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100 altPhoenix Mountains Preserve
636 ft-30 ft
100 connectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,369 ft-32 ft
100A Lower LoopPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1.2 miles-44 ft
100BPhoenix Mountains Preserve
5,193 ft-243 ft
114th Street SpurBrown's Ranch
790 ft
136 St. Express mid sectionBrown's Ranch
1.3 miles-30 ft
136th Street ExpressBrown's Ranch
3,013 ft-20 ft
136th Street ExpressBrown's Ranch
2.8 miles-48 ft
136th Street ExpressBrown's Ranch
2.0 miles-115 ft
150th Street SpurMcDowell Mountain
1,243 ft-15 ft
158th Street SpurMcDowell Mountain
2,759 ft-6 ft
168th St. SpurMcDowell Mountain
1.1 miles-41 ft
16th St to T100Phoenix Mountains Preserve
1.1 miles-66 ft
1a CutPhoenix Mountains Preserve
401 ft-16 ft
1a To 304 ConnPhoenix Mountains Preserve
707 ft-24 ft
220 ConnPhoenix Mountains Preserve
450 ft-5 ft
220 ConnPhoenix Mountains Preserve
96 ft-3 ft
220 ConnPhoenix Mountains Preserve
268 ft-9 ft
304/8 ConnectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,412 ft-55 ft
32Phoenix Mountains Preserve
2,883 ft-78 ft
40th St ExpressPhoenix Mountains Preserve
3,114 ft-5 ft
56th StreetScottsdale
1.4 miles
56th TrailScottsdale
1,917 ft-12 ft
8 to T100 ConnectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,791 ft-28 ft
A&W washPhoenix Mountains Preserve
4,546 ft-160 ft
Advanced LineBrown's Ranch
458 ft-11 ft
Advanced LineBrown's Ranch
566 ft-19 ft
Alma SchoolBrown's Ranch
2,900 ft-34 ft
Andrews-Kinsey TrailMcDowell Mountain
2.4 miles-682 ft
Apache VistaPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2,620 ft-36 ft
Apache Wash LoopPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
6.1 miles-280 ft
Back of ConeBrown's Ranch
4,307 ft-100 ft
Badger BrawlPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
3.3 miles-63 ft
Balanced Rock (South)Brown's Ranch
2,504 ft-58 ft
Balanced Rock TrailBrown's Ranch
1.1 miles-71 ft
Barb's TrailBrown's Ranch
3,809 ft-6 ft
Basalt (Connect)Deem Hills
491 ft-6 ft
Basalt (West)Deem Hills
2,397 ft-6 ft
Basalt-PalisadeDeem Hills
541 ft-53 ft
Bell Pass (North side)McDowell Mountain
1.3 miles-52 ft
Bell Pass DHMcDowell Mountain
1.9 miles-1,197 ft
Birthday HillPhoenix Mountains Preserve
2,936 ft-175 ft
Black Canyon TrailPhoenix
8.1 miles-1,116 ft
Black Hill TrailBrown's Ranch
2.5 miles-219 ft
BluffMcDowell Mountain
2.2 miles-341 ft
BobcatPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
1.0 miles-100 ft
Bootlegger TrailBrown's Ranch
1.4 miles-29 ft
BoulderMcDowell Mountain
1.1 miles
Branding Iron TrailBrown's Ranch
4,625 ft-108 ft
Broken SpokeBrown's Ranch
1.2 miles-58 ft
Broken SpokeBrown's Ranch
3,564 ft-44 ft
Brown's Mtn.Brown's Ranch
1.2 miles-372 ft
Brown's Mtn.Brown's Ranch
633 ft-25 ft
BuckshotBrown's Ranch
4,048 ft-67 ft
BypassBrown's Ranch
469 ft-11 ft
BypassBrown's Ranch
157 ft-9 ft
BypassFountain Hills
269 ft-5 ft
BypassBrown's Ranch
98 ft
BypassBrown's Ranch
695 ft-18 ft
BypassBrown's Ranch
549 ft-20 ft
BypassBrown's Ranch
201 ft-2 ft
BypassFountain Hills
289 ft-12 ft
Caballo TrailMcDowell Mountain
3,240 ft-12 ft
Cactus WrenPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
1.4 miles-78 ft
Campground SpurMcDowell Mountain
676 ft
Campground SpurMcDowell Mountain
1,625 ft-33 ft
CAP CanalScottsdale
4.6 miles-25 ft
Charles M. Christiansen (100)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
9.9 miles-1,295 ft
Cholla Mtn. LoopBrown's Ranch
1.4 miles-28 ft
Cholla Mtn. LoopBrown's Ranch
2,682 ft-21 ft
Cholla Mtn. LoopBrown's Ranch
1.1 miles-5 ft
Christiansen (100)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
1,570 ft-1 ft
Chuck Wagon TrailBrown's Ranch
5,130 ft-111 ft
Chunky MonkeyPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1.8 miles-261 ft
ChuparosaMcDowell Mountain
2,530 ft-53 ft
CinchMcDowell Mountain
3,233 ft-58 ft
CircumferenceDeem Hills
5.7 miles-908 ft
Circumference AccNorth Phoenix
478 ft
Cliff WalkPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2.8 miles-297 ft
CMC (100)Phoenix Mountains Preserve
3,230 ft-61 ft
CMC 100 AccessPhoenix Mountains Preserve
858 ft-21 ft
CMC 100 AltPhoenix Mountains Preserve
357 ft-4 ft
CMC 100 ConnectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,005 ft
CoachwhipMcDowell Mountain
2.6 miles-367 ft
Cone Mtn. TrailBrown's Ranch
1.8 miles-203 ft
ConnectorMcDowell Mountain
142 ft
ConnectorPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2,854 ft-15 ft
ConnectorPhoenix Mountains Preserve
472 ft-10 ft
ConnectorMcDowell Mountain
381 ft-5 ft
ConnectorMcDowell Mountain
414 ft-1 ft
ConnectorBrown's Ranch
603 ft
ConnectorPhoenix Mountains Preserve
840 ft-36 ft
ConnectorMcDowell Mountain
844 ft-38 ft
ConnectorPhoenix Mountains Preserve
119 ft
Corral TrailBrown's Ranch
1.6 miles-33 ft
County Park ConnectorBrown's Ranch
3,779 ft-53 ft
Cow Poke (North)Brown's Ranch
2,804 ft-27 ft
Cow Poke TrailBrown's Ranch
3,350 ft-2 ft
Coyote CanyonBrown's Ranch
1.2 miles-167 ft
Dd 23nd Street AccPhoenix Mountains Preserve
320 ft
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