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235 Road Trail #502Carr Lake Trails
-23 ft
Aspen Trail #411 NorthCarr Lake Trails
4.1 miles-358 ft
Aspen Trail #411 SouthCarr Lake Trails
1.6 miles-171 ft
AZT: Tunnel Trail (Washington Park to FR300)
2.0 miles-35 ft
BarbershopCabin Loops
3.9 miles-1,588 ft
Boulder Hop Trail #413Carr Lake Trails
3,921 ft-106 ft
Boulders Loop Trail
2.5 miles-414 ft
Buck Spring SpurCabin Loops
5,056 ft-598 ft
Carr Loop #412Carr Lake Trails
6.2 miles-594 ft
Carr Trail #414Carr Lake Trails
1,491 ft-26 ft
Cypress Trail East
1.1 miles-168 ft
Cypress Trail North
1.1 miles-334 ft
Derrick Trail #33
2.4 miles-19 ft
Drew Trail
1.0 miles-70 ft
Drew Trail #291 (Upper)Carr Lake Trails
2,773 ft-73 ft
Entrance TrailCarr Lake Trails
2,631 ft-47 ft
Fred HaughtCabin Loops
3.7 miles-736 ft
Gen. Crook-Carr-altCarr Lake Trails
1,399 ft-19 ft
Gen. CrookTrail #140 to Carr LakeCarr Lake Trails
2.3 miles-165 ft
General Crook Trail #140Carr Lake Trails
3.7 miles-327 ft
General Crook Trail #140Carr Lake Trails
2.9 miles-46 ft
Gray Wolf Trail #504Carr Lake Trails
2.4 miles-62 ft
Haught SpurCabin Loops
1,480 ft-334 ft
Highline Trail #31 (260 TH to See Canyon)
6.5 miles-1,608 ft
Highline Trail #31 (Fish Hatchery to Washington Park)
14.9 miles-3,420 ft
Highline Trail #31 (See Canyon to Fish Hatchery)
11.9 miles-2,712 ft
Horton Creek Trail
3.4 miles-101 ft
Houston BrosCabin Loops
7.5 miles-4,106 ft
Houston Loop Trail
3.7 miles-591 ft
Houston Trail
4.1 miles-585 ft
Meadow Trail
1.6 miles-85 ft
Military Sinkhole Trail #179
2.7 miles-1,114 ft
Monument Peak Loop
3.2 miles-306 ft
Peach Loop
1.7 miles-495 ft
Peach Orchard Trail
4.0 miles-631 ft
Rim Lake VistaCarr Lake Trails
4.4 miles-586 ft
Sardine Trail #502 / #536Carr Lake Trails
2,550 ft-7 ft
See Canyon Trail #184
3.2 miles-188 ft
UbarCabin Loops
7.5 miles-2,880 ft
Woods Canyon Lake ConnectorCarr Lake Trails
1.8 miles-49 ft
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