Blow Your Chamois
2,082 ft-207 ft
Chamois Whammy
1.3 miles-185 ft
Cliff Hanger
2,218 ft-279 ft
Cliff Hanger Lower
485 ft-96 ft
1,236 ft-18 ft
Early Retirement
3,456 ft-226 ft
Fat Bike Loop
4.1 miles-238 ft
Jesus Murphy
1,165 ft-39 ft
Killer Hill
387 ft-1 ft
Kootenay Krusher
8.0 miles-1,447 ft
Kootenay River Trail
1.1 miles-141 ft
Kootenay River Trail
577 ft-71 ft
Lower Bridge Trail
3,910 ft-227 ft
Main Street
5,022 ft-36 ft
Natural Bridge Direct
1.4 miles-131 ft
No Left/Right Turns!
3,417 ft-191 ft
North Loop XC Trails w
20.6 miles-2,282 ft
North Riverside Loop
1.1 miles-203 ft
North Warming Hut Connector
3,366 ft-32 ft
Outfitters Trail
2,216 ft-137 ft
Rattle Your Stuff
2,640 ft-42 ft
Roxy Roller
4,047 ft-62 ft
Rufus's Ramble
4,312 ft-186 ft
Shirtless Tuesday
3,150 ft-117 ft
Ski Trail Climb
4,084 ft-13 ft
Ski Trail Connection
1,579 ft-9 ft
Spin Doctor
975 ft-2 ft
2,111 ft-45 ft
The Park Boundary Trail
2.4 miles-382 ft
Up Chuck
963 ft-41 ft
Waterfall Trail
2,723 ft-159 ft
Wimp Out!
4,202 ft-170 ft
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