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Baldy SpurBaldy Mountain
3,790 ft-67 ft
Baldy to Rimrock ConnectorLittle Spear Fish and Rimrock
4,690 ft-108 ft
BratwurstEagle Cliff Trails
2.8 miles-246 ft
Deep SnowEagle Cliff Trails
4,994 ft-331 ft
Hidden BasinEagle Cliff Trails
3,961 ft-95 ft
Holey RockEagle Cliff Trails
2,715 ft-58 ft
HollowEagle Cliff Trails
3,028 ft-198 ft
Intake MeadowsEagle Cliff Trails
1,792 ft-75 ft
Lily ParkEagle Cliff Trails
3,967 ft-234 ft
Little Spearfish TrailLittle Spear Fish and Rimrock
5.7 miles-1,408 ft
Lost RunEagle Cliff Trails
3,590 ft-227 ft
Old Baldy LoopBaldy Mountain
5.8 miles-1,303 ft
Rimrock Lower LoopLittle Spear Fish and Rimrock
2.3 miles-879 ft
Rimrock Trail Upper LoopLittle Spear Fish and Rimrock
3.8 miles-697 ft
Sunny MeadowEagle Cliff Trails
1.9 miles-150 ft
The LoopEagle Cliff Trails
1.3 miles-172 ft
The Loop SpurEagle Cliff Trails
2,477 ft-130 ft
Wipe OutEagle Cliff Trails
2,064 ft-3 ft
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