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26%Little Gunpowder
726 ft-114 ft
A Boy Named SueLittle Gunpowder
1.7 miles-291 ft
Anne's TrailLoch Raven
1,600 ft-67 ft
B Side FlatsLittle Gunpowder
4,542 ft-39 ft
Backside DescentLoch Raven
1,737 ft-122 ft
Backside of Nun'sPatapsco Valley State Park
2,593 ft-46 ft
Barbed Wire HillLittle Gunpowder
1,550 ft-76 ft
Beechwood ClimbLittle Gunpowder
2,498 ft-2 ft
Big Gunpowder
9.9 miles-324 ft
Bike BusterPatapsco Valley State Park
2,418 ft-282 ft
Blue TrailLittle Gunpowder
3,253 ft-177 ft
Buzzard's RockPatapsco Valley State Park
2,562 ft-264 ft
BZDPatapsco Valley State Park
2,301 ft-247 ft
C LoopLoch Raven
2,653 ft-26 ft
Cascade FallsPatapsco Valley State Park
1.0 miles-107 ft
Cat and MouseLittle Gunpowder
5,137 ft-193 ft
CharcoalPatapsco Valley State Park
2,163 ft-52 ft
Cliffs of InsanityLittle Gunpowder
1.1 miles-202 ft
College LoopPatapsco Valley State Park
4,170 ft-142 ft
Crow's Foot Trail LoopFairland Recreational Park
1.1 miles-122 ft
Crows Foot TrailFairland Recreational Park
1.2 miles-203 ft
Cut OutLoch Raven
4,238 ft-128 ft
Dam Precipice TrailLoch Raven
604 ft-113 ft
David Hasselhoff's BallsLittle Gunpowder
1,366 ft-40 ft
Deadfall ForestLittle Gunpowder
2,719 ft-139 ft
Deer Scatter TrailBig Gunpowder
569 ft-53 ft
Deer Skull High WayLittle Gunpowder
987 ft-14 ft
Deer Skull Low WayLittle Gunpowder
1,870 ft-66 ft
Don't Take It For GraniteMcKeldin Recreation Area
1.1 miles-153 ft
DrugsPatapsco Valley State Park
2,407 ft-243 ft
Dundawan Connector
733 ft-25 ft
EwokLoch Raven
2,069 ft-14 ft
Ewok ConnectorLoch Raven
630 ft-3 ft
False LoopLoch Raven
2,865 ft-46 ft
Glen Ellen Trail (Loch Raven Dr)Loch Raven
4,592 ft-154 ft
Glen Ellen Trail (Seminary-Providence)Loch Raven
3.8 miles-551 ft
Graffiti LoopLittle Gunpowder
1,705 ft-53 ft
Graham Stables TrailBig Gunpowder
1,851 ft-41 ft
GUMBOmanjaroLittle Gunpowder
523 ft-8 ft
Guyton FlatsLittle Gunpowder
3,089 ft-113 ft
Holly TrailFairland Recreational Park
3,048 ft-126 ft
Holly Trail LoopFairland Recreational Park
4,586 ft-129 ft
Hoover DamLoch Raven
3,808 ft-83 ft
Hop the SnakePatapsco Valley State Park
4,668 ft-98 ft
Horse Poopidy LoopLittle Gunpowder
1.4 miles-275 ft
Horse Trail (Yellow Blaze)Little Gunpowder
2,736 ft-88 ft
Itchy and ScratchyLittle Gunpowder
1,093 ft-6 ft
Jenny Blue
5,102 ft-82 ft
Jerusalem Mill TrailLittle Gunpowder
1.1 miles-107 ft
Jesse's TrailLittle Gunpowder
2.2 miles-424 ft
Kid'n Play
818 ft-13 ft
3,327 ft-44 ft
Lazy Man's TrailLittle Gunpowder
506 ft-5 ft
Lewis and ClarkPatapsco Valley State Park
3,027 ft-76 ft
Little Gunpowder Trail (White Blaze - Bel Air Rd to Wildcat Branch)Little Gunpowder
3,501 ft-78 ft
