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2Zig2ZagHowick Trails
2,133 ft-6 ft
Back Of BeyondHowick Trails
1.9 miles-148 ft
Beacon HillHowick Trails
3,082 ft-270 ft
CathrinsHowick Trails
1,081 ft-96 ft
Christopher'sHowick Trails
1.3 miles-121 ft
Crank AlleyHowick Trails
723 ft-99 ft
Dam Fine ViewHowick Trails
2,817 ft-53 ft
DHSt Ives Mountain Bike Park
615 ft-120 ft
Dr KeytelsHowick Trails
1,692 ft-31 ft
Duiker's DriftHowick Trails
3,357 ft-163 ft
Dump RoadHowick Trails
1,233 ft-69 ft
Duza NgulubeHowick Trails
1.1 miles-354 ft
Eagle Ridge RunHowick Trails
3,040 ft-151 ft
Face Ext.Howick Trails
2,130 ft-161 ft
Family TrailSt Ives Mountain Bike Park
2.2 miles-208 ft
Fast TrackHowick Trails
1,193 ft-46 ft
Fast Track Ext.Howick Trails
2,107 ft-102 ft
Flat TrackHowick Trails
943 ft-24 ft
Goblin's GlenHowick Trails
1,315 ft-88 ft
Grassy RoadHowick Trails
1,271 ft-50 ft
Greg'sHowick Trails
990 ft-51 ft
Greg's LowerHowick Trails
3,856 ft-251 ft
GumsHowick Trails
4,589 ft-463 ft
Haibo!Howick Trails
777 ft-74 ft
Hairy HiltopHowick Trails
1,931 ft-202 ft
3,604 ft-117 ft
HeavenSt Ives Mountain Bike Park
1,127 ft-68 ft
Home JeromeHowick Trails
1.0 miles-25 ft
Howie's 1Howick Trails
2,706 ft-5 ft
Howie's 2Howick Trails
1,584 ft
Hug-A-TreeHowick Trails
997 ft-143 ft
Joe's Dib DobHowick Trails
1,522 ft-85 ft
Karkloof EntranceHowick Trails
1,696 ft-74 ft
Karl'sHowick Trails
927 ft-1 ft
Lurker Lame
1,322 ft-2 ft
Middle Road
1.3 miles-93 ft
Mikes LightsHowick Trails
2,568 ft
More Nyaga NyagaHowick Trails
3,405 ft-179 ft
Mr Niceman's
1,558 ft-66 ft
My Hills
1,089 ft-75 ft
New TrackHowick Trails
1.3 miles-369 ft
Number 1St Ives Mountain Bike Park
1.1 miles-423 ft
Number 10St Ives Mountain Bike Park
1.4 miles-10 ft
Number 11St Ives Mountain Bike Park
3,443 ft-64 ft
Number 12St Ives Mountain Bike Park
5,120 ft-211 ft
Number 13St Ives Mountain Bike Park
2,929 ft-80 ft
Number 2St Ives Mountain Bike Park
2,040 ft-203 ft
Number 3St Ives Mountain Bike Park
4,742 ft-183 ft
Number 4St Ives Mountain Bike Park
3,020 ft-195 ft
Number 5St Ives Mountain Bike Park
1.9 miles-158 ft
Number 6St Ives Mountain Bike Park
2,333 ft-308 ft
Number 7St Ives Mountain Bike Park
4,086 ft-58 ft
Number 8St Ives Mountain Bike Park
4,266 ft-122 ft
Number 9St Ives Mountain Bike Park
1.1 miles-426 ft
Nyaga Nyaga
2,124 ft-72 ft
Oopsie DaisyHowick Trails
1,820 ft-78 ft
PinesHowick Trails
2,459 ft-217 ft
Pines - Upper
1,003 ft-164 ft
Pines Ext.Howick Trails
1,468 ft-131 ft
PopRockSt Ives Mountain Bike Park
1,836 ft-320 ft
Puff Adder PassHowick Trails
1.9 miles-173 ft
Rat's Out SewerHowick Trails
1,240 ft-69 ft
Red Face Hill
1,746 ft-85 ft
River Run
1,636 ft-76 ft
Rock 'n Roll
884 ft-82 ft
Rooty Fruity
1,444 ft-65 ft
RushalotHowick Trails
2,954 ft-326 ft
Sheep's Pass
5,150 ft-183 ft
SpeedwaySt Ives Mountain Bike Park
1,618 ft-254 ft
St Ives Rock GardenSt Ives Mountain Bike Park
1,589 ft-119 ft
Suicide Slide
750 ft-25 ft
Teichman's Terror
2,827 ft-252 ft
The Face
1,298 ft-88 ft
The MotherHowick Trails
2,323 ft-166 ft
The Face
1,298 ft-88 ft
The Rattler
1,988 ft-116 ft
Tom And JerrySt Ives Mountain Bike Park
1,971 ft-193 ft
Unnamed TrailSt Ives Mountain Bike Park
4,206 ft-22 ft
Up At Last!
971 ft
3,519 ft-75 ft
Wattles Roller Coaster
1,341 ft-85 ft
Weir WayHowick Trails
2,036 ft-42 ft
XCOSt Ives Mountain Bike Park
3.7 miles-803 ft
633 ft-75 ft
Yellow Brick RoadHowick Trails
1.3 miles-35 ft
Zig Zags
1,067 ft-1 ft
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