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Albertsons FR (China Flat to Dave's Dive)Cheseboro Canyon
1.5 miles-346 ft
Animal Trail
3,600 ft-607 ft
Backbone - Etz Meloy to Mulholland
2.7 miles-1,202 ft
Backbone - Kanan T1 to Encinal Parking LotStokes Canyon
4.9 miles-1,483 ft
Backbone - Yerba Buena to Circle X Parking LotEncinal Canyon
4.6 miles-1,297 ft
Backbone TrailEncinal Canyon
5.2 miles-712 ft
Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal RidgeWill Rogers State Park
6.0 miles-238 ft
Backbone Trail: Kanan to Corral CanyonCorral Canyon
6.1 miles-944 ft
Beggars DHWestridge-Canyonback
1,301 ft-303 ft
Betty Dearing Trail
1.9 miles-690 ft
Blue Ridge DSan Gabriel Mountains (Wrightwood area)
2.1 miles-1,286 ft
Bogey TrailWestridge-Canyonback
4,789 ft-534 ft
Bones DH
3,811 ft-396 ft
Brown Mountain RoadBrown Mountain
3.9 miles-1,678 ft
Cheeseboro Canyon TrailCheseboro Canyon
4.4 miles-117 ft
Cheseboro Ridge TrailCheseboro Canyon
4.6 miles-696 ft
China Dead Cow ConnecterWood Ranch/Lang Ranch
524 ft
China Flat TrailCheseboro Canyon
2.2 miles-218 ft
Chumash TrailRocky Peak Park
2.5 miles-1,094 ft
Chunky SideshowStokes Canyon
2,038 ft-176 ft
1,016 ft-347 ft
City View TrailKeneth Hahn State Recreational Park
3,530 ft-229 ft
Colby Canyon (To Strawberry Peak Trail)Angeles National Forest
3.1 miles-1,706 ft
Coyote TrailBonelli Park
2.4 miles-503 ft
Dead CowCheseboro Canyon
2.2 miles
Double Hump
3,004 ft-393 ft
El Prieto Spur Trail
819 ft-85 ft
El Prieto TrailBrown Mountain
1.6 miles-915 ft
Encinal's Lonely TrailEncinal Canyon
2,946 ft-272 ft
F Line
1.3 miles-794 ft
Fern Truck TrailBrown Mountain
2.8 miles-471 ft
First Crack
1,459 ft-430 ft
G-OutTapia Canyon
1.6 miles-549 ft
Gabrielino (Newcomb's Pass to Sturtevant)
1.9 miles-1,258 ft
Gabrielino Trail (NRT)
4.2 miles-2,048 ft
Getty View Ridge
1.3 miles-800 ft
2.5 miles-47 ft
Hastain ST
2,030 ft-406 ft
2,864 ft-322 ft
HummingbirdRocky Peak Park
1.8 miles-987 ft
Inspiration LoopWill Rogers State Park
1.8 miles-255 ft
Inspiration Loop ShortcutWill Rogers State Park
1,885 ft
J-DropWill Rogers State Park
3,275 ft-660 ft
JediWill Rogers State Park
4,411 ft-552 ft
Johnson'sRocky Peak Park
3.1 miles-9 ft
Ken BurtonBrown Mountain
2.3 miles-1,486 ft
Kenter Whoops
4,816 ft-410 ft
KonaTapia Canyon
1.1 miles-256 ft
Las Virgenes DownhillStokes Canyon
3.2 miles-1,052 ft
Lizard Rock
1.8 miles-516 ft
Long Canyon Trail
4,651 ft-447 ft
Los PinetosPlacerita Canyon
2.3 miles-1,311 ft
Lower BeehiveBonelli Park
2,551 ft-71 ft
Lower Gabrelino TrailBrown Mountain
4.3 miles-568 ft
lower horse trail
1.0 miles-645 ft
Lower Merrill
2.6 miles-1,745 ft
Lower Sunset RidgeBrown Mountain
3,523 ft-451 ft
Lower Winter Creek
1.7 miles-1,250 ft
Lynmerre Trail
1.8 miles-352 ft
Mesa Peak MotorwayStokes Canyon
5.2 miles-818 ft
MG Trail
2,848 ft-464 ft
Middle Sam MerrillAngeles National Forest
2.4 miles-1,628 ft
Monkey Spanker
2,942 ft-714 ft
Monroe Truck Trail
7.0 miles-2,472 ft
Mr. Toad's Wild RideLos Robles
2,033 ft-108 ft
Mt HillyerAngeles National Forest
2.3 miles-612 ft
MT Lowe Railway trail
3,831 ft-112 ft
Mt Wilson Trail (Bench to Base)
5.2 miles-4,601 ft
Mt Wilson Trail (Skyline)
3,820 ft-549 ft
Mt Wilson Trail (The Bench Trail)
3,115 ft-513 ft
Mt. Lowe East TrailAngeles National Forest
1.9 miles-1,144 ft
Murphy's RanchWill Rogers State Park
1,991 ft-384 ft
New FunnelsKeneth Hahn State Recreational Park
1,023 ft-154 ft
New Millennium TrailStokes Canyon
12.1 miles-2,445 ft
New Wormy BermsKeneth Hahn State Recreational Park
767 ft-165 ft
New Wormy Berms AlternateKeneth Hahn State Recreational Park
143 ft-25 ft
Nicholas CageWill Rogers State Park
1.1 miles-596 ft
North Shore TrailBonelli Park
2.0 miles-415 ft
Over the TopKeneth Hahn State Recreational Park
992 ft-198 ft
Palo Comado Canyon TrailCheseboro Canyon
4.9 miles-350 ft
PentewAngeles National Forest
1,604 ft-422 ft
Ranch Center ConnectorCheseboro Canyon
1.2 miles-391 ft
Riller Manch
1.4 miles-638 ft
Rim Trail
3.4 miles-2,324 ft
Rocky TrailBonelli Park
2,513 ft-218 ft
RosewoodLos Robles
1.8 miles-869 ft
Santa Rosa
3.6 miles-714 ft
1.2 miles-868 ft
Serrania Ridge TrailTopanga Creek
1.1 miles-438 ft
Sheep Corral SingletrackCheseboro Canyon
3.0 miles-733 ft
Sherwood ForestLos Robles
2,540 ft
SidewinderTapia Canyon
4,662 ft-249 ft
Silver Moccasin (Charlton Flats to Tujunja Canyon DH)Angeles National Forest
2.0 miles-1,322 ft
Silver Moccasin (Christian Camp to Chilao DH)Angeles National Forest
2.0 miles-956 ft
Silver Moccasin (PCT to Christian Camp)Angeles National Forest
1.6 miles-305 ft
Sketchy Ski SchoolEncinal Canyon
951 ft-131 ft
Space MountainLos Robles
2.9 miles-177 ft
Squirrel Cage
1,326 ft-307 ft
Stocker TrailKeneth Hahn State Recreational Park
Strawberry PeakAngeles National Forest
3.3 miles-1,124 ft
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