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1-4Rock Creek OHV
3.0 miles-755 ft
7.1Rock Creek OHV
2.1 miles-1,030 ft
Benduro DH #2Rock Creek OHV
3.9 miles-1,988 ft
Brown Your Ravine
2,244 ft-149 ft
Browns Ravine Trail
10.7 miles-2,294 ft
Browns Ravine Trail
2.1 miles-378 ft
Darrington Trail
7.4 miles-1,533 ft
El Dorado Trail
14.6 miles-1,192 ft
El Dorado Trail
13.1 miles-1,287 ft
Flesh Wound
2,339 ft-70 ft
Green RoomJenkinson Lake
1.1 miles-663 ft
Hubcap DescentJenkinson Lake
2,717 ft-366 ft
Killer Rabbit
2,258 ft-57 ft
Loon Lake TrailCrystal Basin Recreation Area
3.1 miles-483 ft
Short Cut Trail
1,885 ft-15 ft
Skid RowJenkinson Lake
4,455 ft-603 ft
South ShoreJenkinson Lake
2.8 miles-1,408 ft
Squid Market
722 ft
Super TechJenkinson Lake
918 ft-214 ft
Swamp Ass
788 ft-50 ft
Sweetwater Trail (Old Bridge to Parking)
1.6 miles-357 ft
The Jokes
1,287 ft-43 ft
The Oaks
2,879 ft-50 ft
Trail 1Rock Creek OHV
2.0 miles-1,131 ft
Trail 10 (Lower)
1.8 miles-873 ft
Trail 8Jenkinson Lake
6.5 miles-1,727 ft
Upper Class Twit
609 ft-1 ft
Waynes World
295 ft-15 ft
Wrong WayJenkinson Lake
3,634 ft-48 ft
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