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Air RaidPajarito Bike Park
1,313 ft-316 ft
Aspen for TroublePajarito Bike Park
3.4 miles-330 ft
AspenolaPajarito Bike Park
1.6 miles-945 ft
Battle StationsPajarito Bike Park
1,273 ft-256 ft
Bayo Canyon
1.7 miles-173 ft
Bayo Canyon Drop In
2,545 ft-195 ft
BonecrusherPajarito Bike Park
1,905 ft-591 ft
Bonecrusher Rock GardenPajarito Bike Park
677 ft-188 ft
Braking BadPajarito Bike Park
4,325 ft-1,006 ft
Bridges Trail
2.7 miles-490 ft
1.6 miles-594 ft
Camp May Road Trail
1.6 miles-787 ft
Canyon de Valle
2.6 miles-84 ft
ChupacabraPajarito Bike Park
3,240 ft-493 ft
Cub ScoutPajarito Bike Park
1.2 miles-914 ft
Dickless Trail
5,100 ft-312 ft
DogpatchPajarito Bike Park
3,091 ft-751 ft
Dot Grant Trail
4,588 ft-87 ft
Downtown Aspenola
718 ft-183 ft
Fast and LoosePajarito Bike Park
2,162 ft-604 ft
1.4 miles-446 ft
Guaje Ridge Trail
5.3 miles-2,294 ft
Half AspenPajarito Bike Park
2,910 ft-390 ft
JRPajarito Bike Park
1,645 ft-232 ft
Kwage Mesa Trail
4.1 miles-329 ft
Leaping LizardsPajarito Bike Park
1,447 ft-169 ft
MaydayPajarito Bike Park
1,142 ft-138 ft
Mothers MilkPajarito Bike Park
2,704 ft-756 ft
Muy LocoPajarito Bike Park
1,390 ft-328 ft
Nail Trail
1.2 miles-11 ft
Natural SelectionPajarito Bike Park
1,512 ft-397 ft
No Name Trail(?)
3,287 ft-27 ft
Non-Technical Perimeter
2.7 miles-163 ft
Pajarito Canyon Trail connector to Camp May Road Trail
3,451 ft-24 ft
Pajarito Canyon, Top of Pajarito Ski Area to Nail Trail
3.2 miles-1,563 ft
Pajarito Skills ParkPajarito Bike Park
343 ft-67 ft
Pajarito Trail/Barranca Crossing
1.1 miles-380 ft
Perimeter South
4,111 ft-128 ft
Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail
1.4 miles-332 ft
Quemazon Trail
2.8 miles-1,446 ft
Red DogPajarito Bike Park
1,378 ft-265 ft
Rendija Trail
1.2 miles-116 ft
School Canyon Rim Trail
1.8 miles-333 ft
SidewinderPajarito Bike Park
1,448 ft-269 ft
South Satch Cowan
4,579 ft-408 ft
Technical Perimeter, South to North
2.2 miles-362 ft
Three Bears/Guaje Road
2.3 miles-375 ft
Traverse Trail & Road to Water Canyon
3.6 miles-328 ft
Triple ThreatPajarito Bike Park
1,468 ft-292 ft
Upper Aspenola Connector to Pajarito Canyon TrailPajarito Bike Park
4,756 ft-564 ft
Water Canyon
1.8 miles-768 ft
Woodland Trail
1.2 miles-280 ft
Xander's Trail
5,019 ft-262 ft
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