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10 kmMount 7
2,411 ft-638 ft
13 Steps to DoomSvoboda Road
1,358 ft-454 ft
401Lois Creek
1.5 miles-176 ft
48 HoursMorrissey Ridge
1.8 miles-1,549 ft
48 Hours Steep (Kootenay Anal)Morrissey Ridge
450 ft-162 ft
48 Hours Steep ride-aroundMorrissey Ridge
673 ft-123 ft
1.3 miles-816 ft
49er LowerBlewett
4,824 ft-422 ft
5 kmMount 7
1.1 miles-880 ft
5 Km AltMount 7
376 ft-62 ft
5 Km AltMount 7
376 ft-77 ft
6 kmMount 7
805 ft-152 ft
719Mountain Station
1,213 ft-361 ft
9 Point CowbellMountain Station
1,890 ft-601 ft
A-Frame TrailLois Creek
1.7 miles-74 ft
Abiotic Factor
1.1 miles-991 ft
Access LuckyGiveout and Gold Creek
1,847 ft-8 ft
Access to Monument Trail NetworkPanorama Mountain Resort
722 ft-36 ft
Access to Trapper's Delight XCPanorama Mountain Resort
841 ft
Aggravated AssaultFernie Alpine Resort
3,380 ft-581 ft
Aggravated Assault ExtensionFernie Alpine Resort
828 ft-190 ft
Al MatadorMorrissey Ridge
1.9 miles-2,527 ft
Alamo Wagon RdIdaho Peak
4.1 miles-2,963 ft
AlderPanorama Mountain Resort
3,896 ft-68 ft
Alpine MeadowsMoonrakers & CBT
2.4 miles-129 ft
Alternate Flight PatternFernie Alpine Resort
2,796 ft-896 ft
1.1 miles-124 ft
AntlerSmallwood Creek
1.3 miles-379 ft
ApacheKimberley Nature Park
1.5 miles-188 ft
Apache SpurKimberley Nature Park
338 ft-11 ft
Apple PieLillian Lake
3,195 ft-79 ft
Arbour TrailCranbrook Community Forest
1.7 miles-79 ft
Arch PotentialLillian Lake
1.5 miles-342 ft
Army RoadKimberley Nature Park
2.1 miles-517 ft
Army RoadKimberley
3,721 ft-126 ft
Army RoadKimberley Nature Park
4,216 ft
Army RoadKimberley Nature Park
3,721 ft-126 ft
Army RoadKimberley Nature Park
4,216 ft-15 ft
Army RoadKimberley
918 ft-28 ft
Army RoadKimberley
4,216 ft
Army RoadKimberley
4,216 ft-15 ft
ArrowheadMoonrakers & CBT
2.5 miles-539 ft
ArrowheadMoonrakers & CBT
1.0 miles-247 ft
Aspen BendSouth Star Trails
1.6 miles-16 ft
Atomic Speed GoatMountain Station
902 ft-294 ft
Attitude AdjustmentSteamboat Mountain
2.3 miles-2,207 ft
AutobahnMt. Swansea
1,746 ft-391 ft
AwesomeMalde Creek
4,577 ft-408 ft
Axel AlleyCranbrook Community Forest
2,073 ft-11 ft
B12Mount 7
2.0 miles-1,993 ft
Baby BlanketBlanket Mountain
3,065 ft-752 ft
Back Door ManSvoboda Road
1,757 ft-555 ft
BacksideMt. Macpherson
4,263 ft-358 ft
BadgerMountain Station
1.0 miles-617 ft
Badger TrailGladstone Provincial Park
1.4 miles-526 ft
Baker Death GripMount Baker
2.1 miles-3,237 ft
Bald HillsMoonrakers & CBT
7.6 miles-508 ft
Baldface Peak TrailShannon Pass
4,813 ft-166 ft
Barking DogMoonrakers & CBT
755 ft-3 ft
BartsLois Creek
1.5 miles-191 ft
Bazooka JoePanorama Mountain Resort
5,189 ft-894 ft
BC Mine LinkThimble Mountain
2,211 ft-5 ft
Beacon CheckSol Mountain
1.1 miles-249 ft
BearKimberley Nature Park
4,531 ft-13 ft
Bear ChutesRidgemont / Fernie Ridge
2.7 miles-64 ft
Bear Claw LowerMoonrakers & CBT
3,228 ft-185 ft
Bear Claw UpperMoonrakers & CBT
4,827 ft-247 ft
Bear Hill LookoutKimberley Nature Park
364 ft-20 ft
Bear NectareCranbrook Community Forest
1,203 ft-10 ft
Bear's DenGiveout and Gold Creek
2,529 ft-431 ft
BedframeMorning Mountain
2.0 miles-2,162 ft
Ben EmmettMorrissey Ridge
3,861 ft-107 ft
BenchLois Creek
1,175 ft-44 ft
4,721 ft-138 ft
BenderPanorama Mountain Resort
3,108 ft-591 ft
Ben’s Big RigFernie Alpine Resort
5,079 ft-599 ft
Berm DonorMt. Macpherson
1.4 miles-438 ft
Better Than BostonMoonrakers & CBT
1.1 miles-87 ft
Biathlon Loop ConnectorNeptune Creek
2,564 ft-10 ft
Bicycle ThiefFernie Alpine Resort
1.1 miles-1,346 ft
Big EasyMt. Mackenzie
1.8 miles-610 ft
Big MoneyRidgemont / Fernie Ridge
2.3 miles-2,295 ft
Big Tree TrailCranbrook Community Forest
2.0 miles-299 ft
BigwoodSmallwood Creek
1.6 miles-1,164 ft
Bike ClubBoulder Mountain
3,468 ft-827 ft
Bike ClubBoulder Mountain
2,765 ft-465 ft
Bin LogdinFernie Alpine Resort
1,858 ft-157 ft
Black BearDowntown Rossland
1,008 ft-40 ft
Black BettyMount Fernie Provincial Park
1,408 ft
Black ForestMt. Macpherson
1.2 miles-92 ft
Black ForestFernie Alpine Resort
1.2 miles-768 ft
Black Forest ConnectorMount Fernie Provincial Park
538 ft
Black MoosePanorama Mountain Resort
1,092 ft-198 ft
Black PipeJuniper Heights
1.6 miles-266 ft
Blake's Single TrackLois Creek
2.4 miles-252 ft
BlasterKicking Horse Bike Park
2,702 ft-617 ft
Blow Your ChamoisNipika Mountain Resort
2,082 ft-207 ft
Blue Betty
2,680 ft-449 ft
Blue MatadorMorrissey Ridge
1.4 miles-778 ft
Blue TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-499 ft
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