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Back of Beyond
4.1 miles-529 ft
Beyers Lake Trail
5.0 miles-835 ft
Blue Lake Trail
2.2 miles-516 ft
Blue Lake Trail Access Road
1.1 miles-147 ft
Bull Pen Trail
1.5 miles-558 ft
2,377 ft-4 ft
Cascade Canal Trail
4.3 miles-520 ft
Cascade Canal Trail Connector
1,310 ft-8 ft
Crooked Lakes Trail
3.2 miles-445 ft
Dascombe Trail
1.1 miles-198 ft
Don't Try This At Home--Hole In The Ground to Indian Springs Connector
12.4 miles-3,769 ft
Glacier Lake Trail
2.2 miles-777 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail North
2.7 miles-713 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail--Lindsay Lake Trail to Sawmill Lake
5,013 ft-493 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail--Lookout to Round Lake Trail
3,964 ft-15 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail--Spaulding Lake Tr. to jeep road section
4,135 ft-175 ft
Hallelujah Trail
3.5 miles-1,107 ft
Indian Springs Staging to Grouse Ridge Trail
2.4 miles-434 ft
Jeep Trail
3.6 miles-1,255 ft
Lindsay Lake Access Road
1.8 miles-179 ft
Lindsay Lake Trail
2.7 miles-434 ft
Loney Meadow
1.7 miles-148 ft
Meyer Trail
1,532 ft-3 ft
Miner's Trail
2.3 miles-819 ft
New Scotts Drop
1,517 ft-118 ft
Pioneer Alternate
3,235 ft-83 ft
Pioneer Extension
2,165 ft
Pioneer Extension
3,334 ft-90 ft
Pioneer Trail Market to Casci
3.8 miles-518 ft
Pioneer Trail--Bear Valley Vista to Bowman Lake Rd.
2.8 miles-408 ft
Pioneer Trail--Burlington Ridge Rd to Lowell Hill Rd
6.8 miles-1,588 ft
Pioneer Trail--Casci Rd to Hwy 20 Crossing
2.3 miles-304 ft
Pioneer Trail--Highway Crossing to Burlington Ridge Rd
4.9 miles-1,034 ft
Pioneer Trail--Lang's Crossing to Spaulding Lake Tr.
2.2 miles-997 ft
Pioneer Trail--Lowell Hill Rd to Bear Valley Vista
3,417 ft-46 ft
Rim Trail
2.9 miles-871 ft
Round Lake Trail
3.1 miles-467 ft
Sand Ridge Trail
2.8 miles-309 ft
Scotts Flat Lake Trail
3.1 miles-957 ft
Snow Mountain Ditch
1.5 miles-213 ft
Snow Mountain Ditch North Side
4,122 ft-111 ft
South Yuba Trail--Purdon to Edwards
4.4 miles-1,157 ft
Spaulding Lake Trail--Pioneer Trail Intersection to Grouse Ridge Trail
4.7 miles-1,206 ft
Spaulding-Pioneer Access Route via Pioneer Sneak
4,507 ft-239 ft
Taxi Cab
1.6 miles-529 ft
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