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2nd BlueRietvlei Cycle Park
2,556 ft-92 ft
Ancestor's AcreNorthern Farm
1,126 ft-11 ft
AnnexNorthern Farm
1,879 ft-11 ft
Ant Lion HillNorthern Farm
2,365 ft-11 ft
Babbler BypassNorthern Farm
2,196 ft-18 ft
Back stripAvianto MTB Trails
1,256 ft
Back Thru The TwistysAvianto MTB Trails
1.3 miles-210 ft
Back Thru The Twistys to QuarryAvianto MTB Trails
1,174 ft-30 ft
BambooNorthern Farm
852 ft-12 ft
Be StrongAvianto MTB Trails
4,697 ft-90 ft
Between The LinesAvianto MTB Trails
1,358 ft-6 ft
Big Hairy BallsThaba Trails
4,508 ft-198 ft
Bird Hide WayNorthern Farm
3,205 ft-48 ft
Blast The BermsThaba Trails
4,132 ft-20 ft
Blue Eastern LoopAvianto MTB Trails
4,624 ft-73 ft
Bluegum ForrestNorthern Farm
2,845 ft-53 ft
BoomslangNorthern Farm
3,106 ft-27 ft
Brian's BitNorthern Farm
1,777 ft-22 ft
Bryanston Rd to River ClubBraamfontein Spruit
2.0 miles-8 ft
Bullrun 2Rietvlei Cycle Park
2,483 ft-101 ft
Bunkers AwayCentral Park Trails
4,510 ft-119 ft
Bush Baby CorridorNorthern Farm
4,001 ft-13 ft
Buzzard BypassNorthern Farm
2,094 ft-22 ft
Cattle RunNorthern Farm
1,982 ft-15 ft
Chicken RunAvianto MTB Trails
1.9 miles-294 ft
Chicken Run LinkAvianto MTB Trails
2,512 ft-111 ft
CL Red Loop
5.4 miles-184 ft
ClinicRietvlei Cycle Park
2,147 ft-39 ft
CorkscrewPWC Bike Park
1,483 ft-61 ft
Crested Eagle StretchNorthern Farm
4,515 ft-130 ft
Dam WallRietvlei Cycle Park
1,244 ft-41 ft
Dassie DashNorthern Farm
1,581 ft-41 ft
De Vos Farm
2.3 miles-186 ft
Delta Park To Melville KopiesBraamfontein Spruit
3.1 miles-25 ft
Dogwood DodgeNorthern Farm
2,182 ft-40 ft
Down Up Down UpAvianto MTB Trails
2,467 ft-75 ft
Down Up to New WeaveAvianto MTB Trails
4,695 ft-118 ft
Duiker PathNorthern Farm
2,095 ft-64 ft
Dung Beetle BoulevardNorthern Farm
3,443 ft
Eagles NestRietvlei Cycle Park
4,633 ft-127 ft
Easy PeezyNorthern Farm
3,805 ft-89 ft
Enchanted ForestNorthern Farm
1.2 miles-65 ft
Equestrian TrailNorthern Farm
1.2 miles-17 ft
EwokPWC Bike Park
1,445 ft-23 ft
Far End LoopCentral Park Trails
3.5 miles-293 ft
Fast and FuriousAvianto MTB Trails
5,039 ft-183 ft
Fast Forest TrackCentral Park Trails
1,818 ft-78 ft
Fast ReedsCentral Park Trails
2,412 ft-59 ft
Feel It BurnAvianto MTB Trails
960 ft-43 ft
Field Of DreamsNorthern Farm
2,368 ft-1 ft
Fire StationThaba Trails
2,717 ft-77 ft
First Big ClimbAvianto MTB Trails
1.2 miles-22 ft
First BlueRietvlei Cycle Park
721 ft-13 ft
First DropThaba Trails
2,541 ft-99 ft
Fly Or FallCentral Park Trails
2,396 ft-84 ft
Forest FallsNorthern Farm
1,345 ft-10 ft
Fox RunNorthern Farm
2,824 ft-116 ft
Genet JolNorthern Farm
1.1 miles-177 ft
Gerbil GateNorthern Farm
1,757 ft-10 ft
Getting DizzyThaba Trails
4,999 ft-89 ft
Graham's GrindRietvlei Cycle Park
2,252 ft-36 ft
Granite GauntletNorthern Farm
1.3 miles-117 ft
Grass HillNorthern Farm
2,666 ft
Grass Owl CorridorNorthern Farm
2,388 ft-46 ft
Gravity BouldersThaba Trails
3,665 ft-350 ft
Green MilePWC Bike Park
2,810 ft-100 ft
Grysbok RidgeNorthern Farm
3,293 ft-4 ft
Guinea Fowl's FollyNorthern Farm
1,125 ft-49 ft
Half Single Track By The DamCentral Park Trails
2,730 ft-38 ft
Hard Rock CafeCentral Park Trails
2,803 ft-54 ft
Hardidar HopNorthern Farm
2,546 ft-17 ft
Hedgehog HighwayNorthern Farm
3,255 ft-48 ft
Helderkruin DH Track AHelderkruin
2,037 ft-325 ft
Helderkruin DH Track BHelderkruin
2,329 ft-315 ft
HillsideAvianto MTB Trails
2.2 miles-228 ft
Hillside to Back StripAvianto MTB Trails
2,511 ft-52 ft
Hippo TrailNorthern Farm
1,073 ft-1 ft
Home RunNorthern Farm
3,052 ft
Hop Skip JumpNorthern Farm
2,254 ft-63 ft
Hunters TrailNorthern Farm
1.5 miles-57 ft
In and OutCentral Park Trails
2,844 ft-36 ft
In the Reed FieldCentral Park Trails
2,990 ft-12 ft
Interval HillNorthern Farm
2,207 ft
Japanese GardenRietvlei Cycle Park
1,808 ft-27 ft
Keyhole TrailNorthern Farm
1.5 miles-175 ft
Kingfisher PassNorthern Farm
1,741 ft-6 ft
Klondike RedCentral Park Trails
2.5 miles-193 ft
Last BlastAvianto MTB Trails
1,037 ft-6 ft
Last ClimbCentral Park Trails
2,394 ft-3 ft
Last Fast Single TrackCentral Park Trails
2,200 ft-107 ft
Last Sand DescentCentral Park Trails
4,123 ft-168 ft
LawrenceThaba Trails
3,399 ft-100 ft
Little DipperAvianto MTB Trails
2,105 ft-26 ft
Little Dipper to Between The LinesAvianto MTB Trails
1,077 ft-51 ft
Lower Roller CoasterNorthern Farm
2,151 ft
MambaNorthern Farm
4,780 ft-101 ft
Mark's MeanderNorthern Farm
3,444 ft-157 ft
Marsh Owl TrackNorthern Farm
1,330 ft
Mole MileNorthern Farm
2,942 ft-16 ft
MortCentral Park Trails
1.4 miles-133 ft
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