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10 kmMount 7 Downhill Trails
2,411 ft-638 ft
3.6 miles-137 ft
5 kmGolden
1.1 miles-880 ft
5 Km AltMount 7 Downhill Trails
376 ft-77 ft
5 Km AltMount 7 Downhill Trails
376 ft-62 ft
6 kmMount 7 Downhill Trails
805 ft-152 ft
7 UpMountain Shadows
2,258 ft-63 ft
Alpine MeadowsCBT Mainline Network
1.5 miles-581 ft
2.5 miles-539 ft
B12Mount 7 Downhill Trails
2.0 miles-1,993 ft
B52Mountain Shadows
1,664 ft-149 ft
Bald HillsGolden
7.6 miles-508 ft
Barking DogMoonrakers
755 ft-3 ft
Bear Claw LowerMoonrakers
3,202 ft-177 ft
Bear Claw UpperMoonrakers
4,827 ft-247 ft
BerminatorMountain Shadows
2,494 ft-277 ft
Better Than BostonMoonrakers
1.1 miles-87 ft
BlasterKicking Horse Bike Park
2,702 ft-617 ft
BrisMount 7 Downhill Trails
3,221 ft-882 ft
Buffalo JumpGolden
1,166 ft-234 ft
Bush PartyMountain Shadows
3,118 ft-99 ft
Canyon CreekMoonrakers
3.2 miles-1,739 ft
CBT MainlineCBT Mainline Network
5.8 miles-720 ft
CBT MainlineMoonrakers
4,136 ft-87 ft
Cedar CampMoonrakers
5,132 ft-157 ft
Cedar SnagMoonrakers
2.9 miles-507 ft
Chain ReactionGolden
457 ft-90 ft
Chute the DuckMountain Shadows
1,756 ft-2 ft
Chute to ViewGolden
1,516 ft-211 ft
Claim JumperGolden
5,051 ft-818 ft
Cliff SideMountain Shadows
5,162 ft-581 ft
ConnectorMountain Shadows
913 ft-20 ft
Damn BypassMoonrakers
1.0 miles-260 ft
Dead DogMount 7 Downhill Trails
1,049 ft-647 ft
Devil's SlideMoonrakers
2,893 ft-244 ft
Dirt DevilGolden
1,114 ft-181 ft
Easy OutMoonrakers
1,162 ft-9 ft
Easy RiderGolden
190 ft-1 ft
Erich'sMount 7 Downhill Trails
2,178 ft-486 ft
ExcaliburKicking Horse Bike Park
1.2 miles-102 ft
Gold RushCBT Mainline Network
5,023 ft-226 ft
Gold Rush DescentCBT Mainline Network
5,016 ft-490 ft
HemipteraCBT Mainline Network
2.1 miles-513 ft
Home RunKicking Horse Bike Park
978 ft-158 ft
Hop A LongGolden
1,442 ft-185 ft
Huff & PuffMountain Shadows
3,638 ft-218 ft
HymenopteraCBT Mainline Network
4,075 ft-236 ft
It's A 10Kicking Horse Bike Park
5.8 miles-3,544 ft
Jeep RoadMount 7 Downhill Trails
2.0 miles-1,609 ft
Jump ZoneGolden
1,785 ft-220 ft
1.4 miles-209 ft
Kobe'sMountain Shadows
1.3 miles-222 ft
Lower Kranky PantsGolden
1.6 miles-938 ft
1.3 miles-1,143 ft
LYMKicking Horse Bike Park
702 ft-136 ft
Magic Carpet RideKicking Horse Bike Park
2,635 ft-224 ft
Magic DragonMountain Shadows
5,166 ft-268 ft
4,364 ft-309 ft
MoonshineMount 7 Downhill Trails
4,018 ft-502 ft
North StarMoonrakers
2.3 miles-358 ft
Northern LightsGolden
2,439 ft-436 ft
OdonataCBT Mainline Network
1.1 miles-268 ft
Old Age and TreacheryCBT Mainline Network
2.2 miles-378 ft
Paint ChipperKicking Horse Bike Park
442 ft-129 ft
PioneerKicking Horse Bike Park
1,789 ft-540 ft
PipestoneKicking Horse Bike Park
1,154 ft-144 ft
Private LandsMoonrakers
1,941 ft-66 ft
Quinton'sMountain Shadows
4,407 ft-80 ft
Reflection LakeMountain Shadows
4,323 ft-54 ft
Road RunnerKicking Horse Bike Park
1,611 ft-309 ft
Rock 'n' RollKicking Horse Bike Park
1,484 ft-395 ft
Rock AboutMountain Shadows
1.3 miles-436 ft
Rock GardenKicking Horse Bike Park
1,620 ft-254 ft
Rock StoneKicking Horse Bike Park
641 ft-110 ft
Rodeo DriveMountain Shadows
2,195 ft-29 ft
Roller CoasterMountain Shadows
1,325 ft-183 ft
Roller Coaster TopMount 7 Downhill Trails
861 ft-2 ft
Scalli-MagCBT Mainline Network
2.5 miles-782 ft
SchacherMountain Shadows
2.1 miles-252 ft
Selkirk SlackerMountain Shadows
3,886 ft-110 ft
ShowdownKicking Horse Bike Park
5,020 ft-819 ft
Skid MarksMount 7 Downhill Trails
4,846 ft-1,212 ft
3,691 ft-440 ft
StickrockKicking Horse Bike Park
1,907 ft-440 ft
Stump JumperKicking Horse Bike Park
553 ft-86 ft
SummitMount 7 Downhill Trails
2.4 miles-2,229 ft
Summit ConnectorMount 7 Downhill Trails
302 ft-129 ft
SuperbermKicking Horse Bike Park
1.4 miles-1,076 ft
Swamp DonkeyKicking Horse Bike Park
1.9 miles-855 ft
5.4 miles-3,485 ft
Tail Gate AltMount 7 Downhill Trails
619 ft-62 ft
Tail Gate/Snake HillGolden
2,069 ft-272 ft
Take it EasyCBT Mainline Network
1.3 miles-317 ft
The Mighty QuinnCBT Mainline Network
2,591 ft-245 ft
Time TravelKicking Horse Bike Park
2,096 ft-482 ft
Tomorrow We RideMoonrakers
388 ft-1 ft
Tonight TequilaMoonrakers
2.0 miles-514 ft
Training WheelsKicking Horse Bike Park
1,161 ft-156 ft
Trial & ErrorMountain Shadows
5,056 ft-223 ft
True Value/3 kmMount 7 Downhill Trails
2,396 ft-453 ft
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