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Acid DropElm Ridge
1,347 ft-82 ft
Ale TrailRound Top
2,746 ft-55 ft
Batavia SkillWindham Mountain Bike Park
Cheap ThrillRound Top
1,989 ft-181 ft
Citizen's DownhillWindham Mountain Bike Park
1.3 miles-1,271 ft
Clove ConnectorRound Top
883 ft
Cranberry Bog TrailElm Ridge
5,105 ft-258 ft
Double track connectorRound Top
1.2 miles-418 ft
Fun A-BElm Ridge
1,027 ft-5 ft
Fun B-CElm Ridge
258 ft
Fun B-E-FElm Ridge
1,528 ft-1 ft
Fun C-AElm Ridge
736 ft
Fun C-KElm Ridge
2,547 ft
Fun E-GElm Ridge
1,121 ft-2 ft
Fun G-IElm Ridge
1,693 ft
Fun I-JElm Ridge
1,398 ft-52 ft
Fun J-KElm Ridge
2,787 ft-94 ft
Fun Loop H JElm Ridge
276 ft
Fun Loop Trail 3Elm Ridge
3,460 ft-153 ft
Fun Loops Trail 4Elm Ridge
1,310 ft
Fun Loops Trail 6Elm Ridge
1,093 ft
GreenhornPlattekill Bike Park
1.4 miles-895 ft
HematomaRound Top
5,241 ft-87 ft
Indian LookoutRound Top
2,211 ft-83 ft
Jimmy's BluffRound Top
2,293 ft-62 ft
LevitateElm Ridge
1.4 miles-463 ft
Lover's LoopRound Top
4,984 ft-136 ft
Lower TrailElm Ridge
2,555 ft-96 ft
Mid MountainElm Ridge
1.0 miles-267 ft
Moonshine RidgeRound Top
1,191 ft-22 ft
Mountain Overlook TrailWalnut Mountain
1,990 ft-6 ft
New GraveyardElm Ridge
2,473 ft-11 ft
North FaceElm Ridge
1.1 miles-589 ft
Old GraveyardElm Ridge
3,855 ft-5 ft
Original RidgeElm Ridge
2.0 miles-166 ft
Peck RoadElm Ridge
4,373 ft-277 ft
Pelham RoadElm Ridge
2,779 ft-144 ft
Radler RidgeRound Top
1,080 ft-46 ft
Rosado RidgeRound Top
777 ft
Run NootElm Ridge
4,669 ft-113 ft
Slow n' FlowRound Top
1,384 ft-30 ft
State-TopElm Ridge
845 ft
Sunset PathRound Top
2,811 ft-59 ft
SwitchbacksRound Top
2,748 ft-19 ft
The LedgesRound Top
1,587 ft-28 ft
Toil and TroubleWalnut Mountain
1.8 miles-150 ft
Tom's TrailElm Ridge
1,207 ft-72 ft
Top Two InchElm Ridge
532 ft
Trail 1Plattekill Bike Park
1.3 miles-1,097 ft
Trail 3Plattekill Bike Park
4,579 ft-1,037 ft
Trail 4Plattekill Bike Park
3,672 ft-810 ft
Trail 5Plattekill Bike Park
1.2 miles-1,090 ft
Trail 6Plattekill Bike Park
2,619 ft-624 ft
Trail 7Plattekill Bike Park
4,239 ft-1,007 ft
Trail 8Plattekill Bike Park
3,071 ft-790 ft
TurnicutRound Top
3,956 ft-271 ft
Two Trees Green AcresElm Ridge
1,615 ft-2 ft
Upper MoonshineRound Top
1.0 miles-185 ft
Venus' BathRound Top
1,389 ft-2 ft
Walnut LoopWalnut Mountain
2,790 ft-114 ft
Walnut Loop NorthWalnut Mountain
3,330 ft-4 ft
Walnut Loop SouthWalnut Mountain
3,307 ft-11 ft
Walnut Loop WestWalnut Mountain
1.0 miles-52 ft
Warpath LoopRound Top
2,343 ft-48 ft
Waterfall Trail
2,960 ft-41 ft
Webster's PassRound Top
5,039 ft-102 ft
Wilderness RollWindham Mountain Bike Park
3.1 miles-1,441 ft
Windham World Cup DH Track
1.1 miles-1,333 ft
Witch WayWalnut Mountain
3,804 ft-190 ft
Yellow Brick RoadWalnut Mountain
3.7 miles-437 ft
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