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Graveyard TrailIvalo Local Trails
871 ft-151 ft
Log Pile trailIvalo Local Trails
2,068 ft-147 ft
Saarineitämövaara NorthIvalo Local Trails
1,664 ft-122 ft
Saarineitämövaara Northside 2Ivalo Local Trails
1,299 ft-93 ft
Saarineitämövaara SouthIvalo Local Trails
539 ft-74 ft
Saarineitämövaara WestIvalo Local Trails
1,277 ft-142 ft
Saarineitämövara North 2Ivalo Local Trails
818 ft-72 ft
Sovintovaara Downhill
3,365 ft-519 ft
Trail Past the Small Pond
2.1 miles-197 ft
Trail to the Nasty FenceIvalo Local Trails
2,171 ft-160 ft
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