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A HillSpruce Park
264 ft
BonesSpruce Park
848 ft-3 ft
Bucket Trail
4,786 ft-235 ft
Bunny BlasterCub Mountain
2,339 ft-102 ft
ConnectorSpruce Park
128 ft
Coppermine DH
2.2 miles-2,018 ft
Cub MountainCub Mountain
1,683 ft-110 ft
CutterSpruce Park
283 ft-3 ft
Enchanted Forest
3,008 ft-17 ft
Escape HatchPetty Harbour Long Pond
2,393 ft-137 ft
Ginger Route
1.4 miles-599 ft
Hydro TowerPetty Harbour Long Pond
2,319 ft-5 ft
Hydro Tower AccessPetty Harbour Long Pond
2,052 ft-10 ft
Little Pond
1.2 miles-112 ft
Lomond Sinkhole
3.7 miles-1,045 ft
Long Way RoundWhitehills
1,752 ft-342 ft
Mad MossSpruce Park
949 ft-3 ft
Massey Drive DH
1.2 miles-601 ft
Mercury HillCub Mountain
574 ft
Mikey's TrailCub Mountain
1,912 ft-116 ft
Mini CoasterSpruce Park
1,183 ft
Moover ISpruce Park
287 ft-3 ft
Moover IISpruce Park
1,056 ft-3 ft
MudslideCub Mountain
1,818 ft-66 ft
2,052 ft-53 ft
1.1 miles-179 ft
Old Juniper
3,727 ft-158 ft
Parallel PassSpruce Park
989 ft
Pippy Park 1Pippy Park
1.3 miles-78 ft
Pippy Park 10Pippy Park
2,431 ft-11 ft
Pippy Park 11Pippy Park
2,262 ft
Pippy Park 12Pippy Park
3,466 ft-8 ft
Pippy Park 13Pippy Park
1,024 ft-3 ft
Pippy Park 2Pippy Park
2,101 ft-68 ft
Pippy Park 3Pippy Park
1.6 miles-147 ft
Pippy Park 4Pippy Park
2,649 ft
Pippy Park 5Pippy Park
1,188 ft-5 ft
Pippy Park 6Pippy Park
1,957 ft
Pippy Park 8Pippy Park
1,987 ft
Pippy Park 9Pippy Park
1,032 ft-7 ft
Quarry Climb
3,538 ft-95 ft
Queen's Back Alley
2,996 ft-89 ft
Richmond Hill DescentPetty Harbour Long Pond
2,587 ft-303 ft
RidgelinePetty Harbour Long Pond
1.1 miles-53 ft
Rock Garden
3,437 ft-14 ft
Satan's ChoiceWhitehills
1,563 ft-337 ft
Shea Heights
2.7 miles-808 ft
Short Track CourseKinsmen Park
2,044 ft-14 ft
SlingshotPetty Harbour Long Pond
1,248 ft-95 ft
Snake Bite RidgeCub Mountain
1,475 ft-100 ft
Stuckless Pond Trail
4.9 miles-670 ft
Subnet - Part 1Whitehills
1.8 miles-245 ft
Subnet - Part 2Whitehills
1,917 ft-41 ft
Subnet - Part 3Whitehills
3,163 ft-130 ft
SWDPetty Harbour Long Pond
1,804 ft-87 ft
Sweety PieCub Mountain
2,534 ft-95 ft
3,053 ft-57 ft
422 ft-22 ft
4,783 ft-80 ft
ThagomizerPetty Harbour Long Pond
678 ft-4 ft
The GateSpruce Park
800 ft
The HangoverWhitehills
218 ft
The TwistSpruce Park
342 ft
The Walking Trail
2,993 ft-325 ft
The Way BackSpruce Park
1,164 ft-1 ft
Torbay to Flatrock
3.9 miles-1,641 ft
Watson's Pond Powerline
2.3 miles-411 ft
What's this trail called?Cub Mountain
1,525 ft-52 ft
5,089 ft-72 ft
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