Avoid the Steep Bastard
961 ft-9 ft
Back O' Belbins Climb
3,476 ft-35 ft
Back O' Belbins Descent
2,363 ft-439 ft
Back of the Ridge
3,535 ft-86 ft
Belbins Lower Climb
2,563 ft-74 ft
Bill's Back Door
1,410 ft-92 ft
Birthday Loop
5,024 ft-184 ft
Clarence XC Descent
2,720 ft-398 ft
Clarence XC Lower
4,046 ft-248 ft
Clarence XC Upper
1.1 miles-156 ft
Clark Kent
2,361 ft-29 ft
3,240 ft-141 ft
1,885 ft-218 ft
Death Log
1,283 ft-98 ft
Dino Rumble
1,990 ft-255 ft
Flagstaff Hill Lower
1,119 ft-5 ft
Flagstaff Hill Upper
764 ft-13 ft
Fun Time
4,742 ft-185 ft
Golden Hill
4,950 ft-141 ft
I Can't Believe It's Not Smooth As Butter
884 ft-2 ft
Leave the Birthday Early
601 ft-35 ft
Log Rollers
1,278 ft-84 ft
My Way or the Highway
3,871 ft-235 ft
Quarry Climb
4,388 ft-70 ft
Roller Coaster
2,214 ft-75 ft
Rollercoaster Link
1,072 ft-35 ft
Stringy Bark Creek Descent
2,501 ft-244 ft
Stringy Bark Gully
1.4 miles-40 ft
The Reach Around
1.1 miles-323 ft
The Tedious Bit
1,294 ft-9 ft
Up Down Moar Energy
708 ft-28 ft
1,486 ft-11 ft
Wedge Rock
3,940 ft-515 ft
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