statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
2 Muri
4,424 ft-963 ft
5 stelleSanremo Bike Resort
1,686 ft-284 ft
2.4 miles-2,270 ft
4,090 ft-631 ft
1.3 miles-724 ft
agrifoglio variante
3.2 miles-2,717 ft
Anchetta variante 2016
1.7 miles-1,400 ft
Andora bike track
2.0 miles-499 ft
AndrassaFinale Outdoor Resort
1.7 miles-1,090 ft
4,749 ft-1,152 ft
BalconataBaia del Sole
1.2 miles-394 ft
Base Nato - Cravarezza/CrestinoFinale Outdoor Resort
4,037 ft-287 ft
Bondi Trail
2.0 miles-832 ft
Boot HillSanremo Bike Resort
4,133 ft-863 ft
BorelloSanremo Bike Resort
4,769 ft-591 ft
Borgo Fornari FR
2,069 ft-415 ft
BrigaFinale Outdoor Resort
2,058 ft-254 ft
Briga leftFinale Outdoor Resort
4,117 ft-399 ft
1.0 miles-937 ft
1.2 miles-932 ft
Ca Gianca
4,882 ft-946 ft
Ca' Bianca TrailFinale Outdoor Resort
1.1 miles-915 ft
CacciatoreFinale Outdoor Resort
1.5 miles-1,450 ft
1.3 miles-1,320 ft
campo ligure - rossiglioneBeigua
4.8 miles-2,424 ft
Campo sportivo
1,666 ft-278 ft
2,203 ft-480 ft
2.6 miles-1,816 ft
CapenardoSestri Levante
2.7 miles-1,878 ft
CaprazoppaFinale Outdoor Resort
1.3 miles-917 ft
CarbutaFinale Outdoor Resort
1,156 ft-123 ft
Casa del Matto P1Finale Outdoor Resort
625 ft-45 ft
Casa del Matto P2Finale Outdoor Resort
1,042 ft-81 ft
CastelloBaia del Sole
3,489 ft-343 ft
CavalliSanremo Bike Resort
2,188 ft-486 ft
CavatappiFinale Outdoor Resort
1.3 miles-1,546 ft
Chicken Line
1.5 miles-813 ft
Ciapin LodgeFinale Outdoor Resort
3.9 miles-1,904 ft
Ciapin Lodge Doorstep SingletrackFinale Outdoor Resort
1.1 miles-428 ft
3,742 ft-384 ft
ColdirodiSanremo Bike Resort
1.1 miles-667 ft
CollarinaFinale Outdoor Resort
4.1 miles-464 ft
Colonnello DIN
1.4 miles-1,172 ft
5,063 ft-650 ft
Costa d'Aria
1.2 miles-1,078 ft
CravarezzaFinale Outdoor Resort
2,815 ft-473 ft
CrestinoFinale Outdoor Resort
3.6 miles-2,609 ft
Crestino variante EWS 2016Finale Outdoor Resort
1,594 ft-177 ft
2,887 ft-509 ft
CromagnonFinale Outdoor Resort
3,033 ft-512 ft
4,909 ft-1,140 ft
3.8 miles-2,760 ft
DH Laigueglia
1.4 miles-495 ft
DH Men
2,914 ft-561 ft
Discesa del Carretto
1.1 miles-802 ft
Discesa della Dondella
2.4 miles-1,474 ft
DolmenFinale Outdoor Resort
1.2 miles-746 ft
DownhillSanremo Bike Resort
1.8 miles-1,636 ft
1.9 miles-902 ft
Fast and FuriosFinale Outdoor Resort
2.2 miles-1,896 ft
Final DestinationBaia del Sole
1.1 miles-852 ft
Fonte CarbonaraBaia del Sole
4,060 ft-667 ft
FREERIDE NATO BASE AFinale Outdoor Resort
1.7 miles-1,278 ft
FREERIDE NATO BASE BFinale Outdoor Resort
4,581 ft-875 ft
Hard RockVarazze
1.4 miles-1,078 ft
I caniSestri Levante
1.0 miles-649 ft
Il GommistaBaia del Sole
2,134 ft-365 ft
Il NoccioloBaia del Sole
1.2 miles-530 ft
Il Tornante
2,506 ft-413 ft
IngegnereFinale Outdoor Resort
1.9 miles-1,189 ft
Isallo ExtasyFinale Outdoor Resort
3.9 miles-2,954 ft
IsolaSanremo Bike Resort
3,207 ft-791 ft
4,070 ft-662 ft
Kill Bill 2Finale Outdoor Resort
3,706 ft-697 ft
La cisternaSanremo Bike Resort
3,760 ft-590 ft
La Fattoria
3,362 ft-463 ft
La Fattoria Jump
2,898 ft-604 ft
La Fattoria linea Enduro
3.9 miles-2,183 ft
La Greppia
2.3 miles-311 ft
La panchina
2,079 ft-219 ft
La rocca
2,334 ft-505 ft
le creste
3.3 miles-1,554 ft
Little ChamperyFinale Outdoor Resort
4,911 ft-853 ft
LotoSestri Levante
3,408 ft-559 ft
1,393 ft-294 ft
2.3 miles-1,835 ft
Madonna Della Guardia P2Finale Outdoor Resort
3,389 ft-634 ft
2,455 ft-514 ft
Madre NaturaFinale Outdoor Resort
5,112 ft-855 ft
Madre Natura P2Finale Outdoor Resort
2,282 ft-410 ft
2.3 miles-1,133 ft
ManiertaSestri Levante
1.0 miles-781 ft
Marta brutta
1.8 miles-990 ft
1.6 miles-887 ft
MimosaSestri Levante
2.3 miles-1,597 ft
2.3 miles-1,300 ft
1.1 miles-786 ft
NeanderthalFinale Outdoor Resort
5,265 ft-777 ft
New GenerationVarazze
5,039 ft-865 ft
2,205 ft-439 ft
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