Access to Greenhill parking
1,213 ft-6 ft
Albion Falls to Kings Forest Climb
596 ft-4 ft
Albion Hill climb
1,703 ft
Another Way Down
689 ft
Barton to Lake Ontario
1.4 miles-26 ft
Bruce Trail - Hamilton East Escarpment
1.7 miles-85 ft
Bruce Trail - Kenilworth Access
2,509 ft-13 ft
Bruce Trail - McNeilly to Fifty
1.6 miles-148 ft
1,339 ft-29 ft
1,895 ft-2 ft
1,363 ft-5 ft
Hamilton Escarpment Rail Trail
4.9 miles-103 ft
Lawrence Rd to Queenston Rd
3,681 ft
1,448 ft-53 ft
Mohawk Ice Centre side trail
766 ft-4 ft
Mount Albion to Kings Forest access
882 ft-6 ft
Mt Fuji
1,973 ft-95 ft
Next to Power Line Drop
371 ft-15 ft
4,634 ft
Power Line Drop
1,136 ft-57 ft
Queenston Rd to Barton St E
5,100 ft-26 ft
Rail Trail - Hamilton to Caledonia
9.2 miles-76 ft
Red Hill Trail
3,471 ft
Red Hill Trail connector
1,587 ft-58 ft
Red Hill Trail connector
389 ft-23 ft
Red Hill Trail lower section
4,459 ft-149 ft
Rosedale Park to Lawrence Rd
1.2 miles-58 ft
Rough Neighborhood
655 ft-44 ft
Side Trail with 3 Jumps.
500 ft
Trail to Redhill Creek
277 ft-4 ft
Turn Her
1,816 ft-40 ft
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