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401Lois Creek
1.5 miles-176 ft
A-Frame TrailLois Creek
1.7 miles-74 ft
ApacheKimberley Nature Park
1.5 miles-188 ft
Apache SpurKimberley Nature Park
338 ft-11 ft
BartsLois Creek
1.5 miles-191 ft
BearKimberley Nature Park
4,531 ft-13 ft
Bear Hill LookoutKimberley Nature Park
364 ft-20 ft
BenchLois Creek
1,175 ft-44 ft
4,721 ft-138 ft
Blake's Single TrackLois Creek
2.4 miles-252 ft
Bootleg Bottom
4,852 ft-408 ft
BoulderKimberley Nature Park
3,206 ft-243 ft
BoulevardKimberley Nature Park
1.3 miles-7 ft
Bullfrog HillKimberley Nature Park
977 ft-1 ft
BurntKimberley Nature Park
1,409 ft-207 ft
Cabin TrailKimberley Nature Park
1,043 ft-50 ft
ChickenKimberley Nature Park
505 ft-79 ft
Connie's Way
3,243 ft-7 ft
Coral RouteKimberley Nature Park
4,814 ft-311 ft
CougarKimberley Nature Park
574 ft-95 ft
Cougar/ChickenKimberley Nature Park
2,908 ft-465 ft
CreekKimberley Nature Park
3,599 ft-463 ft
Daisy TrailLois Creek
3,334 ft-103 ft
Dipper LakeKimberley Nature Park
1,690 ft-102 ft
Duck PondKimberley Nature Park
1.5 miles-633 ft
Duck PondKimberley Nature Park
3,843 ft-208 ft
2.6 miles-219 ft
Edge TrailKimberley Nature Park
1.2 miles-339 ft
EimerKimberley Nature Park
2,845 ft-16 ft
Eimers RidgeKimberley Nature Park
3,115 ft-81 ft
ElbowKimberley Nature Park
2,097 ft-22 ft
ElbowKimberley Nature Park
220 ft-2 ft
Finnegan's Bluff
2,047 ft-67 ft
Florences's GullyLois Creek
1.5 miles-55 ft
FlumeKimberley Nature Park
1,145 ft-177 ft
Happy Hans LoopKimberley Nordic Club
1.2 miles-275 ft
Higgins HillKimberley Nature Park
1,591 ft
HillsideKimberley Nature Park
1,251 ft-77 ft
Home Run
1.4 miles-190 ft
Hoodoo ViewKimberley Nordic Club
3,544 ft-267 ft
Jimmy RussellKimberley Nature Park
1.8 miles-68 ft
Karsten's TrailLois Creek
2,203 ft-28 ft
Keivers WayKimberley Nature Park
996 ft-139 ft
Krista's HillLois Creek
1,423 ft-13 ft
Legion RidgeLois Creek
2,596 ft-199 ft
Loop D LoopLois Creek
1,713 ft-44 ft
Lower Army RoadKimberley Nature Park
1.5 miles-397 ft
Lower SidecutKimberley Nature Park
611 ft-117 ft
Lower Thunder TurkeyKimberley Nature Park
636 ft-19 ft
Magic LineKimberley Nordic Club
4.1 miles-1,317 ft
Moe's CanyonKimberley Nordic Club
1.2 miles-342 ft
Mountain MineKimberley Nature Park
1.0 miles-102 ft
Mr. Toad
2.5 miles-1,201 ft
MussersKimberley Nature Park
1,431 ft-11 ft
Mussers PlateauKimberley Nordic Club
2.1 miles-1,417 ft
Northstar Rails to Trails
16.3 miles-1,845 ft
Pat MorrowKimberley Nature Park
2,513 ft-150 ft
Patterson RidgeKimberley Nature Park
2,372 ft-34 ft
Pinch and RollBootleg Mountain
1.6 miles-1,366 ft
PonderosaKimberley Nature Park
681 ft-23 ft
Ponderosa TrailKimberley Nature Park
2,127 ft-91 ft
Power LineLois Creek
2,074 ft-55 ft
4,105 ft-195 ft
Residents' Choice
2,626 ft-187 ft
RichardsonsKimberley Nature Park
2,176 ft-18 ft
Rock SlideKimberley Nature Park
2,011 ft-143 ft
Romantic RidgeKimberley Nature Park
5,103 ft-206 ft
Round The MountainKimberley Nordic Club
6.6 miles-1,337 ft
Roy's CutKimberley Nature Park
1,531 ft-12 ft
RTM Twist
5.2 miles-1,205 ft
Shannon TrailKimberley Nordic Club
1,336 ft-52 ft
Shapeshifter TrailKimberley Nordic Club
1.4 miles-368 ft
SidecutKimberley Nordic Club
2,940 ft-336 ft
Ski Hill Climb
Ski Hill ClimbKimberley Nordic Club
3.0 miles-41 ft
Skid RoadKimberley Nature Park
1,952 ft-202 ft
Skid TrailLois Creek
3,733 ft-77 ft
StumpKimberley Nature Park
2,261 ft-147 ft
SuicideKimberley Nature Park
1,071 ft-117 ft
SummerKimberley Nature Park
4,937 ft-170 ft
Summer SubLois Creek
2.0 miles-147 ft
Sunflower HillKimberley Nature Park
1.6 miles-430 ft
SW PassageKimberley Nature Park
1,332 ft-31 ft
SW PassageKimberley Nature Park
1.0 miles-489 ft
SW Passage ViewpointKimberley Nature Park
571 ft-23 ft
The BoneyardLois Creek
2,221 ft-37 ft
The ChuteLois Creek
1,484 ft-110 ft
Thighty WhiteyLois Creek
4,171 ft-141 ft
Tora Bora
5,138 ft-252 ft
Tora Bora RerouteKimberley Nature Park
1.5 miles-518 ft
TotemLois Creek
1.2 miles-94 ft
Upper Army RoadKimberley Nature Park
2,660 ft-22 ft
Upper Army RoadKimberley Nature Park
2.1 miles-517 ft
Upper Thunder TurkeyKimberley Nature Park
1.9 miles-787 ft
UppercutKimberley Nordic Club
1,964 ft-190 ft
Venison TrailLois Creek
1,400 ft-9 ft
Wax TesterLois Creek
2,338 ft-30 ft
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