statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
2k CutCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
231 ft-23 ft
Access Road
1.6 miles-26 ft
Amber TKONaughton Trails
272 ft-35 ft
Awausee Mountain
5.4 miles-1,751 ft
Back Alley
295 ft
1.4 miles-91 ft
Beaver PondNaughton Trails
361 ft-8 ft
Bee Sting
1.4 miles-713 ft
Better Than Rocky Road
1,455 ft-130 ft
Blue TrailCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
3.4 miles-106 ft
Blue TrailCascades Conservation Area
2,041 ft-1 ft
Blue Trail BypassCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
598 ft
Blue Trail BypassCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
185 ft
Blue-Green trailNorth Shore
3,617 ft-16 ft
Blueberry Hill
798 ft-30 ft
BMXCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
1,284 ft
Bottom BracketNaughton Trails
358 ft-5 ft
Brownie PointsNaughton Trails
635 ft-23 ft
Bullwinkle'sNorth Shore
4,117 ft-38 ft
1,637 ft-39 ft
Burma TrailSleeping Giant Provincial Park
7.1 miles-493 ft
Button HookNaughton Trails
542 ft-2 ft
Byers Lake TrailByers Lake Mountain Bike Trail
4.0 miles-259 ft
BypassCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
93 ft
BypassCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
71 ft
Callighen's CornerMinnesing Mountain Bike Trails
5.8 miles-841 ft
CassandraCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
1,411 ft-51 ft
Cedar Heights DH
1,399 ft-184 ft
Cliff SideNaughton Trails
842 ft-18 ft
Connor's Hill
1,129 ft-37 ft
Connor's Shortcut
364 ft
Connor's Trail
1,743 ft-3 ft
1,741 ft-44 ft
276 ft-1 ft
CrossoverCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
1,370 ft-15 ft
CrossoverNaughton Trails
352 ft
DagobahCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
3,123 ft-44 ft
Dave Murray DownhillNorth Shore
2,921 ft-167 ft
Dead WoodsNaughton Trails
631 ft-19 ft
DH Upper ChickenLoch Lomond
3,550 ft-454 ft
Doctor'sCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
1,792 ft-9 ft
Door StepNaughton Trails
187 ft
Double Flat Hill
689 ft-49 ft
339 ft
Drop OutNaughton Trails
759 ft-55 ft
1,353 ft-9 ft
904 ft-23 ft
533 ft-5 ft
1,204 ft-14 ft
EndoNaughton Trails
295 ft-4 ft
234 ft
Ferguson BacksideGhost Lake
3,782 ft-69 ft
Ferguson TrailGhost Lake
1.4 miles-167 ft
FernsNaughton Trails
2,068 ft-11 ft
1,239 ft-152 ft
Ghost Hollow Loop 1Ghost Lake
1.4 miles-88 ft
Ghost Hollow Loop 2Ghost Lake
1.2 miles-208 ft
Gillies Lake TrailTimmins Trail System
1.6 miles-38 ft
Golden Springs TrailTimmins Trail System
2.3 miles-32 ft
Grand ChasmCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
3,558 ft
Grassy Narrows
1,025 ft-2 ft
Gull Lake trailKirkland Lake
1.9 miles-50 ft
Hamburger Hill
657 ft-46 ft
Happy Escape
331 ft-5 ft
Happy Return
392 ft
Happy Valley Trail
706 ft-3 ft
Hawks Ridge
3.7 miles-471 ft
Hersey PromenadeHersey Lake Conservation Area
5,167 ft-53 ft
High Lake TrailNorth Shore
5,005 ft-67 ft
Hill Billy TrailGhost Lake
2.5 miles-197 ft
Hill Top TrailCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
1,315 ft-50 ft
Hop, Skip & JumpNaughton Trails
299 ft-2 ft
Horse Trails + Cedar Heights EastPeninsula Road
6.6 miles-604 ft
Horsetrail DH
1,832 ft-171 ft
Hunter's Roost
175 ft
Ingolf Trail
5.3 miles-178 ft
Ingolf Trail
5,120 ft
Ingolf Trail
2,274 ft
Inner DagobahCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
870 ft-17 ft
2,136 ft-35 ft
Jacks Switch BacksNorth Shore
3,568 ft-158 ft
JaidensNorth Shore
4,504 ft-232 ft
Jaimee's LoopNorth Shore
1.0 miles-158 ft
Jared's Jungle
1,316 ft-55 ft
Jefferson AirplaneNorth Shore
1,242 ft-76 ft
Jen'sNorth Shore
3,210 ft-62 ft
Kabeyun TrailSleeping Giant Provincial Park
4.6 miles-370 ft
KaileysNorth Shore
4,459 ft-87 ft
Kestral Crossroads to Chickadee CornerHersey Lake Conservation Area
2,814 ft-44 ft
Kestral Crossroads to Raven RoundaboutHersey Lake Conservation Area
1,685 ft
La FlumeNorth Shore
1,562 ft-176 ft
Lakehead Trail (North Side)
2,463 ft-11 ft
Lakehead Trail (South Side)
3,050 ft-1 ft
Laurentian side loop
3,690 ft-111 ft
Laurentian Ski HillPeninsula Road
5.8 miles-1,026 ft
Laurentian Slope Style
1,656 ft-271 ft
Long RoadNaughton Trails
2,011 ft-1 ft
Lower 2K TrailCentennial Park and Shuniah Mines
3,904 ft-54 ft
LPH Singletrack
2,372 ft-14 ft
Lynx Loop
4.4 miles-258 ft
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