Little Gunpowder Trail (White Blaze - Harford Rd to Bel Air Rd)Little Gunpowder
5,176 ft-106 ft
Little Gunpowder Trail (White Blaze - Harford Rd to Bottom Rd)Little Gunpowder
2.6 miles-456 ft
Little Gunpowder Trail (White Blaze - Jericho Rd to Franklinville Rd)Little Gunpowder
1.2 miles-223 ft
Little Gunpowder Trail (White Blaze - Jerusalem Rd to Jericho Rd)Little Gunpowder
2,174 ft-32 ft
Little Gunpowder Trail (White Blaze - Kingsville Fields to Franklinville Rd)Little Gunpowder
1.8 miles-375 ft
Little Gunpowder Trail (White Blaze - Pleasantville Rd to Bottom Rd)Little Gunpowder
2.0 miles-522 ft
Little Gunpowder Trail (White Blaze - Wildcat Branch to Jerusalem Mill)Little Gunpowder
1.6 miles-231 ft
LogPatapsco Valley State Park
2,676 ft-98 ft
Logjammin TrailLoch Raven
2,449 ft-153 ft
Lost Pond TrailBig Gunpowder
2.1 miles-285 ft
Lower Through TrailMcKeldin Recreation Area
1.3 miles-17 ft
Manor RidgeLoch Raven
2.0 miles-424 ft
McKeldin View TrailMcKeldin Recreation Area
1.3 miles-7 ft
Morgan MillLoch Raven
1.2 miles-197 ft
Morgan Mill AccessLoch Raven
3,158 ft
Morning Choice East SectionPatapsco Valley State Park
1.3 miles-198 ft
Morning Choice Main SectionPatapsco Valley State Park
4,087 ft-116 ft
Morning Choice West SectionPatapsco Valley State Park
2,743 ft-100 ft
Mountain Goat ClimbLittle Gunpowder
367 ft-28 ft
NachoPatapsco Valley State Park
1.1 miles-109 ft
No Cliffs TrailLoch Raven
4,727 ft-83 ft
Not DrugsPatapsco Valley State Park
1,488 ft-228 ft
Not RockburnPatapsco Valley State Park
4,050 ft-60 ft
Nun's DHPatapsco Valley State Park
1,858 ft-219 ft
Old Main Line TrailMcKeldin Recreation Area
2.5 miles-199 ft
Old Track LoopPatapsco Valley State Park
2,786 ft-75 ft
Outer PetticoatLittle Gunpowder
2,816 ft-212 ft
ParkfallsBig Gunpowder
1,585 ft-12 ft
Patapsco Through Trail (White Blaze)McKeldin Recreation Area
7.1 miles-648 ft
Patapsco ThruPatapsco Valley State Park
2.3 miles-640 ft
Perimeter TrailGreenbelt Park
4.8 miles-515 ft
Perry RidgeBig Gunpowder
1,670 ft-32 ft
Petticoat JunctionLittle Gunpowder
4,319 ft-138 ft
Pigs RunPatapsco Valley State Park
2,391 ft-288 ft
Pine Trail LoopFairland Recreational Park
2,146 ft-64 ft
Poplar, I Mean Sycamore Grove BypassLittle Gunpowder
819 ft-46 ft
Poplar, I Mean Sycamore Grove TrailLittle Gunpowder
2,205 ft-101 ft
Pot Rocks TrailBig Gunpowder
1.0 miles-53 ft
Pot SpringLoch Raven
PowderockBig Gunpowder
1,910 ft-35 ft
Providence Road Drop-inLoch Raven
1,046 ft-83 ft
Railroad Pass 1Little Gunpowder
731 ft-17 ft
Railroad Pass 2Little Gunpowder
524 ft-30 ft
Railroad to PleasantvilleLittle Gunpowder
5,128 ft-252 ft
RastaLoch Raven
3,065 ft-77 ft
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