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AnticlineOil Well Flats
2.9 miles-428 ft
Campground Connector
231 ft-6 ft
Campground ConnectorRoyal Gorge Park
4,375 ft-181 ft
Dakota RidgeHogbacks
1.4 miles-263 ft
Fire CanyonOil Well Flats
3,177 ft-278 ft
1.7 miles-368 ft
1.9 miles-240 ft
Hot ShotsSouth Cañon
2.1 miles-377 ft
Island in the Sky
3.0 miles-870 ft
Island in the Sky ConnectorOil Well Flats
410 ft-4 ft
Island in the Sky Loop Connector
1,623 ft-1 ft
LAMBA Chops (east)South Cañon
4,190 ft-17 ft
LAMBA Chops (west)South Cañon
5,235 ft-52 ft
Le ViewRoyal Gorge Park
417 ft-9 ft
Rim TrailRoyal Gorge Park
3.4 miles-373 ft
Rim TrailRoyal Gorge Park
1.0 miles-150 ft
Stone Quarry SpurHogbacks
909 ft-80 ft
Stone Quarry Spur IIHogbacks
909 ft-107 ft
TBDRoyal Gorge Park
1,141 ft-79 ft
Tectonic Shift - EastOil Well Flats
3,701 ft-141 ft
Tectonic Shift - WestOil Well Flats
1.5 miles-201 ft
UnconformityOil Well Flats
2.6 miles-299 ft
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