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"J" TrailShindagin Hollow
3,220 ft-639 ft
A TrainDryer Road Park
1,270 ft-13 ft
Alpha BettyDryer Road Park
803 ft-30 ft
B1Shindagin Hollow
1.4 miles-1,375 ft
B3Shindagin Hollow
5,239 ft-782 ft
B8Shindagin Hollow
1,788 ft-99 ft
Backbone TrailFinger Lakes National Forest
8.3 miles-1,006 ft
Betty LoopDryer Road Park
771 ft-33 ft
Big EasyDryer Road Park
799 ft
Bitch DitchShindagin Hollow
2,302 ft-2,127 ft
Black WidowDryer Road Park
1,427 ft-114 ft
Blue AlternateIrondequoit Bay Park West
212 ft-37 ft
Blue TrailIrondequoit Bay Park West
1.5 miles-374 ft
Bone-A-PartDryer Road Park
2,413 ft-158 ft
BonesDryer Road Park
1,037 ft-103 ft
ChairShindagin Hollow
3,265 ft-430 ft
Chutes 'N LaddersDryer Road Park
2,618 ft-157 ft
CMPDryer Road Park
1,325 ft-97 ft
Creek TrailShindagin Hollow
1.5 miles-717 ft
Dizzy DShindagin Hollow
3,673 ft-311 ft
Dragons BackDryer Road Park
264 ft-2 ft
EagleDryer Road Park
3,523 ft-163 ft
ElevatorDryer Road Park
1,060 ft-3 ft
Entry to TrailsDryer Road Park
844 ft-5 ft
Epping ForestDryer Road Park
3,970 ft-105 ft
Epping Forest ExtensionDryer Road Park
1,101 ft-12 ft
Eye of the SnakeDryer Road Park
1,036 ft-61 ft
Finger Lakes TrailOntario County Park
4,616 ft-228 ft
Finger Lakes Trail - Letchworth BranchLetchworth State Park
21.8 miles-2,900 ft
Genesee Valley Greenway (Rochester to Sonyea)
34.4 miles-322 ft
Ghost TrailEast Beecher Hill
2,115 ft-304 ft
GloveShindagin Hollow
2,612 ft-595 ft
GreenShindagin Hollow
3,073 ft-199 ft
GreenIrondequoit Bay Park West
2,618 ft-92 ft
Green LoopOntario County Park
1,569 ft-22 ft
Green LoopOntario County Park
732 ft-19 ft
Green Loop AccessOntario County Park
2,742 ft
GullyDryer Road Park
931 ft-79 ft
Helix ADryer Road Park
818 ft-67 ft
Helix BDryer Road Park
953 ft-81 ft
High Tor Orange TrailHigh Tor
5.6 miles-1,956 ft
I-PodDryer Road Park
1,288 ft-92 ft
IMBAShindagin Hollow
1.3 miles-882 ft
Intermediate Trail - Greek Peak
1.3 miles-1,073 ft
Jake's RunDryer Road Park
606 ft-78 ft
JasperDryer Road Park
1,388 ft-72 ft
Juicy BaconDryer Road Park
3,553 ft-223 ft
KaleidoscopeDryer Road Park
25 ft
KaleidoscopeDryer Road Park
1,027 ft-17 ft
Kaleidoscope ConnectorDryer Road Park
134 ft
KashaDryer Road Park
1,184 ft-84 ft
Kona's WayDryer Road Park
1,016 ft-16 ft
LadderDryer Road Park
516 ft
LavenderOntario County Park
1,746 ft-70 ft
LavenderOntario County Park
2,665 ft-34 ft
Lavender ConnectorOntario County Park
2,742 ft-16 ft
Middle Red DownTryon Park
1,042 ft-46 ft
Moon ValleyDryer Road Park
1,502 ft-8 ft
Orange TrailIrondequoit Bay Park West
3,495 ft-206 ft
Owl's MazeDryer Road Park
3,117 ft-191 ft
PaperboyShindagin Hollow
3,234 ft-779 ft
Poop ChuteDryer Road Park
78 ft-4 ft
Purple LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-74 ft
Purple LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-41 ft
Purple LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-12 ft
Purple TrailIrondequoit Bay Park West
3,525 ft-310 ft
R2Shindagin Hollow
1.7 miles-1,133 ft
R3Shindagin Hollow
1.2 miles-838 ft
R5Shindagin Hollow
1.1 miles-418 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-37 ft
Red LoopIrondequoit Bay Park West
3,643 ft-222 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-23 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-52 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-12 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
772 ft-22 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-75 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-26 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft-26 ft
Red LoopOntario County Park
2,742 ft
Ribbon CandyDryer Road Park
1,077 ft-86 ft
RimShindagin Hollow
4,370 ft-151 ft
Rock Creek --> Tryon Water Tunnel Access RdTryon Park
3,718 ft-102 ft
Roller Coaster DownTryon Park
1,213 ft-94 ft
Short BusShindagin Hollow
4,327 ft-870 ft
SkullwinderShindagin Hollow
3,775 ft-829 ft
Slalom CourseDryer Road Park
1,041 ft-45 ft
SSWDryer Road Park
1,654 ft-26 ft
SSW LoopDryer Road Park
876 ft-9 ft
StormyDryer Road Park
1,371 ft-31 ft
Tan TrailOntario County Park
1.5 miles-431 ft
Tan TrailOntario County Park
2,283 ft-110 ft
Tan TrailOntario County Park
1.0 miles-194 ft
Tan Trail AlteranativeOntario County Park
261 ft-23 ft
The DenDryer Road Park
1,357 ft-103 ft
Tree BeardDryer Road Park
1,148 ft-48 ft
UnamedDryer Road Park
685 ft-31 ft
Upper XC TrailDryer Road Park
4,550 ft-59 ft
VBDryer Road Park
1,167 ft-109 ft
VHTDryer Road Park
1,453 ft-46 ft
West WorldDryer Road Park
639 ft-2 ft
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