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1356 to Mine trailGoldfield Mtns.
1.9 miles-335 ft
A Quiet AlternativeGoldfield Mtns.
1.1 miles-163 ft
Around the MineGoldfield Mtns.
3,179 ft-36 ft
Bulldog Canyon TrailGoldfield Mtns.
1.7 miles-164 ft
Bush TrailGoldfield Mtns.
1.5 miles-139 ft
Cottonwood WashGoldfield Mtns.
2.4 miles-130 ft
Foothills TrailGoldfield Mtns.
1.4 miles-97 ft
Goldfield East AccessGoldfield Mtns.
2,875 ft-43 ft
Horse With No NameGoldfield Mtns.
4.5 miles-880 ft
Jacob's Alternate EndingSuperstitions West
4,212 ft-54 ft
Lost Souls Trail
3.0 miles-555 ft
Miner's RidgeGoldfield Mtns.
3,607 ft-83 ft
Mountain Bike Trail
2.5 miles-142 ft
Old Apache TrailSuperstitions West
4,643 ft-93 ft
Over the Hill and Down the HatchGoldfield Mtns.
4,029 ft-231 ft
Pass Mountain trail to BulldogGoldfield Mtns.
4.4 miles-825 ft
Pass Mtn to BlevinsSuperstitions West
755 ft-22 ft
Powerline TrailSuperstitions West
3,354 ft-61 ft
Quail Loop
3,248 ft-42 ft
Salty Basin LoopGoldfield Mtns.
3.9 miles-298 ft
Sheep Drive Trail?Superstitions West
2,682 ft-32 ft
Siphon Draw Trail (Lost Dutchman SP acc)
1,484 ft-81 ft
Slice O' HeavenGoldfield Mtns.
2.1 miles-458 ft
Spider BiteGoldfield Mtns.
3,424 ft-142 ft
Superstion Massacre Grounds LowerSuperstitions West
4,431 ft-169 ft
Superstition Foothills TrailSuperstitions West
1.0 miles-90 ft
Superstition VistaSuperstitions West
1.5 miles-96 ft
The RockGoldfield Mtns.
2,130 ft-50 ft
Tomahawk PassGoldfield Mtns.
1.4 miles-342 ft
Treasure Loop (Lost Dutchman SP acc)
1,420 ft-58 ft
Upper Valley TrailSuperstitions West
2,619 ft-122 ft
Valley TrailSuperstitions West
1.3 miles-151 ft
Vista Loop
1,712 ft-18 ft
Wash TrailGoldfield Mtns.
1.4 miles-32 ft
Weaver's WaySuperstitions West
4,063 ft-170 ft
West Lost Goldmine
3.0 miles-312 ft
Willow ConnectorGoldfield Mtns.
2,572 ft-72 ft
Willow Springs Canyon EastSuperstitions West
1.1 miles-85 ft
Willow Springs Tank TrailGoldfield Mtns.
2.8 miles-594 ft
Willow Springs Trail AccessGoldfield Mtns.
4,873 ft-161 ft
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