497 ft-21 ft
Cross TrailCastle Frederick
3,748 ft-39 ft
Curious GorgeThe Gorge
1,165 ft-20 ft
Dave's TrailCastle Frederick
3,748 ft-14 ft
Deer LegIrishman's Road Recreation Site
1,348 ft-22 ft
Double-Track BisectorThe Gorge
717 ft-12 ft
Down The MiddleIrishman's Road Recreation Site
1,348 ft-14 ft
DragonautReservoir Park
1,430 ft-57 ft
E1Grey Mountain
1,573 ft-40 ft
E2Grey Mountain
1,660 ft-31 ft
Eagle LinkThe Links
1,926 ft-69 ft
Eagle Ridge TrailCastle Frederick
4,837 ft-154 ft
Eh? LinkThe Links
1,064 ft-5 ft
Eldridge FallsGrey Mountain
670 ft-71 ft
Elevator LinkThe Links
912 ft
EndorphinThe Gorge
3,057 ft-169 ft
Five AliveReservoir Park
751 ft-30 ft
Garney's DownIrishman's Road Recreation Site
1,348 ft-44 ft
Garney's ShortcutIrishman's Road Recreation Site
1,348 ft
Garney's UpIrishman's Road Recreation Site
1,348 ft
Gorge DoubletrackThe Gorge
4,357 ft-141 ft
Gravity LinkThe Links
4,779 ft-432 ft
Grey Mountain DHGrey Mountain
1,444 ft-299 ft
Hawthorne AlleyIrishman's Road Recreation Site
948 ft-10 ft
Hell's Nest DHGrey Mountain
1,736 ft-388 ft
Indian TrailThe Links
2,240 ft-260 ft
Jump LinkThe Links
1,348 ft-31 ft
King's TrailCastle Frederick
3,748 ft-54 ft
Lawernce RdCastle Frederick
3,748 ft-3 ft
Leatherman LinkThe Links
3,545 ft-130 ft
Lookoff RunThe Links
4,387 ft-118 ft
Lower Ninja KittenThe Gorge
625 ft
Lower Phase 2 - MainThe Gorge
5,162 ft-257 ft
Lower skills park connectorReservoir Park
193 ft
Mac & Cheese WedgesReservoir Park
1,111 ft-58 ft
Main RdCastle Frederick
3,748 ft-106 ft
Midway TrailThe Links
3,133 ft-19 ft
Milk TrailCastle Frederick
3,748 ft
Mosher TrailAvondale
3,947 ft-84 ft
OffchuteIrishman's Road Recreation Site
830 ft
Old OrchardGrey Mountain
1,951 ft-44 ft
Old PastureGrey Mountain
1,633 ft-30 ft
Old RailwayAvondale
698 ft-25 ft
Old Railway
675 ft-25 ft
Old Smith RdCastle Frederick
3,748 ft-10 ft
Pine LoopGrey Mountain
871 ft-22 ft
Pine Loop ExtensionGrey Mountain
1,283 ft-48 ft
Purple HayesThe Gorge
2,241 ft-159 ft
Reservoir LoopReservoir Park
1.1 miles-73 ft
Rhodes RunThe Links
2,547 ft-199 ft
Rocky RoadReservoir Park
557 ft-24 ft
RolldownIrishman's Road Recreation Site
1,552 ft-45 ft
Root CanalThe Gorge
420 ft-8 ft
Salamander ScrambleReservoir Park
677 ft-29 ft
ScoliosisThe Gorge
2,650 ft-4 ft
Shale Pit RdCastle Frederick
3,748 ft-13 ft
Skills Park ConnectorReservoir Park
363 ft-6 ft
Soccer Field PathIrishman's Road Recreation Site
1,552 ft-44 ft
Solstice LinkThe Links
1,967 ft-31 ft
Stained GlassReservoir Park
1,570 ft-85 ft
Stone LineThe Links
1,308 ft-124 ft
SwitchbacksThe Gorge
462 ft-2 ft
The ChuteThe Gorge
134 ft-14 ft
The RidgeGrey Mountain
2,157 ft-41 ft
The StadiumThe Gorge
1,373 ft-103 ft
Through Hell & BackGrey Mountain
5,055 ft-153 ft
Tom Cole TrailCastle Frederick
4,958 ft-347 ft
Track 17Castle Frederick
4,958 ft-19 ft
Track 23Castle Frederick
4,958 ft
Track 3Castle Frederick
1,497 ft-118 ft
Ugly Tree TrailCastle Frederick
4,958 ft-29 ft
unnamed1Irishman's Road Recreation Site
1,224 ft-19 ft
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