statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
1.5 miles-196 ft
1.3 miles-195 ft
2.3 miles-764 ft
24-7 AccessGlenwild
2,168 ft-251 ft
4:20Park City Mountain Resort
2,131 ft-132 ft
Ability WayRound Valley
2,884 ft-5 ft
Ability Way ConnRound Valley
173 ft
AccessGorgoza Park
311 ft
Ac`s RogueGlenwild
1.4 miles-86 ft
Alpine LakeCanyons Bike Park
4,591 ft-300 ft
AmbushPark City
1.4 miles-100 ft
Ant FarmGlenwild
2,775 ft-222 ft
ApexPark City Mountain Resort
1.7 miles-61 ft
April MtnPark City
3,219 ft-11 ft
April Mtn SummitPark City
496 ft-25 ft
ArmstrongPark City Mountain Resort
3.9 miles-203 ft
Aspen SlalomDeer Valley Resort
1,332 ft-202 ft
Aspen SlalomPark City
3,789 ft-585 ft
Baby ThunderLittle Cottonwood Canyon
1.3 miles-465 ft
Baby Thunder (Upper)Little Cottonwood Canyon
1,110 ft-83 ft
BackslideRound Valley
5,259 ft-215 ft
Bad AppleGlenwild
2,629 ft-13 ft
Bamm BammTrailside Park
1,787 ft-125 ft
Barrel RollRound Valley
1,948 ft-156 ft
Barrel Roll (West)Round Valley
527 ft
BermyPark City
877 ft-130 ft
Big MountainLittle Cottonwood Canyon
6.3 miles-3,299 ft
Black ForestPark City Mountain Resort
1.4 miles-571 ft
1.1 miles-339 ft
Boot HillPark City
1,554 ft-88 ft
Boot Hill ConnectPark City
1,223 ft-29 ft
BoulderPark City
1.9 miles-662 ft
Bow HunterPark City
4,214 ft-60 ft
Bow Hunter (Return)Park City
1,969 ft-67 ft
Bow Hunter ExtDeer Valley Resort
1,231 ft-33 ft
Bronto JamTrailside Park
2,385 ft-138 ft
Cammy ConnectorRound Valley
543 ft-51 ft
Cammy'sRound Valley
341 ft-9 ft
Cammy'sRound Valley
2,929 ft-51 ft
Cammy'sRound Valley
582 ft
Canyons DownhillCanyons Bike Park
1.1 miles-1,140 ft
Castle ConnectLittle Cottonwood Canyon
2,186 ft-39 ft
Catherine PassLittle Cottonwood Canyon
1.5 miles-82 ft
Catherine Pass (Brighton)Little Cottonwood Canyon
2.2 miles-1,509 ft
Chauners LoopLittle Cottonwood Canyon
3,795 ft-140 ft
Cliff HangerCanyons Bike Park
442 ft-34 ft
CMGPark City Mountain Resort
2.0 miles-948 ft
CMGPark City
5,241 ft-43 ft
CMGPark City Mountain Resort
5,012 ft-367 ft
1.7 miles-77 ft
Cobblestone LoopGlenwild
4,369 ft-43 ft
ColinsPark City
1.8 miles-877 ft
ComstockPark City Mountain Resort
2,749 ft-1 ft
Comstock Mine RdPark City Mountain Resort
4,527 ft-37 ft
ConnectorPark City
811 ft-17 ft
CorvairPark City Mountain Resort
1.2 miles-72 ft
Corvair (Upper)Park City Mountain Resort
3,327 ft-82 ft
Crazy 8Glenwild
4,114 ft-291 ft
Crescent RoadPark City Mountain Resort
147 ft-2 ft
Daly BypassPark City
1,802 ft-46 ft
Dawns TrailPark City Mountain Resort
4,480 ft-156 ft
Dead TreePark City Mountain Resort
1.1 miles-558 ft
Dead Tree ConnPark City Mountain Resort
826 ft-22 ft
Deans DelightLittle Cottonwood Canyon
2,920 ft-37 ft
Deans Delight AccessLittle Cottonwood Canyon
79 ft
Deer CampPark City
3,545 ft-192 ft
Deer Camp (Road to Ruby)Park City
3,434 ft-189 ft
Deer Camp CutPark City
217 ft-24 ft
Deer CrestPark City
1,873 ft-60 ft
Deer CrestPark City
5,018 ft-56 ft
Deer Crest AccPark City
702 ft-11 ft
Deer Crest ConnectPark City
254 ft-11 ft
Desolation 019Upper Mill Creek
2.3 miles-1,322 ft
Devils CastleLittle Cottonwood Canyon
1.6 miles-317 ft
DevoPark City
1.1 miles-814 ft
Devo (Shorter)Park City Mountain Resort
2,439 ft-393 ft
Devo Drop OutPark City
63 ft-6 ft
Dick Bass HwyLittle Cottonwood Canyon
3,387 ft-431 ft
Dog PoundPark City Mountain Resort
619 ft-74 ft
Dog PoundPark City
310 ft-39 ft
Dog to DesolationUpper Mill Creek
5,072 ft-240 ft
Down-n-outSolitude Mountain Resort
1,284 ft-132 ft
DriftDeer Valley Resort
3,276 ft-304 ft
Drop KickCanyons Bike Park
3,834 ft-359 ft
Drop OutGlenwild
1,191 ft-38 ft
DuboisPark City
1.3 miles-618 ft
EaglePark City Mountain Resort
2,999 ft-361 ft
East 224 AccPark City
326 ft-4 ft
East 224 ConnPark City
1.2 miles-68 ft
Easy OutSolitude Mountain Resort
723 ft-97 ft
Ecker HillGorgoza Park
520 ft
Elks ConnectRound Valley
148 ft-2 ft
Elks To Barrel RollRound Valley
304 ft-29 ft
Empire LinkPark City Mountain Resort
2.2 miles-770 ft
Empire Link AccessPark City Mountain Resort
289 ft-1 ft
Empire Link AltPark City Mountain Resort
695 ft-63 ft
Empire ProlinePark City Mountain Resort
3,369 ft-435 ft
Empire Proline AlternatePark City Mountain Resort
3,179 ft-464 ft
EquestrianRound Valley
2,057 ft-61 ft
EquestrianRound Valley
1,681 ft-7 ft
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