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150th Street SpurMcDowell Mountain
1,243 ft-15 ft
158th Street SpurMcDowell Mountain
2,759 ft-6 ft
168th St. SpurMcDowell Mountain
1.1 miles-41 ft
Andrews-Kinsey TrailMcDowell Mountain
2.4 miles-682 ft
Bell Pass (North side)McDowell Mountain
1.3 miles-52 ft
Bell Pass DHMcDowell Mountain
1.9 miles-1,197 ft
BluffMcDowell Mountain
2.2 miles-341 ft
BoulderMcDowell Mountain
1.1 miles
Caballo TrailMcDowell Mountain
3,240 ft-12 ft
Campground SpurMcDowell Mountain
676 ft
Campground SpurMcDowell Mountain
1,625 ft-33 ft
ChuparosaMcDowell Mountain
2,530 ft-53 ft
CinchMcDowell Mountain
3,233 ft-58 ft
CoachwhipMcDowell Mountain
2.6 miles-367 ft
ConnectorMcDowell Mountain
844 ft-38 ft
ConnectorMcDowell Mountain
414 ft-1 ft
ConnectorMcDowell Mountain
142 ft
ConnectorMcDowell Mountain
381 ft-5 ft
Delsie TrailMcDowell Mountain
2.5 miles-307 ft
Desert ParkMcDowell Mountain
3.1 miles-38 ft
Desert Park AccMcDowell Mountain
491 ft
Desert Park AccMcDowell Mountain
4,157 ft-111 ft
Desert Park AccessMcDowell Mountain
1,378 ft-12 ft
Dixie MineMcDowell Mountain
1.9 miles-159 ft
East EndMcDowell Mountain
1.4 miles-33 ft
Escondido TrailMcDowell Mountain
6.3 miles-586 ft
Feldspar TrailMcDowell Mountain
3,918 ft-243 ft
Gateway AccessMcDowell Mountain
2,330 ft-7 ft
Gateway Inner LoopMcDowell Mountain
1,448 ft-45 ft
Gateway LoopMcDowell Mountain
3.5 miles-682 ft
GraniteMcDowell Mountain
1.4 miles-2 ft
GraniteMcDowell Mountain
2.1 miles-205 ft
HorseshoeMcDowell Mountain
3,500 ft-2 ft
Jomax AccMcDowell Mountain
451 ft-1 ft
LariatMcDowell Mountain
1.4 miles-21 ft
Long LoopMcDowell Mountain
7.9 miles-706 ft
Lookout TrailMcDowell Mountain
2,340 ft-105 ft
Lost Dog WashMcDowell Mountain
2.9 miles-222 ft
Lost Dog Wash ConnMcDowell Mountain
377 ft-13 ft
Marcus LandslideMcDowell Mountain
1.5 miles-298 ft
Marcus Landslide (Hike only portion)McDowell Mountain
4,097 ft-123 ft
McDowell Mountain Park AccMcDowell Mountain
1,047 ft-23 ft
Mesquite Canyon TrailMcDowell Mountain
1,260 ft-11 ft
North Trail (North Side)McDowell Mountain
1.3 miles-5 ft
North Trail (South Side)McDowell Mountain
1.4 miles-128 ft
Old JeepMcDowell Mountain
1.4 miles-200 ft
ParadiseMcDowell Mountain
1.4 miles-331 ft
Pemberton (E)McDowell Mountain
2.0 miles-78 ft
Pemberton (NE)McDowell Mountain
2.8 miles-32 ft
Pemberton (SW)McDowell Mountain
6.5 miles-856 ft
Pemberton STMcDowell Mountain
3.9 miles-454 ft
ProspectorMcDowell Mountain
1.3 miles-554 ft
QuartzMcDowell Mountain
4,385 ft-243 ft
QuartzMcDowell Mountain
2.8 miles-48 ft
Quartz AccMcDowell Mountain
373 ft-13 ft
RingtailMcDowell Mountain
2.2 miles-359 ft
Rock KnobMcDowell Mountain
1.0 miles-259 ft
ScenicMcDowell Mountain
3.4 miles-385 ft
SonoranMcDowell Mountain
2.6 miles-562 ft
Sport LoopMcDowell Mountain
3.0 miles-268 ft
SunriseMcDowell Mountain
2,611 ft
TaliesinMcDowell Mountain
2.4 miles-15 ft
Technical LoopMcDowell Mountain
2.5 miles-332 ft
To the Top SpurMcDowell Mountain
118 ft
Tom`s ThumbMcDowell Mountain
1.6 miles-939 ft
Tom`s ThumbMcDowell Mountain
3.4 miles-1,751 ft
Tonto TankMcDowell Mountain
2.7 miles-444 ft
Tortoise TrailMcDowell Mountain
3,545 ft
Verde TrailMcDowell Mountain
1.2 miles-118 ft
WagnerMcDowell Mountain
1.1 miles-125 ft
Wagner AccMcDowell Mountain
512 ft
Western Trail LoopMcDowell Mountain
3,125 ft-210 ft
Windgate PassMcDowell Mountain
3.1 miles-1,019 ft
Windgate Tom ConnMcDowell Mountain
2,013 ft-134 ft
WindmillMcDowell Mountain
5,226 ft-61 ft
WW - DC Ranch - SilverleafMcDowell Mountain
7.4 miles-104 ft
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