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Afternoon TrailMabie Forest
3,753 ft-378 ft
Blue TrailMabie Forest
3,006 ft-92 ft
Brown Route: Loose SingletrackMabie Forest
1,492 ft-222 ft
Butterhole ClimbMabie Forest
3,536 ft-49 ft
Contour ClimbMabie Forest
1.3 miles-123 ft
First ClimbMabie Forest
2,667 ft-9 ft
Heaven's GateMabie Forest
3,954 ft-93 ft
Kids TrailMabie Forest
1,673 ft-256 ft
Lower Descender BenderMabie Forest
2,877 ft-176 ft
Loyal FriendsMabie Forest
1,469 ft-290 ft
NewZealandMabie Forest
2,065 ft-160 ft
Out at the barrierMabie Forest
1,528 ft-251 ft
Rattle 'N' HumMabie Forest
3,090 ft-146 ft
Ridigers TrenchMabie Forest
1,830 ft-286 ft
Rudigers ClimbMabie Forest
1,654 ft-26 ft
SledgehammerMabie Forest
1,502 ft-204 ft
Stan's PondMabie Forest
2,214 ft-117 ft
The Bad StepMabie Forest
5,085 ft-282 ft
The Burn SplashMabie Forest
1,382 ft-115 ft
The ElevatorMabie Forest
2,789 ft-83 ft
The Race TrackMabie Forest
2,123 ft-55 ft
The RidgeMabie Forest
4,598 ft-102 ft
The Roller CoasterMabie Forest
3,640 ft-70 ft
The ScorpionMabie Forest
1,557 ft-13 ft
Upper Descender BenderMabie Forest
1,624 ft-134 ft
V.C.Mabie Forest
1,163 ft-165 ft
Vader's LairMabie Forest
1,250 ft-190 ft
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