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Arbour TrailCranbrook Community Forest
1.7 miles-79 ft
Aspen BendSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-16 ft
Axel AlleyCranbrook Community Forest
2,073 ft-11 ft
Baker Death GripMount Baker
2.1 miles-3,237 ft
Bear NectareCranbrook Community Forest
1,203 ft-10 ft
Big Tree TrailCranbrook Community Forest
2.0 miles-299 ft
BobsledSouth Star Trails
4,404 ft-80 ft
BoneheadCranbrook Community Forest
2.2 miles-391 ft
Bonehead ConnectorCranbrook Community Forest
2,238 ft-75 ft
BrodieCranbrook Community Forest
4,316 ft-114 ft
Charlie One Yellow ClimbSouth Hill
1.0 miles-24 ft
Charlie One Yellow DHSouth Hill
2,729 ft-388 ft
Chewbacca ConnectorCranbrook Community Forest
1.6 miles-222 ft
Chewbacca Connector 2Cranbrook Community Forest
1,463 ft-77 ft
Chewbacca Connector 3Cranbrook Community Forest
678 ft-5 ft
Chewbacca RockaCranbrook Community Forest
5.1 miles-848 ft
City to Isadore Canyon Connector
5,217 ft16 ft
College Way
2,789 ft-122 ft
CurlyCranbrook Community Forest
3,058 ft-19 ft
Eager LookoutCranbrook Community Forest
4,554 ft-16 ft
Easy StreetSouth Star Trails
2.0 miles-22 ft
EspressoCranbrook Community Forest
4,441 ft-360 ft
Ewok and RollCranbrook Community Forest
2.9 miles-547 ft
Far EastSouth Star Trails
1.5 miles-167 ft
Fence LineCranbrook Community Forest
2.5 miles-192 ft
Forest GroveCranbrook Community Forest
1.9 miles-186 ft
FreefallSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-42 ft
Going UpCranbrook Community Forest
1.5 miles-8 ft
Gooseneck TrailSouth Star Trails
4,871 ft-69 ft
Green ChickenCranbrook Community Forest
2,779 ft-310 ft
Green Chicken2Cranbrook Community Forest
693 ft-106 ft
Haggis HillSouth Star Trails
3.4 miles-62 ft
High RoadSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-25 ft
Hill BypassSouth Star Trails
3.4 miles-50 ft
Hillbilly MusicCranbrook Community Forest
1,844 ft-178 ft
Isadore ConnectorCranbrook Community Forest
2,392 ft-238 ft
JackrabbitSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-190 ft
Jenny Blue DHSouth Hill
3,542 ft-459 ft
Jenny Blue Number #2 ClimbSouth Hill
1.2 miles-45 ft
Joseph Creek ConnectorSouth Star Trails
5,134 ft-150 ft
Juniper Lane
2.6 miles-205 ft
K-9South Star Trails
1.6 miles-44 ft
Kettle LoopCranbrook Community Forest
2,560 ft-54 ft
Kinnickinnick SnowshoeSouth Star Trails
3.4 miles-524 ft
Knight's TrailCranbrook Community Forest
2,758 ft-97 ft
Knight's TrailCranbrook Community Forest
2.5 miles-94 ft
Larch LoopSouth Star Trails
5,134 ft-15 ft
Lazy LaneSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-76 ft
Logger's LaneCranbrook Community Forest
1.8 miles-23 ft
Loop SkywalkerCranbrook Community Forest
2.3 miles-387 ft
Marley XC PinkSouth Hill
3,722 ft-692 ft
Meadow LoopSouth Star Trails
4,404 ft-78 ft
Meadow TrailSouth Star Trails
4,871 ft-15 ft
Meander Trail
1.1 miles-90 ft
MigorCranbrook Community Forest
1.3 miles-507 ft
Moose CreekSouth Star Trails
2.2 miles-394 ft
Moose Creek AlternateSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles
Mount Baker DownhillMount Baker
4.5 miles-4,001 ft
Nolah XC orangeSouth Hill
3,465 ft-348 ft
Orange Matt Drop DHSouth Hill
2,119 ft-308 ft
Park Royal AccessCranbrook Community Forest
1,285 ft
Peavine Creek TrailSouth Star Trails
5,134 ft-197 ft
Perimeter Patti Green Access
1,796 ft-5 ft
Perimeter Patti Green LoopSouth Hill
3.2 miles-755 ft
Pink Erin ClimbSouth Hill
4,889 ft-68 ft
Pole # 62
2,614 ft
Rocky RidgeSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-45 ft
Rocky Road to DublinSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-14 ft
Roller CoasterCranbrook Community Forest
1.4 miles-304 ft
Root CanalSouth Star Trails
3.4 miles-232 ft
Shady LaneSouth Star Trails
3,385 ft-19 ft
Shady Lane 2South Star Trails
1.6 miles-53 ft
Shish KebobBaker South
2.0 miles-1,353 ft
Snow CreekSouth Star Trails
4,404 ft-12 ft
Snowshoe TrailSouth Star Trails
3.4 miles-5 ft
Snowshoe TrailSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-3 ft
Split RockCranbrook Community Forest
2,157 ft-197 ft
StuntyCranbrook Community Forest
2.5 miles-420 ft
Suck It Up PrincessCranbrook Community Forest
3,125 ft-274 ft
SylvanCranbrook Community Forest
1.6 miles-241 ft
Sylvan ConnectorCranbrook Community Forest
2,340 ft-13 ft
The Path #1Baker South
1.2 miles-859 ft
The Path #2Baker South
4,036 ft-603 ft
The Path #3Baker South
3,322 ft-536 ft
Upper CoasterCranbrook Community Forest
4,418 ft-327 ft
Upper SkateSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-30 ft
UpperBoneheadCranbrook Community Forest
3,841 ft-65 ft
Wapiti WaySouth Star Trails
3,860 ft-98 ft
Ward Orange ClimbSouth Hill
5,120 ft-72 ft
WaterparkCranbrook Community Forest
5,254 ft-483 ft
WhitetailSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles
Windy BluffCranbrook Community Forest
1.3 miles-423 ft
Yer Cheatin' HeartCranbrook Community Forest
1,404 ft-193 ft
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