Bernardo Bay Trail
1.7 miles-133 ft
Bernardo Mountain Trail
2.0 miles-915 ft
Del Dios Gorge / Santa Fe Valley Trail
4.8 miles-982 ft
Hodges Entry Hill
1,699 ft-68 ft
Hurl Hill
1,907 ft-16 ft
Kumeyaay Way
2,650 ft-59 ft
Mission Road Connector
1,344 ft-14 ft
North Shore Lake Hodges Trail
5.6 miles-535 ft
Piedras Pintadas Trail
2.1 miles-282 ft
Under the Freeway
3,223 ft-26 ft
Up and Over Anacondas
3,588 ft-176 ft
Upper Felicita Crossing
866 ft-24 ft
Upper Lower Connector
530 ft
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