Back strip
1,256 ft
Back Thru The Twistys
1.3 miles-210 ft
Back Thru The Twistys to Quarry
1,174 ft-30 ft
Be Strong
4,697 ft-90 ft
Between The Lines
1,358 ft-6 ft
Blue Eastern Loop
4,624 ft-73 ft
Chicken Run
1.9 miles-294 ft
Chicken Run Link
2,512 ft-111 ft
Down Up Down Up
2,467 ft-75 ft
Down Up to New Weave
4,695 ft-118 ft
Fast and Furious
5,039 ft-183 ft
Feel It Burn
960 ft-43 ft
First Big Climb
1.2 miles-22 ft
2.2 miles-228 ft
Hillside to Back Strip
2,511 ft-52 ft
Last Blast
1,037 ft-6 ft
Little Dipper
2,105 ft-26 ft
Little Dipper to Between The Lines
1,077 ft-51 ft
1,255 ft-48 ft
Quarry Section
887 ft-36 ft
River Singletrack
1.2 miles-129 ft
River to Fast and Furious
3.3 miles-260 ft
Round The Golf
2,958 ft-27 ft
Round The Horses
1,174 ft-22 ft
Tech Take Me Home
4,582 ft-109 ft
Tech Take Me Home to River
1,824 ft-18 ft
The New Weave
4,482 ft-76 ft
To The Horses
1,118 ft-4 ft
Waterworks Back Straight
2,628 ft-96 ft
Waterworks Downhill
1,426 ft-102 ft
Waterworks Uphill
2,483 ft-19 ft
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