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11th Hour TrailGreat Divide
1.2 miles-985 ft
1906 TrailSouth Hills
1.6 miles-96 ft
2006 TrailSouth Hills
1.3 miles-209 ft
2006 Trail above Arrowroot DriveSouth Hills
1,966 ft-30 ft
Acropolis Crest Lower ConnectorSouth Hills
287 ft-2 ft
Acropolis Crest TrailsSouth Hills
1,831 ft-209 ft
Acropolis Crest Upper ConnectorSouth Hills
1,978 ft
Acropolis to SpartaSouth Hills
906 ft-28 ft
Adams StreetSouth Hills
458 ft
Ambrose AlternateSouth Hills
1,106 ft-123 ft
Ambrose TrailSouth Hills
1.6 miles-306 ft
Andy's TrailSouth Hills
3,223 ft-204 ft
Archery Range TrailSouth Hills
1.6 miles-355 ft
Backside TrailSouth Hills
2,742 ft-64 ft
Barking Dog TrailSouth Hills
4,698 ft-443 ft
Beartrap Gulch TrailYork
3.8 miles-2,284 ft
Bitterroot to Daisy Hill ConnectorSouth Hills
637 ft-90 ft
Bitterroot Way TrailSouth Hills
1,767 ft-129 ft
Black Forest TrailSouth Hills
2,786 ft-493 ft
Black Forest TrailSouth Hills
4,061 ft-309 ft
Blackfoot Meadows Trail
4.8 miles-893 ft
Bompart RidgeSouth Hills
1,790 ft-144 ft
Burt ReynoldsGreat Divide
1.5 miles-1,300 ft
Capitol View TrailSouth Hills
1,398 ft-129 ft
Casey MeadowsStrawberry Butte
2.7 miles-21 ft
Casey PeakStrawberry Butte
1.5 miles-1,480 ft
Catch Up TrailSouth Hills
2,439 ft-246 ft
ConnectionScratchgravel Hills
2,322 ft-167 ft
Continental Divide National Scenic Trail 337
3.2 miles-556 ft
Continental Divide Trail: Flesher to Stemple
12.0 miles-2,094 ft
Continental Divide Trail: Rogers to Flesher
13.5 miles-3,533 ft
Contour Trail ConnectorSouth Hills
1,639 ft-18 ft
Daisy Hill AccessSouth Hills
715 ft-41 ft
Daisy Hill TrailSouth Hills
627 ft-46 ft
Daisy Hill TrailSouth Hills
1,548 ft-125 ft
Deford - Eagle ScoutSouth Hills
452 ft-6 ft
Diretissima TrailSouth Hills
1.1 miles-588 ft
Don't Fence Me In TrailSouth Hills
3,254 ft-99 ft
Dump Out TrailSouth Hills
1.2 miles-345 ft
Eagle Scout TrailSouth Hills
2,863 ft-272 ft
Easy Rider TrailSouth Hills
1.2 miles-274 ft
Echo Drive SingletrackScratchgravel Hills
3,112 ft-15 ft
Echo Lane South SingletrackScratchgravel Hills
5,104 ft-70 ft
Eddye East - South Hills Drive Connector
971 ft-138 ft
Eddye McClure EastSouth Hills
2.3 miles-725 ft
Eddye McClure WestSouth Hills
4,867 ft-435 ft
Emmett's TrailSouth Hills
1.3 miles-734 ft
Entertainment TrailSouth Hills
2.1 miles-828 ft
Entertainment Trail - DirectSouth Hills
957 ft-206 ft
Evan's TrailSouth Hills
3,268 ft-90 ft
Far East TrailSouth Hills
2,132 ft-2 ft
Far East Trail - Winscott RdSouth Hills
1,367 ft-71 ft
Far RoadStrawberry Butte
1,386 ft-73 ft
Folf CourseSouth Hills
3,113 ft-73 ft
Hanging Draw AlternateSouth Hills
1,196 ft-51 ft
Hanging Draw TrailSouth Hills
2,912 ft-449 ft
Hanging Valley TrailYork
5.7 miles-1,671 ft
Hauser SingletrackMcMaster Hills
3.1 miles-554 ft
Head Lane AccessScratchgravel Hills
808 ft
High RoadStrawberry Butte
1.2 miles-250 ft
Hogback TrailSouth Hills
836 ft
Hogsback Trail
1,555 ft-291 ft
L.O. Connection
1.6 miles-91 ft
Larabee Gulch Trail
6.6 miles-1,910 ft
Le Grande Cannon TrailSouth Hills
298 ft-52 ft
Le Grande Cannon TrailSouth Hills
4,714 ft-93 ft
Le Grande Cannon WalkwaySouth Hills
1.1 miles-65 ft
Little Moab - 2nd AveSouth Hills
394 ft-3 ft
Little Moab TrailSouth Hills
3,108 ft-358 ft
Lookout TrailSouth Hills
129 ft
Lower DeFord TrailSouth Hills
1.1 miles-40 ft
Maupin / McClellan DivideStrawberry Butte
2.1 miles-364 ft
Maupin Creek to WaterlineStrawberry Butte
3.7 miles-781 ft
Maupin CutoffStrawberry Butte
1,813 ft-5 ft
Maupin to WillardStrawberry Butte
2.4 miles-222 ft
McClellan Creek - Maupin Creek connectorStrawberry Butte
1.2 miles-342 ft
McClellan Creek to Willard CreekStrawberry Butte
3.1 miles-237 ft
McKelvey TrailSouth Hills
1.2 miles-37 ft
McMaster East LoopMcMaster Hills
4.5 miles-902 ft
McMaster East Loop ContourMcMaster Hills
3,828 ft-23 ft
McMaster GulchMcMaster Hills
3,616 ft-266 ft
McMaster Hills Western AccessMcMaster Hills
3,284 ft-40 ft
McMaster Road WestMcMaster Hills
2,998 ft-71 ft
McMaster South RoadMcMaster Hills
2,810 ft-78 ft
McMaster West SpurMcMaster Hills
1.1 miles-212 ft
Meatloaf LoopSouth Hills
1,978 ft
Meatloaf LoopSouth Hills
1,022 ft-71 ft
Meatloaf Loop MainSouth Hills
1,976 ft-41 ft
Meatloaf Loop NorthSouth Hills
1,069 ft-27 ft
Meatloaf Overlook TrailSouth Hills
177 ft-16 ft
Middle EarthStrawberry Butte
1.0 miles-491 ft
Mike Cormier TrailSouth Hills
1,761 ft-166 ft
Mini Ridge TrailSouth Hills
1.4 miles-900 ft
Mount Helena Ridge Trail - LowerSouth Hills
1.6 miles-324 ft
Mount Helena Ridge Trail - MiddleSouth Hills
1.4 miles-357 ft
Mount Helena Ridge Trail - UpperSouth Hills
2.6 miles-484 ft
Mt Ascension LoopSouth Hills
4,963 ft-82 ft
Mt Ascension Ridge TrailSouth Hills
1,009 ft
Muskrat Creek
12.1 miles-3,446 ft
Nob Hill Loop EastSouth Hills
1,451 ft-47 ft
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