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Admiral RockbarPiedmont
3,519 ft-251 ft
Amity East TrailLester Park
2.3 miles-364 ft
Amity West TrailLester Park
2.0 miles-539 ft
946 ft-42 ft
BlasterSpirit Mountain
909 ft-119 ft
Blue PotsHartley Park
4,090 ft-121 ft
BOB (Bones Of the Beast)Piedmont
987 ft-205 ft
Boss HogSpirit Mountain
456 ft-70 ft
Calculated RiskSpirit Mountain
3,218 ft-425 ft
Canadian ShieldPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
1.2 miles-175 ft
CandylandSpirit Mountain
4,607 ft-462 ft
CrosscutBritton Peak
1.8 miles-149 ft
4,811 ft-154 ft
1,354 ft-200 ft
Dr. DiabloPiedmont
772 ft-78 ft
Duluth TraverseHartley Park
2,598 ft-56 ft
Enger Trail (Duluth Traverse)Piedmont
1.8 miles-410 ft
FishermanHartley Park
1,875 ft-27 ft
Fluvial TrailPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
1.1 miles-123 ft
Foxx RocksPiedmont
4,867 ft-211 ft
4,894 ft-60 ft
Guardrail LoopHartley Park
2.4 miles-287 ft
Happy CamperSpirit Mountain
4,639 ft-415 ft
Hawk Ridge - Amity West connectorDuluth
275 ft-21 ft
Hawk Ridge Trail (Duluth Traverse)Lester Park
2.7 miles-458 ft
Herb's TrailLookout Mountain
3,612 ft-38 ft
Home BrewPiedmont
2.4 miles-309 ft
Keene (Duluth Traverse)Duluth
1.7 miles-68 ft
Kingsbury (Duluth Traverse)Spirit Mountain
3,240 ft-128 ft
Kissing BoothPiedmont
2,872 ft-238 ft
Kissing Booth (ascent)Piedmont
3,548 ft-86 ft
Lester River Trail (Duluth Traverse)Lester Park
3.7 miles-649 ft
Lincoln (Duluth Traverse)Piedmont
1.1 miles-290 ft
LokiMission Creek
1.9 miles-321 ft
Lollygagger (Duluth Traverse)Piedmont
1.6 miles-183 ft
Lower Burner of StovetopPiedmont
887 ft-18 ft
Lower Burner of Stovetop (Duluth Traverse)Piedmont
1.1 miles-164 ft
Lower CathedralMission Creek
2,450 ft-197 ft
Lower Fluvial TrailPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
1.2 miles-213 ft
Lower SummitLookout Mountain
3,109 ft-49 ft
4,294 ft-248 ft
Maple Hill Mountain Bike TrailsHibbing
1,214 ft-88 ft
Merritt CreekPiedmont
1.1 miles-164 ft
Miller Creek (Duluth Traverse)Duluth
2,942 ft-25 ft
Morningside (Duluth Traverse)Hartley Park
1.0 miles-156 ft
Mountain ClimberLookout Mountain
3,243 ft-28 ft
Name TBDMission Creek
4.6 miles-1,124 ft
NaymarkHartley Park
1,953 ft-100 ft
762 ft-59 ft
Ninja BeaverMission Creek
1.0 miles-172 ft
North Ski TrailLookout Mountain
2,661 ft-163 ft
OAK TRAILJay Cooke State Park
1.7 miles-287 ft
Observation Hill (Duluth Traverse)Piedmont
2,252 ft-131 ft
Overlook TrailPiedmont
656 ft-23 ft
Porcupine PassageMission Creek
1.8 miles-299 ft
PythonLookout Mountain
1.2 miles-171 ft
Red DressPiedmont
1,796 ft-75 ft
RhamnusHartley Park
1,645 ft-8 ft
RiftPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
1.2 miles-88 ft
Rock and a Hard PlacePincushion Mountain Bike Trails
3,427 ft-137 ft
Rock DodgerLookout Mountain
3,739 ft-94 ft
Rock Knob TrailHartley Park
2,018 ft-73 ft
Root CanalHartley Park
1.2 miles-64 ft
Run downLookout Mountain
521 ft-48 ft
3,339 ft-63 ft
Short StackerBritton Peak
1.2 miles-139 ft
Skookum TrailBritton Peak
2.2 miles-341 ft
Skyline (Duluth Traverse)Piedmont
4,317 ft-79 ft
SmorgasbordSpirit Mountain
4,692 ft-575 ft
South Ski trailLookout Mountain
2,695 ft-110 ft
Spirit Mtn (Duluth Traverse)Spirit Mountain
1.4 miles-256 ft
St. Louis River Trail (Duluth Traverse)Mission Creek
1.9 miles-549 ft
Stovetop - Upper BurnerPiedmont
1.1 miles-176 ft
SummitLookout Mountain
2,885 ft-51 ft
Talus TrailPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
4,920 ft-288 ft
The Back EightyPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
1.9 miles-177 ft
The MaplesLookout Mountain
4,471 ft-116 ft
The MaplesLookout Mountain
1,675 ft-37 ft
The PlantationAmerican Legion Memorial Park
1.0 miles-202 ft
Till-Ta-WhirlPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
3,461 ft-145 ft
Tunnel TrailHartley Park
2,256 ft-4 ft
Upper CathedralMission Creek
3.7 miles-640 ft
1.4 miles-183 ft
Valley GirlsPiedmont
346 ft-92 ft
Valley West (Duluth Traverse)Mission Creek
2.9 miles-661 ft
Wally WiggleAmerican Legion Memorial Park
3,614 ft-179 ft
West MaplesLookout Mountain
3,529 ft-72 ft
Wild CatSpirit Mountain
899 ft-156 ft
Wrecking BallSpirit Mountain
826 ft-83 ft
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