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2 FingersGillard
1,647 ft-182 ft
1,128 ft-168 ft
1,353 ft-213 ft
1.3 miles-809 ft
Angel Springs TrailCrawford Trails
1.9 miles-1,213 ft
Apex TrailKnox Mountain Park
5,170 ft-193 ft
Apex/Simpson Connector TrailKnox Mountain Park
1,593 ft-99 ft
Arthon TrailCrawford Trails
2,233 ft-7 ft
Ass Cow Boy (Smith Creek Jump Line)Smith Creek
1,991 ft-364 ft
AstridCrawford Trails
2,487 ft-9 ft
Balsom Root Bluff TrailKnox Mountain Park
1.0 miles-255 ft
Bear BonesRose Valley
1.6 miles-1,023 ft
Bear Creek ConnectorRose Valley
1,665 ft-30 ft
Bear Creek LookoutRose Valley
3,963 ft-186 ft
Bearly ThereGillard
2,363 ft-265 ft
Bellevue AccessCrawford Trails
2.6 miles-162 ft
Bellevue Creek TrailCrawford Trails
-82 ft
BenchCrawford Trails
1,782 ft-4 ft
Big DropCrawford Trails
3,926 ft-399 ft
Big MoneyPowers Creek
615 ft
Blancher's SilverCrawford Trails
1.1 miles-468 ft
BorisCrawford Trails
3,606 ft-452 ft
Boris ConnectorCrawford Trails
396 ft-6 ft
Boss HogGillard
2,881 ft-378 ft
Boucherie Rush Trail
1.9 miles-423 ft
Bowes ConnectRose Valley
2,407 ft-250 ft
Brain DumpKnox Mountain Park East
689 ft-121 ft
1,534 ft-323 ft
Builders OnlyPowers Creek
1.6 miles-1,057 ft
BullwinkleCrawford Trails
4,916 ft-652 ft
Canadian BaconPowers Creek
2,158 ft-383 ft
Captain NemoCrawford Trails
1,770 ft-223 ft
Cardiac RidgeKnox Mountain Park East
3,295 ft-278 ft
2,157 ft
Casino RoyaleGillard
1.2 miles-912 ft
Cat's AssGillard
4,987 ft-742 ft
CattywumpussRose Valley
1.3 miles-464 ft
1,582 ft-300 ft
City On The Edge Of Forever
4,689 ft-1,026 ft
Clifton RidgelineKnox Mountain Park
3,015 ft-171 ft
Commando BayOkanagan Mtn. Park
1.4 miles-606 ft
626 ft-50 ft
ConnectorCrawford Trails
1.2 miles-594 ft
732 ft-7 ft
ConnectorCrawford Trails
337 ft-50 ft
Connector LineGillard
377 ft-22 ft
Connector LineGillard
366 ft-13 ft
Connector to Soul TrainSmith Creek
329 ft-4 ft
Connector- Kid DinoMyt to SoulTrain ClimbSmith Creek
647 ft-89 ft
Connector-Holy Pail to Santa RevengeSmith Creek
910 ft-73 ft
CrawfordCrawford Trails
520 ft-71 ft
Crawford BenchCrawford Trails
1,600 ft-50 ft
Crawford Canyon DHCrawford Trails
5.0 miles-2,449 ft
Crawford FallsCrawford Trails
1,007 ft-126 ft
Crazy TrainPowers Creek
411 ft-90 ft
Crazy TrainPowers Creek
1.2 miles-611 ft
Creek RunRose Valley
1,381 ft-172 ft
Danger DangerSmith Creek
923 ft-211 ft
Daze Of RosesRose Valley
2.6 miles-426 ft
Dear SantaSmith Creek
4,151 ft-558 ft
DiddlerPowers Creek
1,779 ft-189 ft
Dirty SanchezGillard
1,536 ft-341 ft
Doc SavageCrawford Trails
2,444 ft-143 ft
DOTRose Valley
4,065 ft-290 ft
Double BypassPowers Creek
2,505 ft-185 ft
Dr. NoGillard
1,692 ft-464 ft
EarringCrawford Trails
1,009 ft-162 ft
EarringCrawford Trails
4,282 ft-55 ft
EarringCrawford Trails
1.2 miles-160 ft
Easy OutCrawford Trails
2,664 ft-203 ft
Easy OutCrawford Trails
458 ft-19 ft
Easy OutCrawford Trails
497 ft-7 ft
Easy Up to LookoutSmith Creek
1,186 ft-28 ft
FairlaneCrawford Trails
3.0 miles-819 ft
Fairlane 2 Myra BailoutCrawford Trails
274 ft-5 ft
Fairlane LoopCrawford Trails
1.2 miles-178 ft
Fairlane Loop 2Crawford Trails
356 ft-9 ft
Fairlane to Galloping ShortcutCrawford Trails
432 ft-16 ft
Fat BadgePowers Creek
499 ft-91 ft
Feel The LoveSmith Creek
1.9 miles-1,346 ft
Finally FamousKnox Mountain Park East
3,138 ft-4 ft
FireweedCrawford Trails
2,471 ft-33 ft
First NotchGillard
1.3 miles-1,026 ft
First Notch Lower
2,691 ft-280 ft
Fist FirstGillard
1,886 ft-431 ft
FlumePowers Creek
1.1 miles-104 ft
Flume TrailCrawford Trails
3,922 ft-285 ft
Front Side ConnectorKnox Mountain Park
2,645 ft-103 ft
GallopingCrawford Trails
3,173 ft-187 ft
Galloping Short CutCrawford Trails
318 ft-31 ft
Ghost RiderGillard
2,406 ft-316 ft
Glen CanyonPowers Creek
4,417 ft-74 ft
Grant's GrindRose Valley
1.5 miles-99 ft
GrassyCrawford Trails
4,463 ft-418 ft
Green PooGillard
1,077 ft-184 ft
Gruel- DumpSmith Creek
3,257 ft-214 ft
Gulley BypassRose Valley
823 ft-15 ft
HeckleCrawford Trails
1,880 ft-298 ft
Highlands ReturnKnox Mountain Park East
1,427 ft-22 ft
HillbillyCrawford Trails
1.9 miles-1,042 ft
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