Bunkers Away
4,510 ft-119 ft
Far End Loop
3.5 miles-293 ft
Fast Forest Track
1,818 ft-78 ft
Fast Reeds
2,412 ft-59 ft
Fly Or Fall
2,396 ft-84 ft
Half Single Track By The Dam
2,730 ft-38 ft
Hard Rock Cafe
2,803 ft-54 ft
In and Out
2,844 ft-36 ft
In the Reed Field
2,990 ft-12 ft
Klondike Red
2.5 miles-193 ft
Last Climb
2,394 ft-3 ft
Last Fast Single Track
2,200 ft-107 ft
Last Sand Descent
4,123 ft-168 ft
1.4 miles-133 ft
Quarter Mile Drag
1,833 ft-9 ft
Red Hill Hurts
1,357 ft
Red Loop Sprint
1.7 miles-191 ft
Rocking The Forest
2,920 ft-54 ft
Second Red Single Track
1.8 miles-203 ft
Single Track To Bee Hives
2,753 ft-24 ft
Speed It Up
3,097 ft-22 ft
Taking The Plunge
4,132 ft-190 ft
The Sand Trap
4,575 ft-39 ft
Up The Creek - 1st Half
2,787 ft-2 ft
Up The Creek - 2nd Half
2,443 ft-58 ft
Whats Up?
2,852 ft
Yellow Hartebeest
1.6 miles-103 ft
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