A dip in the Creek
953 ft-38 ft
Along the Ridge
3,828 ft-34 ft
Along The Waterrace
3,091 ft-84 ft
Around the Back
4,686 ft-21 ft
Around the Side
1,462 ft-39 ft
Ballin Descent
2,921 ft-141 ft
Chopped Fireroad
717 ft-74 ft
Cliff's Edge
2,284 ft-104 ft
Creek to Kairn
3,988 ft-41 ft
E Loop
1.0 miles-94 ft
Enduro'Matic Descent
859 ft-77 ft
Face Rock
995 ft-42 ft
In and Out of the Valley
5,141 ft-63 ft
Karin Road Cut Across
1,377 ft-22 ft
Linking Bob
3,021 ft-11 ft
1,633 ft-34 ft
Mavic Ridge
4,841 ft-156 ft
Old's Flow
3,051 ft-104 ft
Pioneer Climb
2,505 ft
Power Down
1,229 ft-68 ft
1.2 miles-156 ft
Powerlines Roller Rumble
1,335 ft-37 ft
Ridge To Guys Hill Rd
2,372 ft-62 ft
2,556 ft-110 ft
Rocks and Roots
3,095 ft-61 ft
Rutted Dust
760 ft-83 ft
Screw the Hairpin
544 ft-53 ft
The Arunga Climb
1,385 ft
Twisty Misty
1.2 miles-135 ft
1.1 miles-54 ft
Up'n'Down Twisty
3,383 ft-44 ft
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