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Aspen GradeSinks Canyon
2,786 ft
Brewers TrailSinks Canyon
4.8 miles-309 ft
Johnny FallsJohnny Behind the Rocks
1.2 miles-46 ft
Johnny on TopJohnny Behind the Rocks
2.9 miles-685 ft
Johnny's DrawJohnny Behind the Rocks
2.3 miles-454 ft
Moose GulchSinks Canyon
1.2 miles-210 ft
Red RidgeJohnny Behind the Rocks
1.8 miles-389 ft
Sage DrawSinks Canyon
1.3 miles-130 ft
Sheeps Bridge (Middle Fork)Sinks Canyon
8.6 miles-2,540 ft
Sinks Canyon TrailSinks Canyon
2.1 miles-51 ft
The CatalystSinks Canyon
1.2 miles-988 ft
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