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6 BridgeRingwood State Park
1.0 miles-263 ft
99Mountain Creek Bike Park
AlpineMountain Creek Bike Park
1,232 ft-164 ft
AlpineMountain Creek Bike Park
Alpine Scout Camp
10.0 miles-1,672 ft
Andover JunctionKittatinny Valley State Park
1.0 miles-116 ft
Animal ShuteJungle Habitat
3,219 ft-8 ft
ArchedRingwood State Park
3.8 miles-3 ft
AsylumMountain Creek Bike Park
BankerWawayanda State Park
1.7 miles-36 ft
Barberry TrailAllamuchy Mountain State Park
4,272 ft-26 ft
Beach Glen EastWildcat Ridge WMA
2.0 miles-382 ft
Beach Glen Meridan AccessWildcat Ridge WMA
1,140 ft-33 ft
Beach Glen WestWildcat Ridge WMA
5,044 ft-157 ft
Beach Trail (Orange)Dickerson Mine Preserve
3,239 ft-76 ft
Birch TrailAllamuchy Mountain State Park
3,091 ft-49 ft
Black BearRingwood State Park
1.0 miles-12 ft
Black Birch WayRingwood State Park
3.8 miles-142 ft
Black EagleWawayanda State Park
3,988 ft-148 ft
BlueberryRingwood State Park
3.8 miles-21 ft
BMWMountain Creek Bike Park
BoonJungle Habitat
3,855 ft-177 ft
Boon TigerJungle Habitat
703 ft-36 ft
Boon-JYDJungle Habitat
214 ft-33 ft
BoulderdashJungle Habitat
2,994 ft-64 ft
BreakoutMountain Creek Bike Park
BreakoutMountain Creek Bike Park
2,677 ft-315 ft
BushwackMountain Creek Bike Park
CagesJungle Habitat
3,676 ft-109 ft
CandyassAllamuchy Mountain State Park
1.9 miles-476 ft
CandylandMountain Creek Bike Park
Canfield Mine Trail (Blue)Dickerson Mine Preserve
1.5 miles-182 ft
Careless WhisperMountain Creek Bike Park
Cat NestRingwood State Park
3.8 miles-89 ft
Cat's Nest / RenegadeRamapo Mountain State Forest
3,299 ft-131 ft
Cedar SwampWawayanda State Park
1.4 miles-135 ft
Christmas TreeJungle Habitat
330 ft-2 ft
Columbia Trail
15.1 miles-1,154 ft
CovenantMountain Creek Bike Park
CovenantMountain Creek Bike Park
Crap ChuteMountain Creek Bike Park
1,928 ft-304 ft
Decamp TrailTourne County Park
1.2 miles-305 ft
DeceitMountain Creek Bike Park
Deer Path TrailAllamuchy Mountain State Park
6.4 miles-665 ft
DeviantMountain Creek Bike Park
625 ft-60 ft
Dickerson Mine Trail (White)Dickerson Mine Preserve
2.8 miles-431 ft
Ditch / Cardiac (Purple)Allamuchy Mountain State Park
2.1 miles-304 ft
Ditch / Cardiac BypassAllamuchy Mountain State Park
1.1 miles-176 ft
Ditch WitchJungle Habitat
336 ft-6 ft
DMLHMountain Creek Bike Park
DombooMountain Creek Bike Park
755 ft-120 ft
DombooMountain Creek Bike Park
Double PondWawayanda State Park
1.6 miles-63 ft
Double SRingwood State Park
1.0 miles-128 ft
Duck PondRingwood State Park
1.0 miles-67 ft
Dump TruckJungle Habitat
3,296 ft-96 ft
Ego TripMountain Creek Bike Park
Ego TripMountain Creek Bike Park
EpitaphMountain Creek Bike Park
Erskine AccessRingwood State Park
1.0 miles-162 ft
Evergreen TrailTourne County Park
2,228 ft-110 ft
Evil BobMountain Creek Bike Park
Evil BobMountain Creek Bike Park
ExodusMountain Creek Bike Park
Fat LipMountain Creek Bike Park
Ferber-WallWawayanda State Park
1,653 ft-3 ft
FishJungle Habitat
2,449 ft-152 ft
Fish-JYDJungle Habitat
352 ft-36 ft
Frog PondMountain Creek Bike Park
GingerbreadMountain Creek Bike Park
GoatJungle Habitat
2,411 ft-10 ft
GreenhornMountain Creek Bike Park
1,947 ft-132 ft
GreenhornMountain Creek Bike Park
HippoJungle Habitat
1,654 ft-97 ft
IndyMountain Creek Bike Park
Iron Mine Loop (Blue)Allamuchy Mountain State Park
1.4 miles-328 ft
Junk Yard DogJungle Habitat
-24 ft
Lake View TrailAllamuchy Mountain State Park
2.3 miles-113 ft
Laurel Pond TrailWawayanda State Park
1.5 miles-75 ft
LegionMountain Creek Bike Park
Lion CageJungle Habitat
527 ft-43 ft
Lion to HippoJungle Habitat
324 ft-6 ft
Lot QuadJungle Habitat
287 ft-6 ft
Lot Quad to WarthogJungle Habitat
821 ft-11 ft
Lower AlpineMountain Creek Bike Park
Lower AlpineMountain Creek Bike Park
1,720 ft-358 ft
Lower ChuteJungle Habitat
2,069 ft-80 ft
Lower DominionMountain Creek Bike Park
Lower DominionMountain Creek Bike Park
Lower ExodusMountain Creek Bike Park
Lower FencelineJungle Habitat
747 ft-70 ft
Lower GreenhornMountain Creek Bike Park
4,527 ft-613 ft
Lower RipperMountain Creek Bike Park
Lumpy BumpyAllamuchy Mountain State Park
1.0 miles-254 ft
Mojo SwampWawayanda State Park
2,253 ft-2 ft
MonarchMountain Creek Bike Park
Ninety 9Mountain Creek Bike Park
842 ft-169 ft
Ogden Mine Railroad TrailMahlon Dickerson Reservation
1.7 miles-10 ft
Ogden TrailTourne County Park
4,982 ft-14 ft
Orange / Black TrailLewis Morris County Park
2,503 ft-117 ft
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