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3 PostJackson Demonstration State Forest
1,080 ft
420Upper Bidwell Park
1,691 ft-1 ft
5 mile to North RimUpper Bidwell Park
2,095 ft-5 ft
508Jackson Demonstration State Forest
1.8 miles-391 ft
Ames LodgeJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.1 miles-74 ft
Amherst PlungeParadise Pines Greenbelt
4,928 ft-589 ft
Amherst TrailParadise Pines Greenbelt
4,995 ft-511 ft
Annie Bidwell TrailUpper Bidwell Park
3.1 miles-484 ft
Arrow/Chuck Hench
1.8 miles-481 ft
B TrailUpper Bidwell Park
1.6 miles-700 ft
Ball Cap TrailBoggs
5.5 miles-100 ft
Bear Bones TrailBoggs
3.7 miles-118 ft
Beer JointJackson Demonstration State Forest
1,938 ft-8 ft
Berry TrailBoggs
5.5 miles-212 ft
Big DipperJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.9 miles-921 ft
Big River Haul RoadJackson Demonstration State Forest
19.7 miles-2,514 ft
Big Springs TrailBoggs
3.7 miles-166 ft
Big TreeJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.2 miles-850 ft
Bloody Pin TrailUpper Bidwell Park
3,581 ft-443 ft
Blue OakUpper Bidwell Park
1,266 ft-114 ft
Bob Woods TrailJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.2 miles-834 ft
Boggs Peak TrailBoggs
1.2 miles-237 ft
Boggs Ridge TrailBoggs
5.5 miles-122 ft
BoilerJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.1 miles-453 ft
Box SpringsWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
2.1 miles-903 ft
Camp One TrailJackson Demonstration State Forest
4,631 ft-685 ft
Canyon TrailAnnadel State Park
1.0 miles-164 ft
Carnegie TrailParadise Pines Greenbelt
2,878 ft-166 ft
Cat RunUpper Bidwell Park
1.4 miles-578 ft
Cave TrailUpper Bidwell Park
2,571 ft-533 ft
Channel TrailAnnadel State Park
3.9 miles-158 ft
Charlie BellJackson Demonstration State Forest
2.1 miles-386 ft
Charlie's TrailBoggs
1.2 miles-450 ft
3,343 ft-609 ft
Coastal Trail - Last Chance SectionRedwood National Park
7.3 miles-1,672 ft
CobblestoneAnnadel State Park
2.0 miles-671 ft
Colby Creek Trail
3.4 miles-445 ft
Colby Mt. Trail
561 ft-32 ft
Colby Mt. Trail
1.4 miles-490 ft
1,536 ft-85 ft
1.3 miles-228 ft
CookhouseJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.1 miles-220 ft
CourtyardParadise Royale Trail System
1.2 miles-500 ft
Creek TrailBoggs
4,266 ft-241 ft
Creekside ConnectorWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
2,655 ft
Creekside TrailWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
3,904 ft-85 ft
Crew TrailBoggs
4,266 ft-100 ft
DarksideAnnadel State Park
1.1 miles-420 ft
Disk GolfUpper Bidwell Park
1.0 miles-694 ft
Doon Grade Trail
1.1 miles-140 ft
Doon Grade Trail
2.5 miles-91 ft
Dusty TrailBoggs
1.2 miles-126 ft
E-Z OutJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.3 miles-604 ft
Eagles Roost
1.4 miles-101 ft
2,189 ft-173 ft
EndoJackson Demonstration State Forest
2,159 ft-213 ft
4,816 ft-109 ft
EZNJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.0 miles-587 ft
Fence Line / North Rim TrailUpper Bidwell Park
2.5 miles-2 ft
Fence TrailLower Bidwell Park
2.4 miles-59 ft
Flume TrailParadise Pines Greenbelt
1.8 miles-443 ft
Forest History TrailJackson Demonstration State Forest
2.3 miles-1,313 ft
Freeze OutWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
1.1 miles-543 ft
Full MontyWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
3,697 ft-529 ft
Furry III/Boiler
5,266 ft-584 ft
Gail's TrailBoggs
5.5 miles-460 ft
Game TrailBoggs
1.2 miles-554 ft
Gas CapJackson Demonstration State Forest
2,106 ft-235 ft
Gas TankJackson Demonstration State Forest
3,334 ft-111 ft
GC EntranceJackson Demonstration State Forest
319 ft-22 ft
Goat Pen TrailParadise Pines Greenbelt
2,212 ft-215 ft
Goat Pen Trail alt.Paradise Pines Greenbelt
307 ft
GobblerUpper Bidwell Park
1.6 miles-229 ft
Government Trail
3.5 miles-719 ft
Grizzly TrailBoggs
1.4 miles-377 ft
Guardians TrailUpper Bidwell Park
4.1 miles-1,375 ft
GunslingerJackson Demonstration State Forest
2,757 ft-35 ft
Hardtail TrailBoggs
2,135 ft-197 ft
HeadhunterAnnadel State Park
3,397 ft-452 ft
Hi Chutes TrailJackson Demonstration State Forest
2.4 miles-1,033 ft
High Chair TrailBoggs
1,949 ft-117 ft
High Chutes Trail
1.9 miles-529 ft
High Point TrailBoggs
5.5 miles-87 ft
Hoberg's Loop
5.5 miles-310 ft
Hooker Oak SingletrackLower Bidwell Park
1,729 ft-9 ft
Humboldt Peak Tr.
2,924 ft-361 ft
Humboldt TrailUpper Bidwell Park
4,389 ft-286 ft
Indian Spring Mine Trail
643 ft-18 ft
Indian Springs Trail
1.4 miles-1,126 ft
Islands in the Sky LoopWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
3.1 miles-1,047 ft
JackarooJackson Demonstration State Forest
2,566 ft-91 ft
JamboreeWillow Creek / Sonoma Coast
1.0 miles-362 ft
Jethros TrBoggs
1.2 miles-402 ft
Jim's TrailJackson Demonstration State Forest
1,826 ft-198 ft
Jiro's Playground
1,068 ft-6 ft
John's TrailBoggs
4,038 ft-218 ft
Jump LineLacks Creek
2,025 ft-142 ft
Karen's TrailBoggs
5.5 miles-140 ft
Kevins TrailBoggs
3.7 miles-497 ft
Lacks Mountain
4,861 ft-354 ft
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