statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
23ave AccessTerwillegar
640 ft
7-UP HitUP
662 ft-43 ft
622 ft-87 ft
780-flow old entranceCentral Edmonton (South)
78ave AccessMill Creek Ravine
335 ft-28 ft
A loop through the forest
1,773 ft-81 ft
A TrailCentral Edmonton (North)
195 ft
Ada Climb Upper
343 ft-2 ft
Andre's TrailForest Heights
2,615 ft-131 ft
Andy RooneyTerwillegar
571 ft-57 ft
AoA AccessMill Creek Ravine
433 ft
Arc AltTerwillegar
907 ft-17 ft
Argyll singletrackMill Creek Ravine
3,645 ft-56 ft
Argyll Toboggan Hill trailMill Creek Ravine
2,343 ft-79 ft
Art of Avoidance
1,085 ft-72 ft
532 ft-5 ft
Ass Over Tea Kettle
715 ft-104 ft
Avoid the stairsKinnard Park
392 ft
Back Breaker
1,801 ft-89 ft
Back To The TopMill Creek Ravine
166 ft-2 ft
Bakers FollyCentral Edmonton (South)
3,678 ft-37 ft
Ballpark descentMill Creek Ravine
680 ft-36 ft
Battle Axe
259 ft-34 ft
1.2 miles-60 ft
Because you can't
685 ft-14 ft
Bed BugStrathcona Science Park
545 ft-94 ft
Bed SpringsEdmonton
4,529 ft-78 ft
Belgravia Access - North
3,383 ft-152 ft
Belgravia Access - South
1,458 ft-10 ft
Belgravia Climb
1,642 ft-19 ft
Belgravia Connector
355 ft
Belgravia River Trail - NorthCentral Edmonton (South)
2,457 ft-109 ft
Belgravia River Trail - South
3,760 ft-165 ft
BeltCentral Edmonton (South)
711 ft-12 ft
Birdhouse connectorCentral Edmonton (South)
205 ft-1 ft
Birdhouse TrailCentral Edmonton (South)
2,634 ft-69 ft
Birth Canal
2,610 ft-10 ft
Blair Witch
1,758 ft-37 ft
Blue Man GroupMill Creek Ravine
1,231 ft-67 ft
Boardwalk TrailStrathcona Science Park
1,495 ft-36 ft
794 ft-44 ft
Bohemian MaidCentral Edmonton (South)
880 ft-52 ft
Bohemian Maid - Alt
224 ft-6 ft
4,464 ft-287 ft
Brew MasterCentral Edmonton (South)
1,076 ft-15 ft
Bridge me up ScottieTerwillegar
1,260 ft-14 ft
Bruce AlmightyEdmonton
892 ft-21 ft
737 ft-71 ft
Buena Vista Park Access (North)
4,108 ft-64 ft
Buena Vista Park Traverse (North)
874 ft-68 ft
Buenavista Alt TrackBuena Vista Dog Park
640 ft-15 ft
Bush PartyTerwillegar
438 ft-3 ft
BV Park - 1
1,227 ft
BV Park - 2
1,037 ft-23 ft
BV Park - 3Edmonton
1,727 ft-8 ft
BV Park - 4Forest Heights
982 ft-30 ft
CaddytrackForest Heights
2,271 ft-139 ft
Cambodia LowerStrathcona Science Park
683 ft-49 ft
Cambodia UpperStrathcona Science Park
484 ft-37 ft
Camel HumpsCentral Edmonton (South)
2,380 ft-80 ft
Campfire TrailCentral Edmonton (South)
190 ft-19 ft
Canada Cup Network - 1Central Edmonton (South)
1,652 ft-15 ft
Canada Cup Network - 2Central Edmonton (South)
130 ft
Canada Cup Network - 3Central Edmonton (South)
123 ft-14 ft
Canada Cup Network - 4Central Edmonton (South)
522 ft
Canada Cup Network - 5Central Edmonton (South)
617 ft-11 ft
Canada Cup Network - 6Central Edmonton (South)
389 ft-10 ft
Canada Cup Network - 7Central Edmonton (South)
259 ft-19 ft
Capilano AccessEdmonton
2,078 ft-55 ft
Capilano CannonballKinnard Park
330 ft-40 ft
Capilano CresentCentral Edmonton (South)
1,317 ft-48 ft
Capilano Rest stop exit
606 ft-5 ft
Cement Pad Drop InForest Heights
257 ft-10 ft
clareview drop inNorth East Edmonton
789 ft-3 ft
Cloverdale Bridge DetourForest Heights
1,030 ft-8 ft
Coaster ExitEdmonton
143 ft-3 ft
Conclusion to Dirty MattressCentral Edmonton (South)
309 ft-3 ft
Crazy Maria
635 ft
Creekside Boogie IMill Creek Ravine
700 ft-30 ft
Creekside Boogie IIMill Creek Ravine
591 ft-3 ft
Crouching DragonCentral Edmonton (South)
310 ft
CSG BermsStrathcona Science Park
302 ft-6 ft
CSG CourseStrathcona Science Park
3.6 miles-623 ft
CSG Course ConnectorStrathcona Science Park
1,141 ft-137 ft
Dave's TrailTerwillegar
1,116 ft-36 ft
Daweson Park 3Kinnard Park
785 ft-45 ft
Dawson ParkCentral Edmonton (South)
993 ft-63 ft
Dawson Park / River Dale TraverseCentral Edmonton (North)
3,973 ft-84 ft
Dawson Park 2Mill Creek Ravine
373 ft-14 ft
Dawson TraverseKinnard Park
1,534 ft-63 ft
dead mans trailGold Bar/Capilano Park
2,959 ft-58 ft
Diana PrinceCentral Edmonton (North)
349 ft-13 ft
Dirty cutCentral Edmonton (South)
198 ft-34 ft
Dirty MattressCentral Edmonton (South)
694 ft-35 ft
Dog Park DropBuena Vista Dog Park
718 ft-20 ft
Down to the RiverForest Heights
180 ft-65 ft
DownTheFunWayMill Creek Ravine
242 ft-7 ft
Drop InForest Heights
98 ft
E.M.P. BlastCentral Edmonton (South)
1,973 ft-131 ft
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