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479H TrailBent Creek Experimental Forest
2,191 ft-136 ft
Airstrip TrailDupont State Forest
5,014 ft-239 ft
All of My LoveBeech Mountain Bike Park
1,926 ft-279 ft
Alternate ExplorerBent Creek Experimental Forest
560 ft-50 ft
Avery Creek
3.1 miles-198 ft
Bad Fork
1.7 miles-840 ft
Barn Ridge RoadWilson Creek
1.8 miles-420 ft
Barn TrailDupont State Forest
2,273 ft-45 ft
Bear Branch
1.2 miles-398 ft
Bear PenBig Ivy (Coleman Boundary)
1.5 miles-726 ft
Bennett Gap
2.8 miles-1,431 ft
Berry MountainW. Kerr Scott Reservoir
1.5 miles-402 ft
Big Ivy RoadBig Ivy (Coleman Boundary)
7.3 miles-512 ft
Big RockDupont State Forest
4,084 ft-22 ft
Black DogBeech Mountain Bike Park
1,119 ft-279 ft
Black Mountain
7.2 miles-3,090 ft
Boat Rock LoopRocky Knob Park
3.7 miles-877 ft
Boundary TrailDupont State Forest
1,577 ft-16 ft
Boyd BranchBent Creek Experimental Forest
3,318 ft-96 ft
Bracken Mountain Trail
1.2 miles-146 ft
Bradley Creek
4.9 miles-468 ft
Bridal Overlook TrailDupont State Forest
2,639 ft-4 ft
Bridal Veil Falls TrailDupont State Forest
681 ft-33 ft
Briery Fork TrailDupont State Forest
1.3 miles-281 ft
Bring it on HomeBeech Mountain Bike Park
1,157 ft-144 ft
Brushy Creek Trail
2.1 miles-444 ft
Buck Spring Trail
2,405 ft-39 ft
Buckhorn Gap Lower
2.7 miles-781 ft
Buckhorn Gap Upper
1.7 miles-157 ft
Buckwheat Knob
1.5 miles-643 ft
Buffalo Creek DescentBuffalo Creek Park
Buffalo Creek ExtensionBuffalo Creek Park
Buffalo Creek Park - ClockwiseBuffalo Creek Park
3.1 miles-1,192 ft
Buffalo Creek Park TrailBuffalo Creek Park
2.9 miles-1,545 ft
Burnt MountainDupont State Forest
2.1 miles-381 ft
Burnt Tree PenninsulaJackrabbit Mountain Bike Trails
4,790 ft-95 ft
Burrell`s CoveJackrabbit Mountain Bike Trails
2.2 miles-388 ft
Butter Gap
2,829 ft-3 ft
Campground ConnectorBent Creek Experimental Forest
2,098 ft-11 ft
Caney Bottom Trail
1.6 miles-550 ft
Cannon Creek TrailDupont State Forest
1.2 miles-220 ft
Cantrell Creek
1.0 miles-306 ft
Cascade TrailDupont State Forest
1.2 miles-223 ft
Cat Gap Loop
4,611 ft-59 ft
Cedar RockDupont State Forest
1.4 miles-386 ft
Cemetery Loop
1.1 miles-193 ft
Central LoopJackrabbit Mountain Bike Trails
2.9 miles-406 ft
Chestnut CoveBent Creek Experimental Forest
1,240 ft-131 ft
Club Gap
4,360 ft-501 ft
ConnectorLake James State Park
3,450 ft-64 ft
ConnectorFontana Village Trails
1,363 ft-14 ft
Coontree Loop East
1.2 miles-691 ft
CorkscrewWCU Trail System
206 ft-7 ft
Corn Mill ShoalsDupont State Forest
2.6 miles-468 ft
Corvair TrailBent Creek Experimental Forest
5,000 ft-92 ft
Cove Creek
1.4 miles-532 ft
Cove Creek Connector
1.3 miles-305 ft
Covered Bridge TrailDupont State Forest
1,187 ft-68 ft
Cullowhee ConnectorWCU Trail System
1.5 miles-188 ft
Daniels Ridge
3.9 miles-938 ft
Dark MountainW. Kerr Scott Reservoir
5.7 miles-1,381 ft
Davidson River Trail
1.3 miles-121 ft
Deer Lake LodgeBent Creek Experimental Forest
1.3 miles-199 ft
Deer Lake Lodge ConnectorBent Creek Experimental Forest
797 ft-4 ft
Deerfield ConnectorBent Creek Experimental Forest
1,277 ft-137 ft
Deerfield LoopBent Creek Experimental Forest
4,238 ft-117 ft
East West ConnectorLake James State Park
1,647 ft-45 ft
East Wimba LoopLake James State Park
3.6 miles-470 ft
Elmer HollowFontana Village Trails
2,924 ft-315 ft
Emerald OutbackEmerald Outback
1.7 miles-930 ft
Estatoe Trail
1.4 miles-72 ft
Explorer / Pine Tree ConnectorBent Creek Experimental Forest
231 ft
Explorer Loop ConnectorBent Creek Experimental Forest
427 ft-12 ft
Explorer loop DescentBent Creek Experimental Forest
1.0 miles-212 ft
Explorer Loop LowerBent Creek Experimental Forest
4,135 ft-224 ft
Explorer Loop UpperBent Creek Experimental Forest
5,253 ft-100 ft
Farlow Gap
3.1 miles-1,806 ft
Farmhouse TrailDupont State Forest
2,515 ft-156 ft
Fawn Lake LoopDupont State Forest
3,013 ft-58 ft
Flat Rock TrailDupont State Forest
2,395 ft-140 ft
Flatwoods TrailDupont State Forest
970 ft-77 ft
Fletcher Creek Lower
1.0 miles-387 ft
Fletcher Creek Upper
1.2 miles-264 ft
Four SticksBeech Mountain Bike Park
641 ft-159 ft
Goat TrailBent Creek Experimental Forest
1,980 ft-276 ft
Gold BranchFontana Village Trails
2.4 miles-639 ft
Grassy CreekDupont State Forest
5,216 ft-253 ft
Grassy Creek Falls TrailDupont State Forest
762 ft-91 ft
Grassy Dam TrailDupont State Forest
1,792 ft-131 ft
Grassy Meadow TrailDupont State Forest
4,283 ft-65 ft
Grassy Road Trail
1.0 miles-71 ft
Green's Lick
1.9 miles-765 ft
GreentownWilson Creek
3.8 miles-1,038 ft
Gribble Gap LoopWCU Trail System
1.0 miles-312 ft
Guion Parking TrailDupont State Forest
2,267 ft-34 ft
Guion TrailDupont State Forest
2,803 ft-17 ft
Hard Times ConnectorBent Creek Experimental Forest
3,604 ft-106 ft
Hard Times ConnectorBent Creek Experimental Forest
419 ft-14 ft
Hard Times SpurBent Creek Experimental Forest
1,157 ft-42 ft
HeadwatersW. Kerr Scott Reservoir
1.6 miles-151 ft
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