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3.5East Kowen
1,569 ft-57 ft
ABC Switch BacksStromlo Forest Park
3,133 ft-43 ft
AJ's LeapMajura Pines
1,427 ft-9 ft
Angle GrinderEast Kowen
757 ft
Arrow HeadSparrow Hill
1.5 miles-29 ft
Aunty FloEast Kowen
1,354 ft-60 ft
Auto AlleyMajura Pines
3,262 ft-140 ft
BakkarZoo Pines
2,786 ft-18 ft
Barney'sSparrow Hill
2,998 ft-29 ft
BarryMajura Pines
2,320 ft-261 ft
BatcaveMajura Pines
2,407 ft-46 ft
Belco SwitchbacksBruce Ridge
4,665 ft-102 ft
Beyond the Black StumpMajura Pines
1,044 ft-42 ft
Big DipperSparrow Hill
1,770 ft-70 ft
Big WednesdayEast Kowen
3,372 ft-163 ft
Billy BillySparrow Hill
1.8 miles-10 ft
Black BettyMajura Pines
935 ft-40 ft
Black Snake ClimbStromlo Forest Park
768 ft-3 ft
Black Snake GulleyStromlo Forest Park
2,608 ft-48 ft
Blackberry ClimbStromlo Forest Park
1,641 ft-13 ft
Blinky BillSparrow Hill
1,985 ft-24 ft
Blood RockStromlo Forest Park
1,158 ft-13 ft
Blown GasketMajura Pines
365 ft-22 ft
Blue GumsStromlo Forest Park
875 ft-17 ft
Blue LagoonSparrow Hill
1.5 miles-152 ft
Blue TongueStromlo Forest Park
3,552 ft-30 ft
Bobby Pin ClimbStromlo Forest Park
1,297 ft-12 ft
Bogs and LogsMajura Pines
3,368 ft-51 ft
Bogs and Logs linkMajura Pines
142 ft-5 ft
BomboraMajura Pines
1,608 ft-103 ft
Box Gum MarginBruce Ridge
2,780 ft-76 ft
Box Gum Margin B lineBruce Ridge
337 ft-8 ft
Boy WonderMajura Pines
2,037 ft-59 ft
BreakoutStromlo Forest Park
3,549 ft-189 ft
Bridge LoopSparrow Hill
1,770 ft-72 ft
BrindabellaStromlo Forest Park
1,321 ft-20 ft
Brittle GumsStromlo Forest Park
4,297 ft-46 ft
Broken ArrowSparrow Hill
2,349 ft-8 ft
Brown WaterSparrow Hill
3,282 ft-27 ft
Bucket RunMajura Pines
1,452 ft-65 ft
Bulls-eyeSparrow Hill
3,017 ft
BurinBruce Ridge
2,601 ft-55 ft
Car BodyMajura Pines
2,594 ft-94 ft
Cardiac ArrestStromlo Forest Park
2,538 ft-100 ft
Caroline’sStromlo Forest Park
787 ft-109 ft
CarverEast Kowen
2,259 ft-22 ft
Casurina ClimbStromlo Forest Park
2,924 ft
Centenary Trail Section 1 – Parliament House to Watson
10.2 miles-750 ft
Centenary Trail Section 2 – Watson to Northern Border Campsite
11.0 miles-784 ft
Centenary Trail Section 3 – Northern Border Campsite to Hall Village
8.2 miles-1,220 ft
Centenary Trail Section 4 – Hall Village to Black Mountain
11.8 miles-828 ft
Centenary Trail Section 5 – Black Mountain to Stromlo Forest Park
12.2 miles-1,256 ft
Centenary Trail Section 6 – Stromlo Forest Park to Tuggeranong Town Centre
14.5 miles-1,526 ft
Centenary Trail Section 7 – Tuggeranong Town Centre to Parliament House
15.9 miles-1,258 ft
ChatterboxEast Kowen
1,419 ft-17 ft
Cherry LaneEast Kowen
4,726 ft-43 ft
Choc MonteSparrow Hill
1.8 miles-8 ft
Circle WorkEast Kowen
1,377 ft-27 ft
City ViewStromlo Forest Park
1,085 ft-32 ft
Cockatoo Switch BacksStromlo Forest Park
3,645 ft-12 ft
CommutedBruce Ridge
1,864 ft-35 ft
Cop OutEast Kowen
356 ft-4 ft
Cork Oaks Trail
5,138 ft-93 ft
CorkscrewEast Kowen
1,755 ft-108 ft
Crazy Crab WalkMajura Pines
1,619 ft-51 ft
Crazy HorseEast Kowen
1.2 miles-100 ft
Creek RunSparrow Hill
1,742 ft-5 ft
Creek RunBruce Ridge
1,409 ft-36 ft
Crim TrackStromlo Forest Park
3,049 ft-15 ft
Cut SnakeEast Kowen
609 ft-12 ft
Dairy Farmers Hill Circuit
1.0 miles-149 ft
Dairy Farmers Hill Circuit Link
553 ft
Dairy Farmers Hill Circuit Link
385 ft
Daviesia DownBruce Ridge
2,894 ft-215 ft
Daviesia UpBruce Ridge
2,768 ft-11 ft
Deadgum DamStromlo Forest Park
2,109 ft-52 ft
Deep CreekStromlo Forest Park
4,793 ft-188 ft
Dew Drop InnMajura Pines
1,410 ft-19 ft
DingoStromlo Forest Park
1,047 ft-42 ft
Dog StirredSparrow Hill
1.8 miles-23 ft
Double DissolutionStromlo Forest Park
2,854 ft-152 ft
Down And DirtySparrow Hill
1.8 miles-129 ft
DownhillStromlo Forest Park
919 ft-38 ft
DownhillIsaacs Ridge
2,462 ft-447 ft
Downhill TrackIsaacs Ridge
2,097 ft-399 ft
Dr WormZoo Pines
3,353 ft-40 ft
Drunken NoodleEast Kowen
4,968 ft-71 ft
Dunny Back DoorSparrow Hill
1.8 miles
Dunny TrackSparrow Hill
1.8 miles-136 ft
Dusty CritterStromlo Forest Park
1,968 ft-48 ft
Emu RunStromlo Forest Park
1,495 ft-36 ft
Extra NookyEast Kowen
1,532 ft-17 ft
Fairy Glen IIEast Kowen
1,295 ft-24 ft
Far East ClimbEast Kowen
1,521 ft-9 ft
Fenceline linkStromlo Forest Park
137 ft
FenclineStromlo Forest Park
2,356 ft-22 ft
Four Cross TrackStromlo Forest Park
1,230 ft-21 ft
Free FallEast Kowen
614 ft-32 ft
Front NineEast Kowen
2,967 ft-52 ft
Fun HouseSparrow Hill
1.8 miles-99 ft
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