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2-Spot Trail
2.4 miles-125 ft
1.2 miles-92 ft
Aspen Nature Loop
4,571 ft-288 ft
Aspen Nature Loop (N)
1,406 ft-5 ft
AZT (Buffalo Park)Flagstaff
1.7 miles-171 ft
AZT (Flagstaff)Flagstaff
1.1 miles-112 ft
AZT (FSR 416)Flagstaff
6.9 miles-967 ft
AZT (FSR 417)Flagstaff
3.0 miles-183 ft
AZT (Horse Lake)Flagstaff
10.2 miles-279 ft
AZT (Little Elden)Flagstaff
5.0 miles-434 ft
AZT (Mt Elden)Flagstaff
7.5 miles-420 ft
AZT (Saddle Mtn)Flagstaff
6.2 miles-1,019 ft
AZT (San Francisco Peaks)Flagstaff
12.2 miles-1,111 ft
AZT (Sandy Seep)Flagstaff
1.4 miles-21 ft
AZT (Shultz Creek)Flagstaff
6.6 miles-864 ft
AZT (Shultz Creek)
2,151 ft-47 ft
AZT (Walnut Canyon)Flagstaff
17.5 miles-2,250 ft
AZT AccessFlagstaff
1,305 ft-99 ft
AZT Access (Flagstaff)Flagstaff
1,005 ft-6 ft
AZT Connect (Flagstaff)Flagstaff
1,057 ft
AZT ConnectorFlagstaff
2,688 ft-50 ft
AZT: Babbitt Ranch
24.5 miles-986 ft
AZT: Flagstaff
2.4 miles-371 ft
AZT: Mormon Lake
21.9 miles-2,077 ft
Bismarck Trail
1.0 miles
Bow And ArrowFlagstaff
2,049 ft-24 ft
Bow And ArrowFlagstaff
1.7 miles-91 ft
4,401 ft-103 ft
Bridges Loop
1,003 ft-27 ft
Buffalo ParkFlagstaff
2,925 ft-29 ft
Buffalo ParkFlagstaff
1,666 ft-32 ft
Buffalo Park LoopFlagstaff
1.8 miles-81 ft
Campbell MesaFlagstaff
5.7 miles-367 ft
Can i
5,092 ft-618 ft
645 ft-1 ft
Chimney TrailFlagstaff
1.2 miles-126 ft
Christmas TreeFlagstaff
1.7 miles-329 ft
Climb 3Flagstaff
1.1 miles-335 ft
853 ft-1 ft
1.7 miles-75 ft
Damper Trail
1,632 ft-69 ft
Dog FoodFlagstaff
2.3 miles-6 ft
Dry LakesFlagstaff
2,348 ft-33 ft
Dry Lakes Overlook
3,792 ft-27 ft
Easy Oldham
1.2 miles-28 ft
Elden Grave Spur
1,894 ft-33 ft
Fatmans LoopFlagstaff
1.4 miles-421 ft
Fay CanyonFlagstaff
2.6 miles-465 ft
Fisher PointFlagstaff
2.4 miles-347 ft
Fisher Point Overlook Spur
750 ft-56 ft
Flagstaff Loop
5,221 ft-55 ft
Flagstaff Loop
4.9 miles-486 ft
Flagstaff LoopFlagstaff
3.7 miles-236 ft
Flagstaff Loop (Airport)
2.5 miles-197 ft
Flagstaff Loop (Observatory Mesa)Flagstaff
2.0 miles-351 ft
Flagstaff Loop (SW)Flagstaff
1.7 miles-166 ft
Flue Trail
4,391 ft-132 ft
Forces Of NatureFlagstaff
3.5 miles-705 ft
Forest Ridge Social Trail
2,683 ft
Fort ValleyFlagstaff
1.3 miles-194 ft
Fort Valley (S)Flagstaff
4,313 ft-87 ft
Ft. Valley Access
972 ft-3 ft
FUTS (Foxglenn)Flagstaff
1.5 miles-162 ft
FUTS (Karen Cooper)Flagstaff
4,234 ft-3 ft
FUTS (Karen Cooper)Flagstaff
1,334 ft
FUTS (Karen Cooper)Flagstaff
2.1 miles-57 ft
FUTS (Karen Cooper)Flagstaff
220 ft
FUTS (Mars Hill)Flagstaff
1.4 miles-406 ft
FUTS (Sinclair Wash)Flagstaff
1.5 miles-108 ft
FUTS (Sinclair Wash)Flagstaff
1.0 miles-63 ft
FUTS (Switzer Wash)Flagstaff
2,330 ft-20 ft
4,990 ft-1,021 ft
2.3 miles-1,512 ft
2.4 miles-250 ft
2.6 miles-268 ft
Inner Basin Trail (Pickup Sticks)
1.8 miles-876 ft
1.6 miles-460 ft
Kelly Pocket
3.0 miles-792 ft
Kelly Pocket (Alt. Entrance - Smoother)
1,183 ft-79 ft
Kentucky Waterfalls
2,042 ft-261 ft
Lake MaryFlagstaff
1.5 miles-72 ft
Little BearFlagstaff
3.5 miles-456 ft
Little GnarlyFlagstaff
5,164 ft-366 ft
Loop To FisherFlagstaff
3,778 ft-33 ft
Lower BrookbankFlagstaff
1.3 miles-42 ft
Lower MotoFlagstaff
2.6 miles-649 ft
Lower Oldham
3,852 ft-155 ft
Mace's Revenge
498 ft-54 ft
Mcmillian MesaFlagstaff
1,464 ft-3 ft
Middle Earth
5,264 ft-308 ft
Middle Tier
4,558 ft-134 ft
Mt Elden AccessFlagstaff
1,879 ft
Mt Elden AccessFlagstaff
1,262 ft
1,491 ft-17 ft
1.2 miles-144 ft
5,267 ft-396 ft
Oldham (Easy to Lower)
1,160 ft-4 ft
1.3 miles-733 ft
5,280 ft-44 ft
Pipeline (Lower)
3,403 ft-71 ft
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