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Blue Heron TrailCutler Park
3.4 miles-127 ft
Crystal Spring PathMiddlesex Fells
2,015 ft-93 ft
Crystal Spring RoadMiddlesex Fells
1,114 ft-4 ft
Crystal Spring Trail (Greenwood Park to Whip Hill Path)Middlesex Fells
1,372 ft-26 ft
Crystal Spring Trail (Pond St. to Greenwood Park)Middlesex Fells
1,829 ft-75 ft
Crystal Spring Trail (Whip Hill Path to Pond St.)Middlesex Fells
4,050 ft-214 ft
Dark Hollow Pond TrailMiddlesex Fells
3,563 ft-137 ft
Greenwood Park CutoffMiddlesex Fells
731 ft-11 ft
Kendrick Root GauntletCutler Park
1,453 ft-10 ft
Melrose PathMiddlesex Fells
2,092 ft-175 ft
Ramshead RoadMiddlesex Fells
3,973 ft-46 ft
Reservoir Trail (Bear Hill to Sheepfold)Middlesex Fells
1.2 miles-132 ft
Reservoir Trail (E. Dam Rd. to S. Dam Rd.)Middlesex Fells
3,077 ft-119 ft
Reservoir Trail (Molly's Spring Rd. to N. Reservoir Dam)Middlesex Fells
1.4 miles-236 ft
Reservoir Trail (N. Reservoir Dam to N. Border Rd.)Middlesex Fells
4,030 ft-102 ft
Reservoir Trail (S. Dam Rd. to Molly's Spring Rd.)Middlesex Fells
4,750 ft-123 ft
Reservoir Trail (Sheepfold to E. Dam Rd.)Middlesex Fells
1.0 miles-167 ft
Rock Circuit Trail (Fells Reservoir to Woodland Path)Middlesex Fells
2,487 ft-97 ft
Unnamed trail - 95/greendale sandwichCutler Park
1.5 miles-189 ft
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