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Arduum Guns and RotorsRed Mountain
3,561 ft-925 ft
BackdoorBear Mountain
944 ft-28 ft
Bear BackBear Mountain
1,413 ft-3 ft
Bear BunsBear Mountain
3,244 ft-99 ft
Big Better RedRed Mountain
1.1 miles-513 ft
Big Trouble Little ChainringBear Mountain
1.4 miles-105 ft
BiggunsBear Mountain
4,461 ft-622 ft
Black TieRed Mountain
508 ft-68 ft
BombardierBear Mountain
3,174 ft-356 ft
Caswell Ave ClimbRed Mountain
3,302 ft-29 ft
Cherry TomatoBear Mountain
1,240 ft-102 ft
CorduroyBear Mountain
5,074 ft-450 ft
CorralBear Mountain
3,720 ft-169 ft
Corrie's CornersHeritage Mountain
3,698 ft-497 ft
CranksBear Mountain
1.2 miles-19 ft
Crazy 8Red Mountain
3,359 ft-336 ft
Creek Bed TrailRed Mountain
4,672 ft-559 ft
Deddle's BeeblesHeritage Mountain
513 ft-54 ft
Electric TomatoBear Mountain
1,611 ft-224 ft
Glen's LoopHeritage Mountain
3,979 ft-163 ft
GondolaHeritage Mountain
2,989 ft-42 ft
Gun Club BypassRed Mountain
2,439 ft-24 ft
Hail MaryHeritage Mountain
2,256 ft-495 ft
Hannah'sHeritage Mountain
2,487 ft-216 ft
Hannah's SwitchbacksHeritage Mountain
824 ft-182 ft
Hell's GateHeritage Mountain
1,287 ft-194 ft
Hells BellsRed Mountain
2,958 ft-334 ft
Hiking LoopRed Mountain
3,415 ft-220 ft
Jacob's Ladder - Upper & LowerHeritage Mountain
2,107 ft-234 ft
Jacob's Ladder ChuteHeritage Mountain
462 ft-104 ft
JerickHeritage Mountain
113 ft-4 ft
JetRed Mountain
783 ft-144 ft
Jolly RancherBear Mountain
4,156 ft-702 ft
Little DeathBear Mountain
2,173 ft-311 ft
LoraxBear Mountain
3,636 ft-518 ft
Lower Hannah'sHeritage Mountain
1,412 ft-75 ft
Lower Jacob's LadderHeritage Mountain
1,901 ft-90 ft
Lower Little DeathBear Mountain
2,029 ft-131 ft
LugeBear Mountain
1,095 ft-163 ft
MastadonRed Mountain
2.2 miles-1,155 ft
Merv'sBear Mountain
1.5 miles-117 ft
MomentumRed Mountain
1.1 miles-457 ft
MothRed Mountain
3,302 ft-145 ft
Moth Ejection
832 ft-135 ft
Phacker WhackerRed Mountain
804 ft-95 ft
Red RiderRed Mountain
5,260 ft-322 ft
rEDneckRed Mountain
2,613 ft-41 ft
RideNRideRed Mountain
1,109 ft-62 ft
SalamanderHeritage Mountain
3,411 ft-97 ft
Smokin' BoboBear Mountain
1,407 ft-145 ft
Sorcerer's ApprenticeBear Mountain
3,366 ft-192 ft
Super BearBear Mountain
1.0 miles-751 ft
Tower TrailBear Mountain
1,453 ft-294 ft
TWSSRed Mountain
694 ft-98 ft
Valley ViewRed Mountain
3,237 ft-338 ft
WaspBear Mountain
1,899 ft-8 ft
WhitewaterHeritage Mountain
775 ft-151 ft
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