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Alpine Trail
8.5 miles-4,140 ft
Alpine Trail
7.1 miles-1,842 ft
Betty LakeWaldo Lake
1.9 miles-185 ft
Bunchgrass - Waldo to OakridgeWaldo Lake
25.5 miles-8,646 ft
Charlton to Cutlus Lake loopWaldo Lake
14.0 miles-1,732 ft
Cloverpatch Tie
2.0 miles-143 ft
Cloverpatch Trail
3.5 miles-1,828 ft
Cowhorn Creek
3.4 miles-115 ft
Dead Mountain SummitDead Mountain
1,698 ft-82 ft
Dead Mountain TrailDead Mountain
5.6 miles-3,387 ft
Deception Butte
4.8 miles-3,475 ft
Eagles Rest Trail
3,117 ft-20 ft
Eula Ridge
3.8 miles-3,355 ft
Fuji MountainWaldo Lake
5.6 miles-2,353 ft
Gold LakeWaldo Lake
3.7 miles-937 ft
7.1 miles-3,656 ft
Larison Creek Trail
6.1 miles-990 ft
Larison Rock Trail
3.2 miles-2,672 ft
Lawler Trail
4.6 miles-2,926 ft
Little Bunchgrass
2.0 miles-1,112 ft
Lower Goodman Trail
6.3 miles-971 ft
Middle Fork Trail
26.1 miles-6,413 ft
Moon Point
6.5 miles-3,998 ft
Mt RayWaldo Lake
2.6 miles-971 ft
Mt. Hardesty Trail
5.6 miles-3,530 ft
Northshore Trail
5.7 miles-642 ft
Sawtooth Trail
5.0 miles-974 ft
South Willamette Trail
6.2 miles-1,789 ft
The Twins TrailWaldo Lake
6.1 miles-1,358 ft
Tire Mountain
5.2 miles-2,601 ft
2,781 ft-62 ft
Waldo LakeWaldo Lake
19.9 miles-2,470 ft
Waldo Lake ConnectorWaldo Lake
2,613 ft-64 ft
Windy Lakes
4.7 miles-865 ft
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