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Aghowle UpperCarrick Mountain
2,369 ft-165 ft
Back HomeDerroura
1.2 miles-307 ft
BallydowlingCarrick Mountain
822 ft-61 ft
Ballyknockan MoreCarrick Mountain
959 ft-180 ft
Big DipperCarrick Mountain
1,875 ft-99 ft
Black BevyKilbrannish
2,280 ft-282 ft
Black ForestBallinastoe
4,739 ft-191 ft
Black Trail 1Bike Park Ireland
1,442 ft-255 ft
Black Trail 2Bike Park Ireland
1,812 ft-256 ft
Black Trail 3Bike Park Ireland
1,674 ft-302 ft
Black Trail 3 Pro LineBike Park Ireland
87 ft-14 ft
Blue trailBike Park Ireland
3,507 ft-290 ft
BluebellCarrick Mountain
2,164 ft-258 ft
Boardwalk TrailBallinastoe
1.2 miles-185 ft
Bump n' GrindBallinastoe
4,580 ft-191 ft
2,050 ft-391 ft
Calling Huey!Ballyhoura
3,706 ft-90 ft
1,376 ft-205 ft
Coal Miner
1,875 ft
Critical MassKilbrannish
1,361 ft-220 ft
CX Loop
3,660 ft-86 ft
Derroura ClimbDerroura
3.8 miles-238 ft
Derroura DescentDerroura
1.4 miles-392 ft
Derroura Lower LoopDerroura
4,092 ft-118 ft
DH TrackKillsheehan
4,221 ft-704 ft
1,369 ft-111 ft
Dirty Hucker
1.2 miles-565 ft
Dreamtrack 2Ticknock
3,612 ft-514 ft
Easy RiderKilbrannish
1,131 ft-163 ft
Emerald ExpressCarrick Mountain
5,171 ft-812 ft
Enduro AlleyKilbrannish
2,362 ft-277 ft
Enduro ClimbBike Park Ireland
1.1 miles-59 ft
Enduro Climb (Alternate)Bike Park Ireland
1,334 ft
4,119 ft-310 ft
4,563 ft-392 ft
1,352 ft-56 ft
Flow RiderCarrick Mountain
974 ft-153 ft
Forest Trail
769 ft-15 ft
GE stage2 '16Ticknock
2,975 ft-357 ft
GE stage3 '16Ticknock
2,908 ft-454 ft
Golf Climb
2,938 ft-42 ft
Gorse Alley
1,630 ft-173 ft
Green TrailBike Park Ireland
1.0 miles-295 ft
HendersonCarrick Mountain
1,278 ft-159 ft
High JinksShip-Pool Woods
366 ft-54 ft
Home RunBallinastoe
3,106 ft-149 ft
1,214 ft-84 ft
Jump TrailBallinastoe
1,179 ft-178 ft
Jumping ClogClogrennane
482 ft-75 ft
Long BoardwalkDerroura
1,414 ft-26 ft
Main DH Run
2,089 ft-386 ft
Metro 1Ticknock
3,695 ft-365 ft
Metro 1 Upper Rock GardenTicknock
576 ft-22 ft
Metro 2Ticknock
1.7 miles-377 ft
Middle Ground
2,232 ft-422 ft
Minuan DH1Minuan Woods
3,181 ft-310 ft
2,370 ft-232 ft
1,422 ft-143 ft
Off-Camber RailsShip-Pool Woods
435 ft-57 ft
One Big StepKilbrannish
3,667 ft-474 ft
Pilgrims Trail
2,689 ft-199 ft
Portumna Red Trail
4.1 miles-191 ft
Rat RunCarrick Mountain
978 ft-111 ft
Red TrailBike Park Ireland
2,885 ft-259 ft
Rip'n'RideShip-Pool Woods
920 ft-78 ft
Rock and Roll DHKilbrannish
1,508 ft-336 ft
Rowdy goatKilbrannish
2,017 ft-241 ft
SC Bike ParkShip-Pool Woods
638 ft-66 ft
Selection BoxKilbrannish
1,627 ft-173 ft
Ship-Pool ClimbShip-Pool Woods
348 ft-3 ft
Shoot me / Liam Neeson
2,765 ft-508 ft
SlasherCarrick Mountain
1.1 miles-507 ft
Slip & SlideCarrick Mountain
3,115 ft-511 ft
Slippery HillClogrennane
1,535 ft-208 ft
Slish Wood
2.4 miles-444 ft
760 ft-167 ft
983 ft-252 ft
Steep Track
1,678 ft-478 ft
T-connector left to deadmans poolTicknock
1,705 ft-367 ft
Tangle TwisterKilbrannish
633 ft-67 ft
Tech Section 1
1.4 miles-466 ft
The gully runMinuan Woods
The rabbit holeKilbrannish
581 ft-70 ft
The Scut Rocks
303 ft-56 ft
Top to first fire-roadShip-Pool Woods
283 ft-10 ft
755 ft-130 ft
Tracton XC loop
3.0 miles-397 ft
Tunnels 2Kilbrannish
1,418 ft-190 ft
Turkish DelightCarrick Mountain
980 ft-133 ft
1,257 ft-55 ft
VegasCarrick Mountain
1,760 ft-325 ft
Wall RunCurragh Woods
2,665 ft-311 ft
Wall RunKillsheehan
5,211 ft-686 ft
White Russian
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